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1 September 2001 Title Ch Jewel Kilcher vs Mariah Carey

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Jewel Kilcher 4.jpg Mariah Carey 02.jpg



Unified Welterweight Title


Posted by Simguy on 9/1/2001, 10:18 am.


Before: Mariah fighting to shake off the rep of being the FCBA’s Oliver McCall--cruel fans and media alike waiting to see if she’ll break down under pressure and have some sort of episode in the ring. Easy to forget this was the woman who herself put Rebecca Romijn into a sanitorium with 3 straight dubbings--Jewel has to be careful she doesn’t get caught up in the hype. Jewel in teal bandeau bikini, slick ponytail, Mariah in gold bikini, gold curls.


During 1,2: Sluggish opening for Jewel--she squares up, has her guard high and tight, but she’s just standing in no-man’s land letting Mariah get off. Carey able to extend on punches, lashing at Jewel with a wide left, then trying to ram home the right hand as Kilcher stands in the pocket. First round to Carey, second a draw--Jewel really just trying to negotiate distance so she can get her combinations off.


R3: Shutout Kilcher. Blistering bursts ti the waist set up clubbing hooks to the head as Jewel works her way up Mariah’s luscious torso. Carey on her heels, but she can’t get the distance she needs this round--Jewel fighting off the challenger’s chest and snapping away to good effect.


R4: Good two-way action as the girls take turns early--Mariah welting away wide with lefts and rights, Jewel blocking then going on the attack with brisk bursts to the gut, always looking to finish up top as Carey buckles forward. Down the stretch, Jewel the more consistent fighter--she’s got her head in good position under Mariah’s chin--she’s got the tall girl bending back, and she’s plundering sweet midriff at will to the bell.


R5: Shutout Jewel and the first appearance of the dreaded heart punch has Carey cringing in pain. Jewel stalking now, coming in hard with the straight right hand just under the heart, then ripping away with hooks in tight--Mariah’s legs showing sign of discouragement as she wanders and staggers around Kilcher’s corner tells her, “You got her baby, start rollin’ her up.”


R6: Jewel walking Mariah down, working up and down the lanky blonde’s sides, driving Carey into ropes and hunting Mariah down wherever she makes her stands. Mariah trying to palm Jewel off by her shoulders, but Kilcher able to take advantage, slamming punches underneath and midway through, she buries her right hand under Mariah’s outstretched left to put Carey on all fours. Mariah bawling openly now, is battered mercilessly in the final minute as Jewel continues her workmanlike destruction of the opponent.


R7,8: Systematic degradation of Mariah--Carey no longer an effective fighting force--she’s hounded to the corners, beaten raw the body and head, then walked down as she stumbles’ away on stiff-looking legs. Kilcher relying on constant pressure and combination punching, always beating Mariah about the ribs, then clouting her jaw, then pushing her back--Carey glassy-eyed looks like she’s tumbling downhill and can’t stop the roll. Both rounds go as shutouts--sending Carey more and more beaten to her corner.


R9: Painful to watch. Carey sobbing, butt on the ropes--pushing Jewel off her, only watch Kilcher regroup, trudge back on in with hammering right hand under the heart and rampaging hooks up and down the right side. Kilcher occasionally bogged down, has to press up and push Mariah’s arms away, but the beating is more or less sustained--Carey’s chin starts to droop forward to her chest as she drifts in and out. Final minute--Jewel starts to feel it--she rakes Mariah’s belly with a hard swiping right, then bends to get the right uppercut in. Carey’s head swiveling sick--she stumbles past Jewel and crashes to her facer as Kilcher steps coolly to the side. KO9 Jewel Kilcher--Mariah suffering dreadful punishment en route.


After: Little more time in the sanitorium might be in order as Carey is taken and horribly abused for much of this fight. 5 shutout rounds for Jewel--sensational pressure fighting reduced Mariah to blubbering rubble many minutes before the eventual stoppage--perhaps as thorough a beating as we’ve ever witnessed in an FCBA ring.


Reposted by Archer 4/25/13.

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