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5 May 2013 Aftermath Hewitt vs Kelly

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on May 7, 2013, 9:39 pm,


Minka Kelly versus Jennifer Love Hewitt (Aftermath)

It had been a competitive and lengthy contest between both proud bantamweights, but in the end, Minka Kelly had managed to emerge victorious in the tenth. It was a big moment for Minka and as appropriate, was basking in her moment in the sun, quite literally. Numerous reporters from various media outlets were interviewing Minka as her rival sat exhausted in her corner, but the victorious brunette ignored her for now as she gushed to the assembled press about her win. But, she certainly couldn't ignore when she sensed and then heard activity from Minka's corner. Emerging from the circle that had surrounded her, Kelly headed towards Hewitt to find her suffering underneath blonde bantam Elisha Cuthbert. Minka's eyes blazed as she stormed over, sinking her fingers into Elisha's tresses as she yanked back hard, breaking Cuthbert's freshly-formed jug seal on Jenny's anguished features.

“And just what do you think you're doing here?” Minka fumed, stepping forward with both hands on her hips.

Elisha had tumbled backwards into the sand after the hair pull, but stood up to face her Lookout! rival while wearing a bright red bikini which fit her body snugly, emphasizing her cleavage which she had been using just a few seconds earlier to great effect. Wiping sand off from her hips and rear, she then brought her hands up to her hips and stepped forward, looking over Minka with no hint of embarrassment on her face .

Elisha looked confident as she responded, “I heard you mention my name in your post match and figured I would stop on by to offer you some congratulations.”

“The only reason I mentioned your name at all following my win is to illustrate how much better I am than you in case you were paying attention, which you clearly weren't.” Minka said with a roll of her eyes, “Don't give me that crap about you coming to offer congratulations, because you weren't.”

“Not so much.” Elisha responded with a shrug of her shoulders, “But, it's been so long since Jenny here and I have seen each other that I figured it was only fitting that I should come by to say hello!”

“Saying hello would be one thing, but taking advantage of MY win to smother her is quite another!” Minka retorted, “As if she would want to be smothered by you at all, Lishy! I'm sure she's seen that enough in your best of seven! ”

“Why don't we ask her?” Elisha asked.

“How about we don't and say we did?” Minka said dismissively, “I'll let you smother her IF you remember that I am the one who stopped her jugs here, in this event that I don't even recall you being invited to. Did your invite just got lost in the mail or what exactly happened there, huh?”

“Your jugs didn't stop hers!” Elisha snarled back as Minka obviously touched a sensitive spot, “My jugs are much better than yours. I've held the JMD title before because my chest is one of the best in the division!”

A squeal of outrage and a dismissive retort from Minka set off a shoving contest between the two as Jennifer Love Hewitt moved to escape in the midst of their impromptu argument, carrying on their philosophical discussion involving who had the best chest at a volume that increased by the minute. Hewitt rolled to the side as all eyes were fixed on the two competing Lookout! Bantams, but unfortunately ran right into the tawny-skinned legs of another member of their roster as Vanessa Hudgens pounced on a weary Jennifer, eager for revenge.

Jennifer protested loudly as Hudgens hopped atop her, straddling her waist as she reached for her shoulders to shove her back into the sand. Hewitt was tired from the match and from the subsequent smother, albeit brief, from Elisha but was not about to allow herself to get smothered without a struggle. Bridging up hard as she tried to topple Nessa as Hudgens dug her knees in, thighs clamping on either side of Hewitt's waist as she leaned down to lower her center of balance. Steadying herself atop Hewitt as she wrapped her fingers into Jennifer's tresses and guided her face towards Nessa's cleavage, Hudgens tried to smother Hewitt underneath her. Jennifer pushed at her foe's shoulders with one hand and the other tugging at her hair, trying to pull Hudgens off from her position. But, Vanessa's eyes blazed with determination, recalling the earlier horror of being humiliated by Hewitt, Chabert and Johansson in an apparent attempt to bully and intimidate her. Hudgens was here to show them that it wouldn't work.

The struggle to smother Hewitt on the sand continued as Jennifer managed to buck Nessa to the side, but was unable to dislodge her completely. The two of them rolled around as Cuthbert and Kelly argued viciously, exchanging taunts, slaps and bearhugs as the two of them staggered around overhead, continuing to compare chests. Currently, it was quite a direct comparison as the two of them had their arms wrapped around one another, squeezing as their cleavage was mushroomed against one another, trying to bully their rival back into the corner or onto the sand. Loud declarations of jug superiority could be heard from each fighter as the press assembled just outside, capturing the entire moment, though their attention was currently split between the two struggles occurring within the ring.

Unfortunately for Jennifer, at least one of those struggles was coming to an end as the toll taken on her from the grueling match and the lack of air was getting to her as Nessa was rolling atop her, wrapping her arms around the JKO fighter's head to pull her face into her cleavage as she scrubbed her chest back and forth. Grinding her jugs down to try to create a tight seal, curling her arms inwards as she purred down towards Hewitt, “It's not quite as satisfying as smothering out Chabert, but this is definitely a fantastic consolation prize!” as Nessa kept her chest firmly in the brunette's face. Nessa was so intent on putting Hewitt in a jug induced slumber that she didn't notice the loud and physical struggle between her two stablemates had ceased nor did she notice both bantams coming forward across the sand until they each gripped her arm to pull her backwards. Vanessa fell backwards into the sand, looking up with a smug grin atop her face as she adjusted her top as Elisha declared angrily, “Great job Nessa! She's practically out!”

“We'll just have to wake her up then to ask her, won't we?” Minka said, kneeling down on one side of Hewitt as she started patting her cheek to guide her back to consciousness. Elisha knelt down on the other side, looking down furiously as she watched a groggy Hewitt stir back awake, looking up with a mixture of horror and anger on her face as she gulped in air.

“Jen..” Minka started, tugging on her hair to force her to look up at her, “Elisha and I have a very important question to ask you and as an acknowledged JMD expert, we feel you might be in a perfect position to answer it. Which of us would you prefer to be smothered by?”

“Basically, we want to know from your unique perspective and knowledge, which of us has the better jugs!” Elisha continued, gripping Hewitt's hair to force her to look up at her blonde bod, smiling, “We figured if we gave you an opportunity to get an idea of both of our chests up close and personal, then you might be able to settle this debate without me having to embarrass her in a JMD match.”

“As if you could!” Minka declared with a roll of her eyes, “Go ahead and try to impress me. Perhaps more importantly, you should try to impress Jenny for that matter!”

Without another word and with a mischievous smile across her face, Elisha leaned down to press her orbs down into a furious Hewitt's face, who had been in the middle of shaking her head back and forth in obvious disagreement with this latest turn of events. Sliding one leg over so that she could fully straddle her rival, she lowered her blonde bosom down onto her foe's face, listening to her shout as she pushed at Elisha's abs and shoulders. But, with Cuthbert in a relatively fresh state and Hewitt still recovering from her last trip to jug-land, Jennifer was unable to dislodge her opponent from her current position. Gripping Hewitt's brunette hair as Elisha rolled her shoulders, chest sliding back and forth, getting a tight seal with her sweaty cleavage as she tried to remain fully atop Jennifer. Hewitt struggled, kicked and thrashed wildly, but this slowed down as she was pulled more fully into Cuthbert's conquering cleavage. Cuthbert taunted into her ear, “Doesn't this feel familiar, Jenny? This is the best and you know it!”, though it didn't sound from her muffled cries that Hewitt appreciated her chest at all.

Neither for that matter did Minka, who finally shoved Elisha off to the side. Elisha fell beside Hewitt, whose face was bright red and gulping in air, while Elisha looked up defiantly towards Minka. Minka responded with a cool response of, “My turn, b##tch!” as she slid atop a thoroughly tired Jennifer, who was in no shape to resist as Minka mounted her to slide her jugs into her beaten opponent's face. Jennifer could only offer plaintive cries of protest, which were muffled under a confident Kelly, who was sliding her cleavage into place to achieve a maximum jug-to-face seal. Shoulders shimmying back and forth as those same arms that pounded her way to victory tugged Hewitt's face in deeper, Minka leaning forward to let her cleavage just engulf the proud fighter's face. Elisha watched in growing anger as Minka let her jugs do the work of putting Hewitt out and as Jennifer's struggles faded once more, Cuthbert shoved her brunette rival off to the side. Minka grinned as she taunted a bit to Jenny Love, even though she wasn't even sure she could hear her about how “We both know that my jugs smothered you so much better, don't we? Whose jugs were better, huh?” The taunt also went indirectly towards Cuthbert, who hissed in anger and moved to bring Hewitt back around.

It took a little time, since the talented fighter had undergone several successive jug smothering sessions and appeared to be deep in the throes of jug-shock, but eventually repeated attempts by Minka and Elisha, along with some all too enthusiastic help from Hudgens, brought her awake as her eyes fluttered open to look up in shock at the members of Lookout! assembled over her, looking at her not with concern but with curiousness on their face.

“So, which one of us had the better jugs?” Elisha asked eagerly, crossing her arms underneath her cleavage to emphasize her chest, “Who did a better job?”

“C'mon..” Minka said, “You can tell us which of you would prefer to be put out by, either me or Lishy?!?” Minka's fingers were running through her hair as she jutted out her chest as well.

“Inquiring minds definitely want to know but of course, there's no shame in picking me either..” Vanessa said with a grin upon her face.

It was a wide variety of looks upon Hewitt's face which traversed from several emotions but sticking in a close range such as shock, surprise, anger, hatred, disbelief and complete outrage at her current predicament. Finally, however, knowing she wasn't getting out of this without giving an answer, her face transitioned into resignation as she groaned out softly, “Minka...” , though there was no mistaking the answer.

“What?” Elisha said, her own face filled with shock, though she could hardly be surprised that her long-time rival refused to give her the satisfaction of picking her chest, “You can't be serious!”

“Sorry Lishy!” Minka said, winking over at her blonde rival, “That's her final answer!” Not willing to give Hewitt an opportunity to change her mind, although it was extremely unlikely that she would do so, Kelly slid her jugs down into Hewitt's face again. Lowering her breasts down to create a tight seal to prevent any air or loud shouts of protests from escaping, she tightened her forearms and laid her body down completely atop Jennifer's. Hewitt offered some defiance, trying to squirm herself free, but the lack of air and a return trip under Kelly's breasts sent her deep into a jug-induced unconscious state, nightmare, though her dreams couldn't be any worse than what happened to her here tonight. Minka stayed atop her foe for another few seconds, just making sure she took the last drop of air from her opponent as her jugs really did a number on Hewitt, grinding down firmly with her cleavage before pushing off of Hewitt, making sure she threw a big grin over at Elisha as she did so.

Elisha watched with contempt as her intra stable rival managed to put out one of her biggest rivals in the FCBA as the three of them got to their feet to look down at Hewitt, who finally came over to be collected by Scarlett Johansson and Lacey Chabert, who looked positively gleeful at this latest turn of events. Johansson and Chabert, who exchanged a cool glare with Hudgens, helped revive Hewitt and help her out of the ring. As Hudgens, Cuthbert and Kelly were leaving the ring, a triumphant Claire Holt came over to dump a dazed Leighton Meester beside them as she declared, “I think you two will know what to do with this.” Minka and Elisha, both having remembered their own recent losses to Leighton, shrugged with a rare show of unity as they both walked away to leave Meester recovering ringside.

The three of them started to walk away with Vanessa in between Elisha and Minka, who could barely walk beside one another without exchanging a shove or taunt, especially as Minka couldn't resist reminding Elisha of Jennifer Love Hewitt's jug selection.

As Nessa managed to keep them apart, she inquired “Shouldn't we help Leighton?”.

“We'll come back for her..” Elisha said. “But, first let's go celebrate. After all, Nessa, you just helped put out one of the most legendary JMD fighters in FCBA history!”

“Of course, let's not forget, that's after I beat her!” Minka declared, then said in an aside to Nessa, “I don't hold it against you for getting revenge, but girls like Elisha always try to capitalize on my hard work!”

This resulted in another shoving match as Nessa was forced to intercede as the three of them, silhouetted against the sun and struggling to keep from getting into a brawl, made their way slowly down the beach following the big win for Minka Kelly, in more ways than one tonight.

Unfortunately, when they came back a few minutes later to retrieve Leighton, they were informed that the Gossip Girl star had left with somebody else entirely. Onlookers couldn't identify who as they were paying attention to the fantastic Landry/Brook match , but were certain that it was not a member of the Lookout! Boxing contingent as the three Lookout! fighters were left to ponder the mystery. However, more drinks arrived shortly to spare them from dwelling on it any further tonight as they looked to enjoy the rest of the event and discover the answer to another, more pressing mystery at the moment – which stable would “rule the sand” here tonight?

-Lookout! Boxing

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