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6 May 2013 Vanessa Williams vs Kelly O'Donnell

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Posted by Archer on May 6, 2013, 5:30 pm,


Retro Bout by Jac Fac

Ca. 2005

The scene is the Revenge/Resentment Ranch and the gals who are about to have at it are actress Vanessa L. Williams and MSNBC's pert newsbabe, Kelly O'Donnell. At the behest of the foxy and tough Ann Curry, Kelly has shown up to interview several guests to find out why the gals decided to settle things with each other at the brand new R&R Ranch. It turns out that Kelly was billeted right next door to Vanessa L. Williams in a small detached cabin as opposed to the larger, swanker, hotel/condo where most of the guests stay. The cabins cost extra - but afford more privacy.

At the dining hall Kelly has embarked upon her interviews and selects Vanessa Williams as her subject. Kelly's smiling countenace is looking down upon a quietly dining scene - and the quite unapproachable Vanessa. Kelly is all over Vanessa with her microphone and politely embarks upon her first question as a 'lead-in' whereupon Williams spins around angrily and snarls for the the redhead, "Gget the hell outta my face."

"My aren't we thin-skinned," chides Kelly.

"Girl you keep it up with that damn piece of metal," Vanessa says grabbing Kelly's microphone, "and I'm gonna stick that you know where and bust you up all over this place."

"OOOHHhhhh..." goes up from the nearby tables.

"I wouldn't take that if I were you, Kelly," offers Krista Allen.

Kelly O'Donnell's face is redder than her hair and she angrily shoves Vanessa's face into her meal. "I'll box you tomorrow night and win the fight too," boasts Kelly who is greeted with a standing ovation by most of the crowd who have little use for Williams. Kelly turns on her heel and struts confidently out of the building.

Unbeknownst to Kelly, however, Vanessa has set her own little trap. Vanessa always loved playing people and knew Kelly would be around and thought she'd enjoy doing just that.
* * *
The next night Kelly and Vanessa are introduced to the crowd at midring; Kelly is white thong panties and Vanessa stunning everyone with a fabulous body in a black dental floss bikini. The ref is Shirley MacLaine - whacky as ever - who tells them, "Get ready to rumble." Rebecca Romjin is in Vanessa's corner while Ann Curry backs Kelly with some coaching.

Round One - Kelly is a brawler and she comes out swinging! Kelly hammers Vanessa wickedly to the ribs and gets in a solid left hook to William's gut which doubles her over. Vanessa answers with a series of crisp left jabs what snap Kelly's head. The mean and conceited 'Wilhelmina Slater' character is in full evidence in the person of Vanessa who is dancing smoothly on quick legs and jabbing effectively and it's clear Kelly O'Donnell is frustrated by her tactics.

"Get inside her jab, damn it!" shouts Curry and O'Donnell, paying attention, does just that as she delivers some punishing body shots on Williams.

"No free ride with those namby-pamby jabs," Kelly taunts.

Outraged, Vanessa comes after O'Donnell with a flurry of roundhouse punches which the nimble O'Donnell evades, then walks Williams right into a right cross which sends Vanessa skidding to her butt on the canvas.

"Wise ass bimbo, talking head," growls Vanessa as she gets to her feet at "FIVE" just before the bell rings. O'Donnell takes the first round with the difference being her knockdown of Williams.

Between rounds - Rebecca Romijn is imploring Vanessa, "DO NOT try to slug with O'Donnell. She'll beat you, if you trade punches with her," is Rebecca's warning.

Round Two - O'Donnell knows she has Vanessa all wound up and fried and gets inside once again to continue her effective assault on William's body. The former beauty queen is being bashed viciously by the newsbabe who is enjoying handing out this kind of punishment - particularly to someone who had 'dissed' her in front of the crowd in the dining hall.

"I'll crush you this round," hisses O'Donnell as they clinch. Shirley MacLaine pushes them apart and grunts, "C'mon, fight."

They're at mid-ring firing their best volleys and O'Donnell is giving better than she's taking. She whips a left-right combo to Vanessa's jaw that has the actress backpedaling. Kelly is all over the tawny lady; clobbering her with head shots. Vanessa's eyes roll back in her head and MacLaine moves in quickly, seeing the danger looming for the 'nasty one.' Shirley pulls Kelly away and lets Vanessa L. Williams FALL IN DEFEAT, crashing flat on her back as the crowd roars in approval.

Kelly is leaping up and down like her mentor Ann Curry who is embracing her. MacLaine finishes the ten count and motions Kelly to come out for the ceremonial glove raising.

"Congrats kid, you really nailed her ass," laughs Shirley.

Vanessa L. Williams lays stone cold unconscious as Ann Curry takes off Kelly's gloves. "Have your way with her, oh mighty red-headed colleague," laughs Ann.

Kelly pulls off Vanessa's dental floss bikini and waves it for all to see as she's cheered all the louder for the outcome is seen by most as an upset. Vanessa's nude body continues to lay in the ring as Kelly and Ann leave - along with everyone except Rebecca Romijn who tends to her fallen co-star from 'Ugly Betty.'

Later - Kelly is relaxing in her cabin when the doorbell rings. It's Vanessa, clad in a robe and holding a bottle of the bubbly. Kelly has showered and is another pair of bikini panties (red this time). She lets Vanessa in. "I came to congratulate your win Kelly, you killed my ass out there tonight," says Williams with a smile. But Kelly senses she might still be danger and is wary. They sit and enjoy a little chat while imbibing the Champagne.

"You know, I find you hot with those great boobs," leers Vanessa as she slips off her robe to reveal a black thong (ala Lela Rochon.) She and Kelly 'retire to the bedroom' for a little canoodling and they enjoy the tryst. Vanessa notices a chess board on Kelly's table and Kelly brags, "Oh yeah, I was an unbeatable player at Northwestern."

"I'll take you on," coos her newfound lover.

"Sure what not?" laughs Kelly.

Vanessa is nothing if not calculating and she deftly captures Kelly's Queen early with a knight attack and Kelly is dumbstuck, "DAMN how did that happen?" she roars. Vanessa is smiling for all she's worth and Kelly is off guard - which had been Vanessa's plan all along.

"Gotcha! Checkmate!" pipes Williams as the same knight skewers Kelly's King.

O'Donnell is enraged at this defeat and angily flips the board over, telling Williams, "You were just lucky."

"Just like your bullshit boxing win was," ripostes Vanessa as she gets to her feet. Kelly jumps up and fires a right at Williams jaw, but this is street fighting, not Marquis of Queensbury. Vanessa drives a brutal knee into Kelly's gut which doubles the redhead over. "OOFFF," groans Kelly.

Williams does a Reverse Kick to Kelly's kidneys and then finished off the newscaster, who is staggered by the kicks, with a series of hard blows with her bare fists to Kelly's face. Kelly stumbles and mumbles, "Ya got me," just before she falls flat on her face.

"Damn right I got your ass," laughs Williams. "And I'll ALWAYS have it, 'cause now you're mine."

Vanessa strips Kelly and leaves her beaten and naked, stretched out cold on the floor of her cabin.

The next day at breakfast, the dining hall guests are astounded to see Kelly O'Donnell serving Vanessa Williams her breakfast; running her hands over Vanessa's thighs and calling her 'BOSS.' Kelly has well bloused eyes from the beating and the whole scene is a mystery to everyone but the two principals (and those who know Vanessa devious ways!)

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