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10 February 2006 Vanessa Williams vs Giselle Fernandez

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Posted by Simguy on 2/10./20096, 6:19 am.


Before: both women preening grinning like school-girls all over again:  informal Queen of the Cougars status up for grabs. Giselle drawing whistles when she pops a double bicep on the scales: compact arm, muscle, sidewalk-slab abs—she’s still one of the hardest brunettes in boxing. Williams a little bigger, a little softer, titanically endowed, but also in great shape--she’s rejuvenated by Fernandez’s enthusiastic challenge. “I love the energy Giselle’s bringing to this fight,” Vanessa admits to prefight. “We’re both treating this like a title fight and we both want to prove we stroll have what it takes. I don’t much like her chances, but I admit she DOES give good scale, doesn’t she?” Vanessa in neon baby blue underwire bikini top, leopard print bottoms, curly low ponytail: Giselle in yellow underwire bikini top, red bottoms, slick low ponytail. Crowd getting into it as women go nose to nose in staredown, both humming with anticipation.


During R1: Precise, professional combination punching, both ladies, Giselle: right crosses off the jab (blocked); mop up left hook pounds loud off taut Williams paunch. Vanessa: double jab, short right uppercut skids off Giselle’s forward guard); mop up hook catches Fernandez on the teeth, rocking her back a couple of steps, Back and forth like this—both women setting the table with jabs, working upstairs and down. Rhythm tends to be Vanessa backing Fernandez to rope behind hard right hands and short hooks; Giselle roaring back to deny Vanny with wide, brawling lefts and rights to fight off the apron. Close round—Giselle scoring some ringing blows, especially to the body when she opens up: Williams more conservative, but cuter, retreating as G comes flailing off the ropes and clipping Fernandez nifty check-hooks on the counter.


R2: Sizzling early trade sees Vanessa shake Giselle a leaning right cross on the teeth, only to be rocked in turn by the Fernandez hook along the jaw. Vanny drives Giselle to ropes under spearing rights off the jab: Giselle rallies off the apron, swinging away at Williams to deny Van position on the ropes, Vanessa poised, fading back from Giselle, timing her, and clipping her a SWEETY check hook onna button, catching the Latina charging in Fernandez stunned, steps funky to her right—Williams bends, extends on a BOOMING right hand to DROP FERNANDEZ TO HER BACK! Shatter-shot connect swivels Fernandez’s head, locks up her leg and stretches her out—Giselle staring, glassy-eyed, somehow struggles up for a ragged 8, ON COMES VANESSA! Williams jabbing into Giselle’s guard, keeping it high, then STRAPPING a thick right/left to those 40-something abs, G sobbing behind her mitts, buckling forward—VANNY PICKS HER UP THE RIGHT UPPERCUT! Williams getting it tidy off the right, immediately turns on a compact hook—pounding the mouth piece of Giselle’s teeth and FERNANDEZ SWOONS OUT ON HER FEET! Poor Fernandez lolling helpless on the ropes—head smashing back from a savage Williams right, then jolting around from an insurance hook. Williams teeth bared, pouring it on and the REF STEPS IN! TKO2 Vanessa Williams!


After: Vanessa leaping for joy, tearing up the prefight predictions for an all-out war by SHREDDING a shellshocked Giselle Fernandez in two brief heats. Giselle distraught, breaking down when she comes-to—what a heartbreaking night for a former great. Giselle wiping tears as she announces her retirement to the shock of all in attendance. “That’s it—I’m done,” a sniveling Fernandez says. “I’ve fought Vanessa Williams many times in the past, but I’ve never been dismissed by her like I was tonight. It’s a hard, hard thing to admit, but my hats off to Vanessa—she’s hitting heavier than I’ve ever seen her, and she’s the queen—no doubt about it.” Williams clapping, appreciatively as Giselle makes her exit—Vanessa gracious in victory. “I’m shocked to hear that Fernandez is quitting, but I think after tonight it’s the best thing for her. She’s obviously still in terrific shape, but her reflexes aren’t there and you HAVE to hang’em up when that happens. I think that’s the difference between us—my timing is still as sharp as it ever was and my skill level is very high. You combine that with the kind of mature power I’m generating and I honestly don’t think a lot of these young fighters can stand against me.”


Reposted 6/14/13

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