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10 February 2006 Allison Mack vs Kelly Clarkson

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Posted by Simguy on 2/10/2006, 6:31 am.


Before: Dani Fishel is the special commentator ringside, and a very interested party as battlin’ Dani-Busters square off head to head. “This is a great fight,” Dani enthuses, “both girls are coming off recent knockouts, so both really want to right the ship tonight, I know Allison’s the big favourite on the street but ne me tell you: I’m not totally sold on her and I’ll tell you why. First—she’s coming in after a hard beat down/knockout from ME two fights ago—she needs rest, not another slugfest. The drubbing I gave her will equalize things in this fight—I’m pretty sure we’ll see a sluggish, gunshy Allison Mack overall. Secondly, I question Allison Mack’s heart: there, I s id it. She’s supposed to be this ruff, tuff little juggernaut—but I didn’t see it when I brought out the punk in her last time, and I thought Christina Ricci exposed her as well. Thirdly: her power’s overrated. Kelly’s raw, but I think she punches just as hard as Allison and I wouldn’t be surprised to see her hurt Mack. If Clarkson can back Mack up, she can win the fight—I’m one who thinks Kelly can definitely do that!” Clarkson in purple bikini, black aerobics sneakers/white sock look: Allison in yellow bikini top, study green bottoms, black aerobics sneakers/white socks.


During R1: Allison saw Paula Abdul spear Kelly jabs at will—Mack opens up with stubby stick onna forehead, backing Clarkson to ropes at the open. Oh, the SOUND of those body blows! Big, beefy thumps coming off Kelly’s sturdy waist and ribs—like a baseball bat smashing wet clay—Allison setting her feet and pounding away early. Clarkson elbows in, bending forward, trying to block as much as possible—Mack adjusts, swinging out wide to bash away in behind the elbows. Clarkson soaking it up well, slugging back late—Mack forced into grudging retreat as Kelly twists into short, clubbing side to side lefts and rights At the bell it’s Clarkson, bouncing tidy punches off All’s head and shoulders, but it’s a solid Mack first.


R2:  Allison with early jabs—very smart—taking the initiative away from big-swinging Kelly, putting her off balance and guiding her into the ropes. Mack applying more body—pushing in on Kelly, getting her on her heels, riding a forearm across the girl’s shiny upper back to double her over. Mack snuggled in on top of Clarkson, then reefing then moving right hands over and over to breadbasket and breasts—just pumping, shoving stuff, beating the stationary woman beneath, Again, Clarkson soaking like a trooper, but she’s unable to squirm or punch her way free—Mack doing an exceptional job of muscling Kelly against the ropes, keeping her pinned down.


R3: Kelly with some wild, but effective swinging early—she’ll miss the right uppercut, but connect with a tight left hook on Allison’s teeth, bumping her back, hooking her tummy and head out of the crossed arm. Stubborn, rubbing stuff inside—Mack with her right at her jaw, left across her body, using the left shoulder to prop and nudge: Kelly just laying in, dukes at cheeks, trying to stand her ground. Mack’s short, muscular hooking thrilling to behold AND to hear: she’s getting  into tummy and jug with concussive spank, pounding Clarkson mute in the third.


R4: Bitter, toe to toe struggling along the ropes as little juggernauts vie for position. Mack on top, then Kelly, then Mack, then Kelly—each girl fighting on autopilot, mindlessly digging, bumping, turning the other. Allison finally gets the better of it with short, ripping right uppercuts off her right foot—she’s catching Kelly leaning in, just busting her in the mouth and chin as Clarkson lays in close. Clarkson soaking up a great shot, but she stops punching, getting a little drowsy under the constant thump of Allison’s heavy hands.


R5: Allison jabbing forehead early, delighting in knocking Clarkson’s head back—Kelly frowning, a little glassy-eyed, off balance as Mack shows her edge in experience, At the ropes, it’s Mack on top—using her body to smother and smudge Kelly sideways, crowding in on her to bundle the poor girl up, the pounding away while leaning on her. Meaty repeat right hands, monotonous against Kelly’s presented left flank, hip, buttock and back. Clarkson grimacing, trying to push against Mack, tie up behind her arms, but compact blonde constantly writhing, keeping hands free, then pushing, rubbing, bumping for punching position. Another bruising shutout—Mack’s taken all five rounds to open the fight, putting a chagrined look of grudging respect on Fishel’s face at ringside.


R6: Allison’s done the hard work: taking canvas away from Kelly, backing her up, dictating terms—now Mack turns up the heat, really punishing her foe. Kelly’s been brave, stubborn and effective in spots through 5, but I the sixth she shows signs of breaking down as Mack’s thudding body shots, chin checking uppercuts put Kelly wobbly butt at the ropes. Mack leaning in, mitts at her cheeks, grinding her forehead against Kelly’s and punching out of the right crouch. Short, snappy blows bounce off ribs, dig up tummy—then Mack brings her fists back tight to her cheeks, always covering up against receipts. Poor Kelly mouthbreathing, pulling at Allison, trying to tie up—she’s giving up too many repeat right hands in the midsection, too many hooks behind the elbow—Clarkson’s shipping an unexpected beating through 6 as the wheels start to fall off.


R7: Mack pouring herself at Kelly now—storming across the ring, pancaking Kelly with a ring-ratting crash into the Clarkson turnbuckles—shoulderblocking her to jostle her into limp position, then pounding away at the dregs. Mack grinning—elbows in, hands at her chest as she twists side to side, bouncing her mitts off Kelly’s shiny back, shuddering flanks. Clarkson smeared upright is vulnerable to Mack’s wiping jug mug—Allison pounding away side to side on Kelly’s goods, bringing tears to pretty singer’s eyes, Right uppercuts off the right foot as Kelly lolls forward: left uppercuts and hooks off the front foot when Clarkson lolls back into the ropes. Gorgeous, bell to bell scrub down—Allison working Kelly over like a washerwoman on dirty laundry. Mack bouncing back to her corner, winks a saucy wink at Dani ringside, pursing Fishel’s lips in response.


R8: It’s Mack trying to close the show—Kelly looking to deny Allison satisfaction. Poor Clarkson can’t keep Alli off her—every second of the round now being fought with Clarkson’s back against the ropes—Mack reaching in under the arms, constantly chesting Kelly flat and upright for extra punishment., Kelly lumping up—face sore and puffy, lips parted—she’s cringing after almost every ripping Mack body offering. Allison just scrounging on Kelly, bodying on and bullying—sheeting action of the punches has a drowsy look of sullen resignation on Clarkson. Face. Bell to bell Allison Mack—just a virtuoso bludgeoning that leaves Kelly throbbing, swaying on the spot: Mack lighting up the arena as she bounces back to her corner-that wide, pearly white grin.


R9: Poor Kelly on the ropes, suffering and soaking. Mack reaching in under the arms and bodying her; Mack using the heels of her hands to push Kelly’s shoulders back; Mack tousle scrubbing, shoulder bumping, using the extended left elbow to prop, Just a shattering, crowbar-in-the-parking-lot beat down—Mack turning into short, jerky hooks and ripping uppercuts, systematically smashing away at Kelly’s head, shoulders, biceps, chest, ribs and tummy. It’s all too much—savage, but consistent pummeling finally wears out Clarkson’s legs—she droops forward wilting to all fours, trembling pathetically as Allison struts away along the ropes in front of Dani. Fishel shouting partisan encouragement, admonishing Kelly to “Get up!”—Clarkson out on her feet slumped with her right side against the ropes—Allison simply beating Kelly right hands in the body until ref pulls her off at the break.


R10: Clarkson refusing to quit on her stool and she comes out determined to compete, trading right hands with an astonished Allison Mack midring. Girls trade hooks onna chops—Mack wide-eyed as Kelly’s trudging mindlessly forward, getting the better of early action. Mack tighten up, ducking down to let Kelly come forward, then running the singer into a brawny left shoulder, bumping her off. Allison slowly reasserts command of the situation—breaking Clarkson down with strapping hooks across the waist, then hooking her hard to the lats, shoulder and temple, Kelly unable to sustain her desperation--she’s once again pushed and punched to the ropes—Mack squaring away to mulch the rest of her opponent en route to a rare 10-0 triumph. UD10 wide, Allison Mack.


After: Mack thrilled as the scores are announced—10-0 routs rarely happen as any girl taking a beating of that magnitude usually goes out before it can go the distance: Clarkson too damn determined to finish the fight gets battered beyond recognition. Kelly badly, badly beaten, clearly hobbling from ruinous body work—she’s competitive early on, but clearly too green at this point to match mitts in a straight up slugfest with Allison Mack. Blonde dynamo answering Dani’s criticism with venom tonight, sending a message loud and clear about the Dani-Busting pecking order.


Reposted by Archer 6/14/13.

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