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`11 February 2006 Nikki Cox vs Eliza Dushku

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Posted by Simguy on 2/11/2006, 9:23 am.


Before: Big hitting Nikki Cox in with the Sherriff—most prefight rhetoric concerned with the impact size will have on the fight. “I know I can hurt her,” a confident Cox says of the former multi-time champ. :”That’s huge for me, Don’t forget I’m coming down from lightweight—she’s coming up from flyweight—I’m the naturally bigger woman in the fight. I’m going to make Eliza feel the difference.” Sherriff dismissing any suggestion Cox might be too strong at the weight. “Size isn’t as important as skill at bantamweight. Nikki was underpowered at lightweight—that’s the whole reason she’s dropping down—and looking at her, I think she’s starving herself to make 118. I’m not going to take stupid chances. I know this chick can hit—but don’t be surprised if I back her up a bit and do some damage myself.” Cox in hulking purple bikini, ring connections, blonde ponytail with forelocks framing her face: Dushku in red leather bikini, low ponytail with ringlets framing her face,


During R1: Nikki uptempo, bouncing in all tossing ponytails and heaving jugs to hoist wide leather loud against Eliza’s flanks. Dushku unashamed to use her legs—nimbly stepping to either side, fading pressure, circling, using the ring. Eliza’s eyes wide, intense--very sharp punching as she pokes and retracts her jab, pokes and retracts lead right hands, pivoting to either side. Cox slowly brought to heel—she’s just turning, nostrils flaring, staying square to her mobile target: Eliza learning early that if she keeps something on Nikki, Cox will wait her turn.


R2: Same again—Cox mounting formal assaults, getting to Eliza’s ribcage with some authority: Dushku legging out of trouble, using her jab to pre-empt and sting, then settling down into a potshotting, straight punching rhythm as she methodically circles her quarry. Cox glaring, but not cutting off the ring—she’s just following Eliza warily, trying to set her feet to punch. Down the stretch, Cox loads up a right hand, but Eliza beats her to the punch with a startling jab and diving right hand chaser POUNDING off the face! Cox’s right hand sails over top as Dushku ducks down on follow through and NIKKI TAKES A KNEE! Cox woozy, back leg (right) giving way—she kneels for a moment, takes a deep breath then stands up, shakes it off at the bell, Dushku business-like to her corner, nodding confidently: precision taking the place of power as smaller lass draws first blood.


R3: The strength of Nikki Cox: knocked down last round, she hounds Eliza to the ropesk, works her over bell to bell,. Dushku: right under her chin, left across her body, bending at the waist, jamming shots—a real hodge-podge of reckless offense. Particularly nasty the way Nikki jams her wide right hand LOUD into Eliza’s leftside lats or ribs--the palm down, knuckles landing flat and moving the smaller woman on impact, Dushku soaking up wallop on hewr hips and flanks, taking the odd thudding blow to paunch, but she’s working the pocket well, utilizing the Claire Danes playbook when she needs it. No counterpunching from Dushku: she jsu doesn’t dare offer back with Cox dug in and pitching hard. Nikki pumping, bellowing into crowds as she stomps angry-butt back to her corner: Cox emotionalism a stark contrast to Eliza’s coldblooded professionalism, HISC corner warns Eliza: “You can’t be on the ropes—not with this girl. Box her baby, box her.”


R4: Sniper Eliza gets to Cox again-slicing right crosses off the jab, beating Nikki to her right hand and ringing her up as Dushku ducks down and in on follow through, pounding howitzer blasts the hardest Eliza can chuck—Nikki’s sopping ‘em up but she’s wobbly butt, staggering awaty to regroup, Dushku presses immediately after stinging Cox, but is met by ferocious side to side wailing—Dushku has to step back outside, circle away to make Nikki move her feet. Final minute relatively quiet—Cox stalking, but not cutting off the ring: Dushku able to walk her blonde onto the jab, sidestep away before the receipt.


R5: Dushku jabbing, hooking off the jab, just keeping Nikki off balancer. Eliza fluttering jabs at Nikki’s fact-front guard, then stepping in thick, flat jab PAT! to body—good beefy spank, then Dushku pivots to her left, leaving Cox fuming. Nikki tossing back, but she’s out of position—punches skidding off Dushku’s gloves or shoulders as Eliza never presents a solid target, Dushku not just relying on legs: head movement, blocking and parrying with her mitts, turning her shoulders to slip shots—lots of little moves taking the edge off her opponent’s game.


R6: Eliza fluttering her jab to face, then stepping it in PAT! to body—big moist spanks bruising ip the meat between the jug, all over the stomach. Dushku rotating left, mixing things up with the odd straight right off her shoulder—pinging poke to the face, then she brings that mitt back quick to her cheek, neatly dipping to her right to automatically slip any receipts. Cox feet betraying her—better ring and distance management would help her bring power to bear, but she’s not crowding Eliza to ropes the way she’d like. Clipping, tapping, poking round of boxing, Eliza Dushku, HISC corner pleased, but they don’t like the way Nikki was starting to push the pace and come forward strong near the end of the round.


R7: Eliza working behind the jab, spotting it all over Nikki’s torso, dotting Nikki’s face. Straight, pinging right hands, and a vicious, short digging hook in behind the elbow complete the menu—Dushku punching off her front foot and looking to regain a little respect. Winces from Cox as Eliza hook bites deep to body: Nikki grimacing, cheating her right elbow down ro protect and not punching back at all this round as Dushku puts her foot down.


R8: Eliza steps it up: rotating left, jabbing at Nikki to keep her occupied, then ringing her up hard crosses (chin), zesty left hooks (body). Cox unraveling a little—she’s soaked up a TON of Eliza Dushku punching tonight, taking it well--but the smaller woman’s starting to break the larger down with consistency. Eliza treating herself to Nikki’s breasts with doubled jabs PAK! PAK! Just tapping the left hand in there stiff, breaking Nikki’s spirit. Dushku’s timing and precision exquisite—she’s exploiting Nikki’s tendency to wait her turn, constantly pre-empting Cox, disrupting her. Cox slightly wobbly butt back to her corner, face puffy, eyes discouraged: Eliza fighting the perfect Nikki-beating fight through 8.


R9: You gotta love Eliza Dushku: winning the fight clean on all cards, all she has to do is keep poking away for points—but she steps down, gets ornery and looks to take Cox out this round. ROBUST shellack to the body—both hands—poor Nikki cringing forward behind her mitts as Dushku digs in. SCORCHING right crosses onna chin—Dushku diving in, cracking hard, buckling Nikki’s knees—then pivoting away as Nikki staggers around in fence post holes. Poor Cox punched from pillar to post--Eliza’s cruel mitts spanking off that little golden brown body or picking up that chin—sensational walking pursuit FINALLY puts Cox on all fours in the final minute. Nikki breathing hard, fights her way off her knees, but she’s a helpless vixen. Eliza Dushku squares away, POUNDING jug for all she’s worthy--sizzling crisscross stamping action to the bell leaves Nikki in tatters.


R10: Cox all busted up, broke down, but still trudging: Eliza backs off and lets her legs/jab win this thing—Sherriff toying with hurt prey—that nuisance flutter jab getting Nikki’s hands up, weight back onto her right foot—nicely exposing gut for those insolent spanking body jabs, E sweet to her left, cuffing Nikki hooks upside the head while pivoting—Cox often buffeted off balance as she’s turned and turned. Bell to bell Dushku—she boxes the socks off Nikki, helps herself to a clapping chunk of buttock as chastised blonde slinks away at the break. UD10 wide, Eliza Dushku.


After: Eliza breezy, rejuvenated in postfight—it’s a very Sherriff-like outing tonight, “The secret with any puncher—any girl who likes to come forward—you have to hurt them and get their respect. That’s the thing If I had tried to box Nikki from the outset ultimately she would have tracked me down and made me fight, but I busted her, seed—put her down early--that was the key. Once I had that respect, I did what I wanted with her—she could never fully commit to hounding me because she knew I’d hurt her again.”


Reposted by Archer 6/15/13.

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