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24 May 2013 Valerie Bertinelli vs Lela Rochon II

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Ca, 2005 by Jac Fac

Downtown Julie Brown had taken on two new trainers - Lela Rochon and Valerie Bertinelli - who were training her in tandem. Lela would spar with Julie when larger opponents were in the picture - specifically Charlize Theron who, for whatever reason, decided Julie needed 'shutting up' once and for all after Downtown had knocked out Cat Z Jones to claim the Welsh national title. Julie and Charlize had fought once before and it ended in a great knockout win for Charlize after some spirited battling. Julie had sworn vengeance and would, from time to time, accuse Theron of beginners luck and intimated that the South African had been ducking her ever since.

In their training sessions Valerie had been getting on Lela's nerves in a huge way. Bertinelli had scored mightily on the cover of People Magazine in a bikini and was sort of rubbing that in Lela's face. That was one thing, but the crucial issue was that Val had been spotted in an LA restaurant dining with Charlize. One of Lela's good friend's, Paula Patton, had seen the twosome without being noticed by either and reported it to Lela. The next afternoon Lela, Val and Downtown were in the ring for a session.

After Val led Downtown through the speedbag drill and they emerged from that area they were greeted by Lela in her 'fighting outfit' - the black thong she wore in the movie 'Gang Related' in which she played a stripper. Bertinelli looked up into the ring where Lela beckoned her to 'come on up.' It was more like an order, actually: "Get your ass up here hotshot," barked Rochon.

Valerie knew instantly the game was up. "Hope you got your green bikini on, Twink," snarled Lela. "'cause you and me are going 'round and 'round."

"Damn right I do," replied a red-faced Valerie. "I've been ready to do your haughty ass in for a long time."

"Get the gloves on us, Downtown," growled Lela.

Brown snickered at Valerie as she tied her gloves on. Downtown would ref and she called to one of her victims, Lucy Lawless, "Get yur ass over there to do some timekeeping." Lawless arrived promptly and was shoved rudely into the timekeepers chair. "Ring the bell big doofus clown," chuckled Julie.

Round One - Valerie was firing hard shots fromt he get go and connected wickedly to Lela's jaw. Rochon's legs buckled quickly. "Thought you had an easy mark didn't you?" leered Valerie.

Lela had never been hit this hard by anybody but Valerie had been working out hard in secret with Theron and losing that extra weight had made her much faster. Bertinelli was zooming around the ring and taunting Rochon. Val bored inside Rochon's longer reach and delivered more punishment to Lela's midsection. Lela was groaning in pain and was having great difficulty mounting an attack of any sort. When Lawless rang the bell to end the round, Downtown went to Lela's corner to towel her down while Lawless did the same for Valerie.

"I hope you beat her ass," said Lawless in her best stage whisper. Julie and Lela both heard her and Downtown glared over angrily at Lucy.

"You're going down later," Julie threatened Lucy.

Round Two - Lela began cutting off the ring and shooting long scoring left jabs to Val's face. Bertinelli's head snapped back at the force of thse blows. "Time for a comeback there, Twink," announced Lela as she slammed Valerie's jaw brutally with a right cross that dropped Bertinelli on her butt. "Get up Twink!" roared Lela.

Lela was showing her famous glowing smile now as she felt the momentum was going her way. Valerie had used lots of energy in round one and Lela was still fresh. Rochon was dancing on springy hot legs and continually whipping Val across the face with long left jabs and hooks. Val's face was beginning to swell.

"Oh I am the one," bragged Lela. Val was incensed at this taunt and slammed Lela with a slew of hard body blows followed with a good left hook. Still, none of this was enough. "You're a traitor and a loser," snapped Lela as she started belting the shorter Bertinelli with left-right combinations. Valerie was going out on her feet.

"Watch this Downtown; something for your fight with Theron!" said Rochon as she again pounded Valerie with long lefts and then as Valerie wobbled near the ropes, Lela hit the bikini clad beauty with a 'LeBrock sock' that sent Valerie's body up and OVER the ropes into Lucy's lap. Bertinelli was knocked senseless and Lucy was NOT happy to see that. Lawless got to her feet as she lifted Val's unconscious form onto the bench next to her.

Suddenly, Julie popped up next to Lawless. "Well she didn't beat Lela did she!" snarled Downtown as her bare knuckle right cross connected to the exposed jaw of Lawless who crumpled at Julie's feet.

Both Val and Lucy were stripped butt naked and their bodies draped unceremoniously over the bench with their butt cheeks pointed to the ceiling.

"Let's get back in the ring, Downtown," ordered Lela. "You got some serious and hard training to do, girl."

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