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24 May 2013 Bar Refaeli vs Daniela Ruah

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(Site: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)


Posted by Results By Sim/Words By Wiz on May 26, 2013, 10:35 pm,



"I'm SICK of hearing about Lima," says Bar, eyes smouldering. "Yes, I've lost a few tough ones, but I'm the most beautiful supermodel in the world, let alone in this stable! And I'm the best fighter in it, too! And I'm going to prove it, starting by knocking out Daniela Ruah tonight!"

"Know what I'M sick of," asks Daniela with a hint of a smile. "Hearing and thinking about the Lawrence fight. How I HAD her and blew it. On the heels of blowing it against Kelly. I'm a little frustrated, frankly. And, fortunately, I've got someone to take my frustrations OUT on. See you in the ring, Bar."


O'Dell: "Getting ready for the fifth of six bouts tonight and that's 'My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark' by Fall Out Boy you hear..."

McCarthy: "Isn't Jessica Simpson married to Fall Out Boy?"

Tess: "It was Ashlee Simpson, and Fall Out Boy isn't a PERSON, it's a BAND!"

McCarthy: "She's married to the WHOLE BAND?"

Tess: "No, she..."

McCarthy: "That's ILLEGAL!"

O'Dell: "Oh, FOR...she wasn't married to the WHOLE BAND, Mac! She was just married to one member, Pete Wentz!"

McCarthy: "Wait...WAS...you mean they're divorced?"

O'Dell: "Not that it matters, but, yes..."

McCarthy: "I'm not sure what's worse, marrying the second-most talented Simpson sister or having her DUMP you..."

O'Dell: "ANYway, the gorgeous Bar Refaeli is coming to down the aisle to this tune. Bar, of course, representing Odds and Ends. Refaeli into the ring, helped off with the robe by the O&E corner people to reveal a navy blue bikini with white and purple...um...not sure WHAT those are..."

McCarthy: "They look like an ink blot test. Every time I see one of those it looks like Neve Campbell's face..."

O'Dell: "Well, let's call them splotches..."

Tess: "Doesn't matter what they are or what color. Bar looks good in ANY bikini and the crowd certainly appreciates her in this one..."

O'Dell: "And that's 'Nothing Else Matters' by Metallica, and here comes 'The Portugese Princess', Daniela Ruah!"

McCarthy: "Ruah's got to be on thin ice with Weirdo. You know he's all about flavor of the month and she's lost two straight. Lose tonight and she'll be PACKING for Portugal!"

Tess: "Um, Wiz has REPEATEDLY stated that Front Street management is very high on Daniela and that she's going nowhere..."

McCarthy: "Watch how fast that changes if she comes off second best tonight."

O'Dell: "Ruah into the ring. Helped off with the robe by Jewel and Neve to reveal that baby blue number she prefers and the ladies are about ready. Let's get some picks. Tess favors Daniela, how about you, Mac..."

McCarthy: "I think Ruah's going to be looking for work when this is over. I'm picking Refaeli."

O'Dell: "There's the bell. And neither lady wasting any time getting the guns going. They simply meet in the middle of the ring and begin shelling from distance."

McCarthy: "Both of these girls have reach and they both like to fight at range and both of them have FOUND the range right away!"

O'Dell: "Sure have, Mac and both landing heavy shot! Exchanges getting wild and the crowd loving it. Ruah NAILS Refaeli with a BIG left hand and Bar fires back with a heavy right."

Tess: "Crowd on its feet now as BOTH girls are going all in less than two minutes into this thing!"

O'Dell: "Two fighters with a lot to prove and both are getting clobbered trying to do it. Ruah lands a HARD left-right...AND DOWN GOES DANI! RIGHT HAND FROM BAR AND RUAH DROPS TO HER KNEES!"

McCarthy: "Beautifully placed right hand by Refaeli!"

O'Dell: "Bar back to a neutral corner and the referee picks up the count at four. Five. Six. Seven. Ruah to her feet. Will take the mandatory. Referee will take the mandatory. Ref will let it continue and here comes Bar, laying down a barrage of heavy fire, driving Ruah backward...AND FLATTENING HER AGAIN WITH A STRAIGHT RIGHT. Ruah sent to her back and Refaeli fairly SKIPPING to a neutral corner..."

McCarthy: "It's over. She's not getting up from that."

O'Dell: "Count at four. Five. Six. Seven. Ruah to all fours. Eight. Nine...she beat it! Ruah to her feet with not a tenth of a second to spare. Referee looking closely as he gives her the eight count. Going to let it go on. And Bar immediately ALL OVER Ruah! Daniela back to the ropes, covering up. Ref looking in. Ruah hanging on...and there's the bell!"

McCarthy: "And none too soon for Ruah."

Tess: "She lives to fight another round, but she's in a hole 10-7 after one."


O'Dell: "Second round begins with Refaeli in full control. Ruah looking shabby and Bar taking advantage, loading up the big guns and firing away at range."

McCarthy: "Daniela a stationary target, Jenny. Legs aren't there. No movement at all. Bar's just picking her apart right now, driving her backward, punishing her."

O'Dell: "Very methodical stuff from Refaeli. Putting punches together. Getting everything she can on them. Landing clean and sharp. Ruah jabbing back a little, but unable to do much else."

McCarthy: "The kind of punishment Bar's piling up right now can really take a toll. Ruah's being forced to ship more and more shell as this round continues. Bar's scoring, but she's doing more than that. She's getting into Ruah's reserves."

O'Dell: "Bar steady. Taking no chances. Even pressure on the pedal. Right follows left. Hook to the body and a straight right upstairs. Nothing fancy but very effective. Refaeli bell to bell."

McCarthy: "Now has that lead up to four points, 20-16, but the damage she's done might end up being more important."


O'Dell: "Into the third now and Bar again after Daniela, but Ruah lands a solid combination. Bar fires back, but Ruah side steps and flurries again. A good right landed in there."

McCarthy: "Daniela's legs are coming back. She's able to move and angle now. No longer a stationary target."

Tess: "And she's showing again how well she can box. This is the stuff we saw against Lawrence. Putting punches together at range. Showing angles. Scoring with both hands."

O'Dell: "Bar thrown over to the defensive now for the first time in the fight. Ruah not closing, staying at gunnery range. Using that heavy left hand..."

McCarthy(sighing): "Say it, Walmart. You're DYING to..."

Tess: "You mean, The Front Street Jab?"

O'Dell: "Whatever you call it, it's controlling Bar right now. Keeping her at bay. Setting her up for right hands. Refaeli being consistently backed up and preempted right to the bell. Good round for Ruah, who's finally on the board."

Tess: "Still 39-36 for Bar, though."


O'Dell: "Fourth round underway and we're back to the gun platform stuff of the first. The rangy beauties in the center of the ring, working the left hand, dropping in rights. More disciplined than in that wild first, but both still effective."

McCarthy: "Both of these girls are very smooth boxers. At this weight, if you have that combined with some power, you can be tough to beat."

O'Dell: "Bar a double tap jab. Ruah hooks the body. Refaeli a right hand...AND RUAH NAILS HER WITH A RIGHT HAND AND REFAELI RAG DOLLS TO THE MAT!"

Tess: "Wow...that's that one-punch power Ruah's known for..."

O'Dell: "Daniela to a neutral corner. Bar flat on her back in a Maltese cross position. Referee's count at four. Five. Six..."

McCarthy: "He can count to a hundred like hide and seek and it isn't going to matter..."

O'Dell: "Eight. Nine. TEN! IT'S OVER! And your winner by KO4 is The Portugese Princess, Daniela Ruah!"

McCarthy: "Check the replay. Slow this down, truck. Watch Ruah's right hand. Bar throws a right, takes a quick side step left...and here it comes. BANG! Right on the chin. Bar's head snaps back and right and she's out long before she hits the mat. HUGE punch."

Tess: "And a big comeback for Ruah, who looked to be all but out of it in the first round."


O'Dell: "Let's go up to the ring and Tess Valmore!"

Tess: "I've got Daniela Ruah with me, and, Dani, not the best of starts for you..."

Daniela: "She had me in trouble in the first, no question about it. But, I knew I could come back and get her. It doesn't matter how far behind I am. If I land that right hand, you're going to wake up just in time to see the referee raise my hand."

Tess: "How's it feel to come from behind and win?"

Daniela(smiling): "A lot better than coming from ahead to lose."

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