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10 February 2006 Terry Farrell vs Monika Schnarre

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Posted by Simguy on 2/10/2006, 6:42 pm.


Before: Monika is hurt at being handpicked by TE and Terry Farrell to pave the way for a triumphant Farrell return—Farrell insisting it’s nothing personal. “I respect Monika,” Terry says in prefight, “I really do. I think I match up well withy her ir I wouldn’t be fighting her, but that doesn’t mean she’s being ‘selected’ by us. To me she’s a Goldilocks opponent: not too hard, not too soft: there’s nothing demeaning about that.” Schnarre won’t have it. “I’m beating Terry senseless” Monika sniffs, “They can’t treat me this way. My whole career I’ve been overlooked and underprepared, but I’ drawing the line at Terry Freakin’ Farrell coming out of retirement. She’s going to regret ever mentioning my name after this fight,” Royal blue bikini/boy cut bottoms for Terry, wide blue band holding her hair back, white gloves: pink bikini with boy cut bottoms, wide pink band holding Schnarre’s hair back. Stare down, Monika refuses to touch gloves, shoving Terry hard in the shoulders instead.


During R1: Terry steppin’ methodical, left tracing little circles out front, then stabbing brisk to Monika’s face; right close to chin. Schnarre scowling, more rigid I her stance, dukes up elbows in. Girls step clockwise, exploring each other hard stick—Schnarre demonstrating her power when a right cross takes Terry in the chest, bump0ing off-balance, Midway through, Schnarre labels Terry a right cross in the chin as Farrell’s leaning back—Terry destabilized, staggers to ropes with Monika hopping after pounding right .hands. Farrell covers up earmuff, stoops forward: Monika’s in underneath a thumping right/left to draw a woozy clinch from her foe. Terry shaking her head “No” as she stares over Monika’s shoulder—but already pundits wondering if Monika lands those right hands 5 years ago.


R2: Similar stuff—both girls comfortable outsider, stepping to the left, working behind their jabs. Farrell artfully dabbing at Monika’s face and chest—Terry loose limbed, occasionally stepping out to bat her gloves together, reset, then step back into her stance. Schnarre very intense, jabbing to Terry’s chest to establish range—Monika able to find the range on long right hands, catching Farrell twice more as she’s backing away just a smidge too slow. Farrell buzzed, but riding out the punches, drops her second round as Monika’s the fresher, faster, more dynamic puncher through 2.


R3: Farrell looking to shake things up, stoops to jab the body, steps to the right to change distance, looking to wrong foot her foe, Schnarre hopping-with, staying in contact—her jab’s distressing Terry, pounding her chest with thudding heft, and those right hands are starting to flow from Monika’s shoulder to Terry’s concerned chin. Midway through, blonde right hand shaves chin—not a flush connect—but Terry’s knees buckle, legs give a shimmy as she shoes away from the power. Monika stepping in wide, sweeping a right roundhouse fat to Terry’s ribs beneath the breast line: Farrell cringing, crumples into ropes badly gut shot. Terry reaches to clinch: Monika’s right there with a nice step-out, right uppercut counter; Farrell put wobbly butt, sags back bleak-eyed to ropes. Monika a blonde without pity: she pours in a crashing right hand between Terry’s mitts, smashing veteran beauty’s head back—Syren screaming for Farrell to “CLINCH! TERRY CLINCH!” but poor Farrell’s too hurt. Schnarre snarling, feeling it—cruel right sidearm roundhouse takes Terry in the gut, crippling her as she stoops behind her mitts. Left uppercut splits the mitts, tosses Terry’s head to the side as her hands come down. Right hand smashes Terry’s face around, sprawls her against the ropes—STOP THE FIGHT REF! Monika mindless, pouring on a punching spree of big-woman lefts and rights—pounding hooks and crosses put Terry’s head in a sickening bobble until red FINAALY moves in, Farrell out on her feet, deeply aswoon—KO3 Monika Schnarre in bully-girl fashion.


After; Stunning one-sided destruction as Monika Schnarre pounds Terry Farrell into oblivion-big Mon answering heer legions of critics tonight with Kat Heigl-type sock 130. Terry stunned, led to her stool for smelling salts and ice—she just couldn’t get out of the way of punches she couldn’t afford to take tonight. Monika circling and circling the ring, hands held high, bellowing in triumph—small c celebrity basking in rare sunshine as she notches a tasty veteran name on her belt tonight.


Reposted by Archer 6/20/13.

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