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4 November 2000 Title Ch Kiana Tom vs Lucy Liu

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Kiana Tom 03.jpgLucy Liu 04.jpg


Unified Bantamweight Title


Posted by Simguy on 1/4/200, 9:35 am.


Before: Liu wanted bigger challenges—she’s got it in the form of brawny Asian rival KIana Tom. KT making weight at a solid 118, but heavier come fight night—she’s taller, rangier, with a decided reach advantage and a bonecrunching Tommy Hearns right hand, Liu hits hard enough to take Tom out, but her biggest asset is speed—she can’t be tempted to trade with Kiana. “Tom can afford some mistakes.” One wizened scribe points out, “Lucy can’t,” LL in black sports bra, leopard print boycut trunks, slick ponytail, Kiana in black twist toe athletic top, red high cut aerobics bottoms.


During R1: Kiana shaking out her long arms at the bell, then out confidently to immediately stalk her opponent. Liu bouncing outside, hands down, testing Tom’s mobility. No fear factor here—Tom walks Lucy down, snapping the jab up off her hip and leaning into that whistling right cross, just daring Liu to counter and LUCY GOES DOWN! Liu dropped to her butt at the ropes from a searing right hand in the forehead-Lucy clearly shellshocked and woozy—barely beats the count with 2 long minutes left on the clock, On comes Tom—setting up with those long legs wide, lashing and dragging her fists across the target as Liu bib tragically on trembling legs. Tom with a loose, whippy delivery, scorching the right downwards in Liu’s face, backhanding Liu with the right to set up the slinging left on the cheek, then backhanding with the left to drop the big right hand again. Sat the midway point—a savage gash is opened over Liu’s left eye and she is a pathetic ruin—reaching for Kiana’s waist and pressing her face sleepily against Tom’s bulging breast. Tom brutally shoving Lucy off time and again, getting tremendous leverage on her punches and going bell to bell on the former flyweight queen. Liu left all but out after 3 minutes of hell—Tom giving Liu one of the worst rounds of her career.


R2: Tom upbeat, attentive in her corner—Liu with eyes closed, Q-tips up both nostrils, getting a bath of cold eater and a feverish massage to keep her around. Liu up off her stool at the bell, stumbling as she attempts her usual catlike dance, going flat footed to meet Kiana’s charge. Tom out quick, just trying to tap Liu with the jab, then finish her with the slinging right hand, Liu’s hurt, but not shot yet—she slips a lot of rights, coming up underneath with a shaky, but effective left uppercut counter, sliding it off Kiana’s solid midriff, Tom clearly the aggressor, but her blistering punches more often than not graze rather than spank flush. Liu drops the round, but by the end seems to have cleared the cobwebs,


R3: Liu’s legs are back and she keeps well clear of the Polynesian, mounting slashing one-punch raids, dragging the right into Kiana’s belly or breasts, then lunging past to avoid receipt, Tom looking a little ronbotic as she misses by a wide margun this round, pivoting and trying to cut the ring off, but comparatively stiff in her gait., Final minute sees Liu slips under the Tom jab, and come up hard with a flashy left/right on the jaw—punches coming up from Liu’s knees to startle Kiana at the bell,


R4: Kiana striding across the ring hems Liu in her corner and extends the left, measuring Lucy fir the coiled right hand at Tom’s chest level, Liu bending almost to a seat on the canvas as she dips ansd slides, taking a lot of steam out of Tom’s licks, clearly measuring Kiana for the one big counter AND LIU GOES DOWN! Lucy caught flush by that scorching straight right hand on the teeth takes a seat in her corner and she is WRECKED! Liu reaching for the ropes, missing, reaching again and hauling her limp body to its feet as the ref holds a seething Kiana Tom back. Ref lets it go on and Kiana loads up—slinging lefts and rights, shifting her weight from one foot to the other as she twists home the battering blows—Lucy’s head lolling forward and FINALLY the ref has seen enough. Liu protected by the ref as Kiana screams in triumph and leaps away to her corner. TKO4 Kiana Tom.


After: Cameras can’t get enough of the sight: Lucy Liu, left eye swollen grotesquely shut, lolling helpless in the ref’s arms, helped to her stool and examined by ringside physicians as Tom celebrates in ring—magazines run covers with one word captions like “BEATEN!” over close ups if Lucy’s blasted face—Liu’s never looked this battered in defeat. Liu getting a dose of her own medicine—Pearl Harboured early and never fully recovering—Tom doing all the power punching in a savage 4 round display, Aside from the physical advantages—Tom just wasn’t intimidated—Liu used to fighting scared opponents caught a tiger tonight.


Reposted by Archer 6/27/13.

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