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1 July 2000 Dana Delany vs Michelle Williams

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Posted by Simguy on Saturday, 01-July-2000 10:09:36


Before: Mish taking on crafty Delany, pitting her youth and vigour against Dana’s guile and experience. Important fight for Michelle—another loss and she’ll be an attractive target for a lot of girls. Dana in pink bra and panties, Michelle in red bra and panties, white lace trim.


During R1-3: Identical rounds with Dana bookending the minutes to take all 3, Williams in her crouch, coming forward, but Dana using an extremely closed stance, lances in the jab and falls away, making her extremely difficult to find. When Williams gets in, Delany quick to grab the arms or head of her opponent and wait for breaks. Difficult to score action with Williams making the fight, but Delany clearly controlling the tempo, and dictating style to her young counterpart.


R4: Shutout Delany as she is finding Michelle’s face with tragic ease, slapping the jab against it, fading away and turning into right hand lead to catch Williams coming in., Delany fighting in reverse very effectively, potshots Michelle and keeps out of danger to take the fourth.


R5: Williams finally investing in Dana’s waist and hips, gets on her brunette, mouth on shoulder and works—Delany trying to take shots on her elbows or tie up, but Williams is on board.


R6: Shutout Delany! Dana putting out the fire reaches that weird jab into Mish’s facer, leans away, catches Williams marching in, spinning off the blonde to begin the process from a fresh angle. Williams standing up too much, hands at her lips starts to follow, not get off, and hears it from her corner during the break.


R7: Michelle answers with her best round, cutting off the ring, walking through Dana’s jab to curl short rights or lefts against the brunette’s ribcage, Dana looking hurt, crowds Mish, but Williams fighting off Delany’s chest is right at home. Punches add up on Dana’s midriff as she sags to the ropes, and Williams pours it on, Finale minute, Williams cranking hooks to the waist, trying to straighten into the right uppercut—finally snaps back Dana’s head with a great right hand to leave Delany helpless. Williams piling on the punishment, swats at Dana’s  ear with the left the POUNDS it to the liver and Delany falls to all fours with a groan. AND DANA CAN’T GET UP! Mish walks away with a pounding KO as Delany gasps and sobs on her haunches.


After: Williams getting bamboozled, but Delany fitness betrays her again—Michelle punching as hard in the 7th as she was in the 1st., Great come from behind whack puts Mish on the right track again as she shows never say die ‘tude.


Reposted by Archer 7/6/13.

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