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6 October 2006 Nadia Bjorlin vs Natasha Henstridge

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Posted by Simguy on 10/6/2006, 6:49 am.


Before: Two girls, one bubble—both vixens anxious to impress, “I felt like I let down against Charisma,” says bridesmaid Nat, “and I was beating Loken when she turned the lights out=-but I don’t want to be one of those ‘I came close’ girls. I know I’m solid talent at welterweight—I know I can compete with and beat any girl here—I just have to get out there and do it. I’ve got my guns sighted in on Nadia and I’ve got a lot of pent-up frustration to let out. When you add it up—I wouldn’t want to be Nadia Bjorlin right about now,” Naddy B upbeat, even frisky at the dais—curvy brunette still being put in tough early in her career, but wouldn’t have it any other way. “I know my guys are outing me in with more experienced girls almost every time out—even ranked girls and former champs—and I’m taking my lumps—but I’m willing to do that, to learn. I think I’ve been strong in every fight I’ve had—I’ve never felt like I’m in over my head or that there was no way I could compete, even in my losses. Right or wrong, my attitude going in is ALWAYS that I’m gonna blow the other girl away—whoever it is—that’s just me. I see Henstridge, and I know who she is—but whatever: I feel like I’m going to wipe her out—that’s just me.” Henny in Maple Leaf motif sports bra (thin straps), solid red high waist trunks (like Olympics/sprinters trunks), white runners/socks, red gloves with white knuckle bars, slick ponytail. Nadia in baby blue bandeau bikini top with silver band betwixt jug, navy nylon jogging shorts over brazen pink thong, white aerobics shies/socks, white gloves, Nadia very tanned next to relatively pale Nat.


Duruing R1: Nadia hurtling out of her corner, brought up short by a brace of pounding jabs on the face and upper chest—Henny just banging out stick. Stepping left, looking things over. Minute mark—Bjorlin undaunted—she steps out, bouncing on her toes, gloves collected at her mouth Tyson-style—she starts bobbing and weaving dramatically side to side—slipping Henstridge’s pulsing poke. BOOMING right hand, Nadia Bjorlin—HENNY GOES DOWN! Nat rolling to her back off a stupendous chin-check—face contorted, lips pursed in a hurtin’ O—Nadia just diving in with  crashing overhand right to put blonde on deck in a heartbeat. Henny up at 8, blinking, shaking her head—she comes out rickety, but serviceable, pumping the stick and TAKES ANOTHER GIGANTIC RIGHT HAND! Bjorlin POURING in, ducking in under the Henstridge jab and sweeping the right over the top, cashing in jaw, swiveling Nat’s skull and HENSTRIDGE IS DOWN! Henny blinking up at the lights again, stunned and achy as she rolls over her left hip, gets to her feet and pitches woozy, face first to ropes. Nat wide-eyed, wonky, hanging on to that top strand with top both: legs absolutely gone as she feels the power of Bjorlin early. Wobbly butt 8—Natasha H: ON COMES NADIA! Bjorlin attacking out of that mitt-nibbling posture, bobbing side to side and torqueing tremendous power from both hands at Natasha’s head. Henstridge leaning back into ropes as she;’s sliding to her right—debilitated blonde just trying to avoid any more calamity. Bjorlin leaping and sweeping—missing a good deal, concussing punches against Nat’s shoulders, but hounding blonde along the apron—Henny slides into neutral corner, firms up, launches counter-attack. Trade in right hands—both girls leaning in close—HENNY’S BACK LEG BUCKLES. Awkward moment as Nadia nearly stumbles over Henstridge as Nat crumbles to a knee—then Bjorlin’s skipping happily away as reeling Henny takes another 8. Disastrous opener for Natasha—she creaks back into port for the break, immediately queried by the ref and her own trainer: “’m okay,” Nat mumbles, clearly not OK.


R2: Nat wobbly up off her stool, trying to bounce some life into nerveless legs—blonde ears still ringing from Nadia’s first round hammer-blasts. Bjorlin bopping forward, eyes like saucers—she’s got hurt prey in front of her and it’s filling her ingenue heart with KO glee. WILD power punches from Nadia as she crouches and weaves forward—swinging murderous lefts off her tright-foot-forward, clobbering rights off her left-foot-forward. Henstridge staggering backward. Bouncing/skidding off ropes, loping to her right, mouth open. Bjorlin just a SURGING brown-bodied bundle of energy—leaning into reckless swings, bending low on follow-through: Henny trying to time the openings, but she’s just too damn hurt! RIGHT HAND NADIA BJORLIN! Naddy lands another crashing right on the jaw, jerking Nat a quarter turn, buckling blonde and sending her babystepping sideways. Bjorlin hopping forward with a rising hook, catching Nat in the chest and coaxing her awkwardly to ropes, then PLOWING forward with a blockbuster right FLUSH on the face, Nat soaking sock—head and shoulders rocked over top rope as her hands drop—she bounces lifeless off the ropes, hits canvas face first and this one’s OVER! Good lord—rampaging KO2 Nadia Bjorlin!


After: Nat fast asleep—right cheek moist on canvas, lips parted, lying at Nadia’s feet as Bjorlin celebrates. Naddy a little insensitive—jumping up and down near Henstridge’s head—brunette all jiggly and excited as she converts curves into force with brutal efficiency tonight. Nadia finally bundled away by her corner—Bjorlin rapidly earning a rep as a big win/lose big type crowd pleaser as she annihilates a tough blonde customer in EXPLOSIVE fashion tonight.


Reposted by Archer 7/12/13

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