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6 Octiber 2006 Kaley Cuoco vs Ashley Scott

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Posted by Simguy on 10/6/2006, 6:54 am.


Before: Chilly prefight—Ashley’s got Krista Allen, Ali Landry and Alan De La Garza in tow—lots of baleful stares Kaley’s ways as Team Scott 100% focused in bringing down a key BSE vixen. “I plan to hurt Kaley,” Ashley says without a trace of emotion. “Whether I stop her, or she quits, or whatever—I don’t care: all I know is if she’s hurt, she can’t do her thing. So I’m going to hurt her, I’m going to work her body and I’m going to push her around Cuoco’s got the same better-than-thou attitude Jenny and Charisma have and quite frankly, a lot of us ae sick of it. Kaley’s got a dose of humility coming her way—a badly needed dose!” Cuoco mock-frowning at Allen and De La Garza, grinning at their smoldering seriousness. “Jeez you guys need to lighten up!” Cuoco taunts, all tanned and shiny on the dais. “Look, I’ll admit, I’m loving al the attention, but I’m not sure Krista and Alana can help you prepare for me. What’re gonna do—learn to get dominated, then quit like a little bytch? Hell, you’re gonna learn that all on your own—coulda saved some money!” Cuoco in TIGHT teal scoop-front crop top over a white bra, with baby-doll sleeves; brown low-ride boy cut stretch shirts; white boxing slippers (n socks). Ashley in hot pink lace push up from “Walking Tall”; black low-rise boy cut stretch-shorts, white boxing slippers. Small teal work-out mitts (with a jumping blue Marlin logo atop the wrists) Kaley; small black wor-out mitts, Ashley.


During R1: Ashley motoring pretty ti her left, hands uo and open, palms out in front of her face--she spits jabs (closing left hand to fist only when she throws) while right hand remains open near her cheek. Cuoco weaving side to side, right fist under her chin, left across her gut—she looks to step in low, rise up into short-torquing hooks—but isn’t finding the range early  against Scott’s lithe movement. Scott warned for jabbing with an open glove, backhanding it; Scott warned for bringing back her right elbow high after the cross (deliberately trying to nick Kaley upon retracting).  Spirited, high-class, limber boxing covering every inch of canvas—Scott controlling the minutes, dictating flow, but both girls too elusive tri vbe caught clean, Until late…

Final minute, Ashley feints Kaley int stooping forward earmuff, then steps in to gallop lashing, curling rights and lefts to golden brown midriff—succulent, long-limbed lankiness in these lapping body shots, Kaley grunting, frowning hurt: Scott edges in close, using small left mitt to grab the shoulder of Kaley’s teal top/bra strap beneath. Tugging Kaley-to—Ashley lashes right hand thick to paunch and trunks—always keeping herself cheek-to-cheek as she pulls and turns Kaley to obscure ref’s view, Poor Kaley! Cuoco all cramped over—now she’s getting clipped righty on the chin! Tugged, turned0-Kaley;s shoved to ropes head a-bobble, eyelashes fluttering: Scott’s eyes narrowed, lips snarling as she steadies Kaley with the left-hand clutch, anchoring Cuoco for DRIFTING rights to the mouth. KALEY IN STUPOR! Mitts together uselessly at her chest—poor Cuoco staring into punches, getting her head punched back over the top rope, then top-tugged groggily back into position. Ashley able to lean into several cold-blooded clouts until ref breaks it up, warning Scott for holding and hitting. Cuoco cut in the mouth, dazed, frowning as trunk-punishment leeches into her legs. Bell: Scott frosty as she looks Cuoco over, sizing up the hurt.


R2: Kaley shakes it all off, comes out narrow-eyed and hard-hearted herself this round. Scott looking to consolidate in Kaley’s midsection but gets outworked as Cuoco leans in, hustles rapid-fire hup-hup lefts and rights into Ashley’s breadbasket to back t’other blonde up. Ringing hook catches Scotty’s chin as she retreats—she hits ropes wide-eyed, barely able to crouch forward and dig in before Cuoco’s stirring assault, Kaley bullying the bully—forehead on Scott’s left shoulder—shoulders rotating, arms pumping underneath—Ashley grimacing as her tummy takes quite the bumping, prompting a breathless tie-up behind Cuoco’s elbows. Struggling clinch sees Scott squirt a sleek left thigh up in between Cuoco’s legs—Kaley shouting out in pain, writhing in the grasp: ref immediately breaks ‘em up and reads Ashley the riot act as Cuoco’s given a moment to recover, Resume--Kaley crimson-cheeked with fury—she unleashes a whirlwind barrage of lefts and rights at the ropes, savaging poor Ashley along the apron, Withering beatdown—Kaley’s fists tic-tac toeing up and down Scotty’s svelte chassis as Ash covers her face, tilts, droops and rolls while sliding sadly to her right, It’s all too much—relentless, torrential punching accumulates, driving Scotty breathless to hands and knees—Kaley SETHING, pushed back by ref as Ashley rallies frazzled nerves. Swaying 8, Scott: ON COMES KALEY! Flashy combination punching starts in Ashley’s tummy—robust, drumming lefts and rights cramping Ash forward: she’s screaming into her open mitts as she sits into the ropes., Cuoco teeth-bared, lavishing Ashley’s bared back with swabbing lefts and rights, responding to barked warnings from the ref by altering trajectory and talking Scott thick above either hip instead. Vicious, vicious stuff to the body—Kaley getting close sinking shits in behind Scotty’s protective elbows—finally succeeds in bringing Ashley’s hands down as Scotty straightens, lays back against ropes and looks to trade, Big mistake—Ashley hurt, waving back punches from her heels: Kaley weaving tightly in front of her prey, slips a right hand, comes back that tidy, torqueing hook—tucking her shoulder in tight behind it as she shifts weight to right (back) foot: ASHLEY GOES DOWN! Big head swivel—Scott all loose, hands dropping to her waist as she slumps into ropes, then slides to an awkward seat on her haunches, Cuoco again pushed back—chest heaving, eyes flashing—she SO wants to pile it on! Bell saves Ashley Scott from further abuse, sending her rickety to her stool for repairs.


R3: Scott shows resilience, coming out with her open-hand, nimble boxing look—tap=stepping left while spitting out that frisky jab. Sliding right cross off the stick catches Kaley on her mouth—Scott back underneath all rangy and fluid, snapping a whip-limbed hook off taut Kaley-gut. Cuoco grunting, dukes at temples as she stoops forward: Ashley accepts the invite, weight on front (left) foot as she hooks those trunks, hooks those trunks, then steps easily. Smoothly to the right with a meanspirited smile as Kaley’s all cramped up. Long, almost slithering one-twos up top knock at Cuoco’s drowsy, pain-crimped face---then the pay off, snatching hook underneath, small mitt bouncing off firm tummy PIK! PIK! Ashley with a pretty way of touching at Kaley in between punches—the fingertips of the left hand brushing, or the heel of the hand palming—often followed by sinuous, slicing right crosses to the face. Kaley turning, breaking down—body blows aren’t doing her any good, face lumping up, and very so often, Ashley rotates to get ref out of position and helps herself to Kaley’s trunks via the hook. Cuoco in open-mouthed stupor underneath, digging up tanned waistline at the bell, As they pass to respective corners—Ashley trails her left hand lasciviously across Kaley’s writhing belly: a cruel caress of ownership through 3.


R4: Ashley upright, lithe hands open as she dances, feints, rotates, spits o9ut that crisp, rangy jab. Cuoco’s reactions slowed, face getting tracked by stick—she’s late on receipts, cringing as she throws die to all that good (and evil) work Ashley’s done downstairs. Scott circling—one-twos up top, whip-snatch hooks underneath: KALEY’S GETTING RIPPED. Minute mark, Cuoco starting to reel: Ashley’s left hand takes an overhand grip of Kaley’s top between her jugs, tugging Cuoco into a crisp, short right hand PAK! on the mouth. Twist-turn, Kaley stumbling as Ashley pulls and spins: top-tug sets up a stuffing right hand to belly, then another as Kaley pitches forward, spitting out her mouthpiece. Tug-o’-the-top, Ashley spins Kaley again, drifts her a clouting right across the face, tossing pretty blonde head loose on limp neck: Cuoco’s unraveling.  Tug-to: right hand stuffs deep to paunch—Kaley pitches forward with a throttled groan. Tug-and-turn—Kaley’s shoved to the ropes, eyelashes fluttering—Ashley still has that illegal fist-full of top and she’s LOVING it on poor Kaley. Right hand across the face—smooth, supple from the shoulder—Scotty leaning in, driving Kaley’s head back, then casually resetting as Cuoco lolls back into position. Just a sick, back-alley beating—one blonde stacking another up at the ropes and face-punching her stupid—crowd screaming for ref to do something, but he’s just standing there, shouting at Ashley to let go on Kaley’s top.


Right hand. Kaley’s head flops over the top rope, slops back forward, chin onto her chest as Ashley’s stabilizing left keeps Cuoco propped up.


Right hand. Ashley letting Kaley ragdoll back into position—Scott’s eyes dancing and mean. Scott even tapping Kaley lightly under the chin with the tip or her right hand fingers before laying in the next wallop.


Right hand. For the love of God, ref: do something.


Kaley’s curvy, tanned legs quivering, but holding her up. That and Ashley’s hard work to keep Cuoco propped up and taking to prevent a knockdown.

And FINALLY the ref steps in, cuddling Kaley to safety. Scott strutting the ring, hands high, big smile—she’s mobbed by De La Garza and Allen—the three if them hugging and hopping ostentatiously midring. TKO4 in brutal fashion, Ashley Scott.


After: Cuoco badly beaten, gently coaxed to her stool and examined, cold, bleak looks from Carpenter, Portman, O’Dell et al as Scott’s celebrations careen wildly over the top. “It’s a glorious day, not just for me,” happy Ashley explains in postfight, “but for all boxing. Kaley needed that beating—I can’t tell you how much. I can tyell you this: fighters the country over ae toasting my victory and there’s more where that came from. I look at the snootiest girls in boxing, and they are all BSE or HMK for the most part—girls need to be taken down a peg.” FCBA Standard and Practices oil-amused, citing Ashley’s top-tugging and trunk-punching among other infractions in this bout. “We’re disappointed in Ashley Scotty,” flunky from the commissioner’s office reads from prepared script in press conference says later. “She’s a wonderful fighter and a talented athlete, and she most definitely does not need to employ the kind of tactics she chose to use against Kaley Cuoco.”


Reposted by Archer 7/13/13.

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