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6 March 2000 Tia Carrere vs Christie Brinkley

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Thanks to FightFan for this repost)

Posted by Simguy on Monday, 06-Mar-2000 08:23:31

Before: Good match up - Brinkley bigger, but Tia a good, hard hitting stylist who can blunt a big woman's natural advantages. Carrere to be commended for even giving Christie a look - the sort of high risk, low reward fight that many A list stars would pass on. Tia in slick ponytail,
black sports bra, red adidas terrycloth trunks, Christie in slick ponytail, yellow sports bra, navy speedos.

During: R1 Tia not exactly known for flitting around the ring, but even flat footed, she uses a subtle step to the left, pounding the jab, to control Christie in a close first. Brinkley cutting off the ring, wants to body up, but is forced to fence outside with her own jab, and in the final minute, Carrere lights her blonde up, falling in with a slinging right off the face that puts Christie ropeside. Digging flurry to the gut has Brinkley holding on at the bell.

R2 Tia once again showing slick ring generalship as Brinkley doesn't press the pace. Both girls stepping in with the jab or hook, each doing a good job of blocking with
gloves or shoulders. Tia edges Christie again, doing just enough to keep the big blonde moving her feet and uncomfortable.

R3 Christie finally gets on top of Tia, cheek tight against Tia's temple, and the big blonde walks her brunette to the ropes. All Christie as she leans on Tia, tieing the brunette up, then slugging a short right hand to the belly, or a clouting left to the ear in ponderous action. Tia sitting on the ropes, content to bob, clinch, makes Christie miss as often as not, but doesn't make her pay inside.

R4 Tia slipping the jab and coming out of her crouch with spanking left hook counters, landing the same punch repeatedly and by the midway point, Christie's a little wobbly. Tia doesn't press the advantage, staying outside, jabbing to Christie's midriff, walking to the left and pocketing safe points.

R5,6,7 Good hard nosed, competitive action, but Tia separates herself from Christie as close scoring goes Carrere's way each round. Tia on the outside judges distance well, jabbing at the right time to take the punch away from the taller girl. On the inside, Tia is loose and relaxed, huddling forward with her arms across her body, blocking Christie's heavy shots on her forearms or biceps, then responding with churning little lefts and rights to the blonde's body - James Toney style. Brinkely working hard, but often beaten to the punch or pushed off balance, finds herself restarting too often to get any momentum.

R8 Tia working off her jab, falls in behind one of those sneaky right hand bombs off the face, following through with a deep bend at the waist to give Christie nothing to hit. Brinkley soaking up the bomb, staggers back with a blank expression, and Tia climbs on board, putting her shoulder into the big woman and twisting her hips into ripping rights to the midsection. Brinkley groaning, looks to be on the verge of going down, but takes it like a woman to the bell.

R9 Brinkley going for broke, spears a lead right hand over top Tia's lazy jab, and the brunette goes wobbly butt for the first time in the fight. Christie bodying up, but not as busy as she should be, fumbling and wrestling with a hurt Tia rather than punching. Carrere doing the Houdini, manages to stay close to Christie, smothering the blonde, and getting her legs back as Brinkley complains about holding.

R10 Tia shuffling to her left, slapping out the jab, but midway through the round the fresher Brinkley scoops at Carrere's gut with risky one-twos, daring Tia to counter up top, but forcing the brunette to the ropes. Tia knows she has it in the bag, goes defensive, right hand at her cheek, left across her gut, bending and rolling her torso to slip blonde leather, but in the final minute, a crashing right hand from Brinkley catches Tia square on the jaw. Carrere reeling, now wide eyed and staring as her thighs tremble - Brinkley pressing her girl into the ropes, then pulling out to reef right uppercuts to the sternum AND TIA GOES DOWN!! Carrere on her knees, looking like a new born colt, climbs the ropes and barely beats the count. Final seconds, Christie comes on like a freight train, missing over the top with right hands as Tia slips desperately under, but catching the brunette with the come-back left hooks to spill Tia all along the ropes. Bell sounds to end the blonde come-back, and it's not enough. A battered and puffy Tia Carrere gets the nod on the cards, and acknowledges Christie with a hug after the decision.

After: Tia time almost ran out as Brinkley poured it on late. Christie understandably upset with the decision asks the interviewer "Who would you rather be - Me or her?" Nevertheless, Carrere doing a great job of containment, boxed very effectively for 8 rounds before giving up the triple.

Sim Guy

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