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7 November 1999 Paula Marshall vs Katie Holmes

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Paula Marshall.jpgKatie Holmes 05.jpg


Thanks to FightFan for this repost.


Posted bv Simguy. Sunday, 07-Nov-1999 16: 13:51

Before: Marshall staying busy, picks the fit and able Holmes for what should be a routine tune up. Holmes adequate if unremarkable at this stage of her career, just happy to participate in such a worthwhile event. Holmes in yellow string
bikini top, black stretch pants to the knee. Paula in red Adidas terrycloth trunks, black sportsbra.

During: Paula wasting no time, jumps on Holmes and rips uppercutting lefts to the body. Holmes stunned by the ferocity, covers up and takes as Marshall has her way. Desperate, Holmes reaches to clinch, but Marshall won't have it, ducking under the arms, stepping to the right, and straightening up to crack Holmes in the mouth with the snapping hook from an oblique angle. Katie badly hurt, stumbles away, and Paula chases her to the ropes with straight right hands. Holmes off the ropes with a dazed expression, and Marshall bends into the go home right hand, kissing the punch down across Katie's lips and chin with a sickening pop. Holmes goes down, and won't be getting up any time soon. Devastating KO1
Paula Marshall.

After: Another veteran mauling of willing, but unable youthful opposition. Paula's vicious body attack left Holmes helpless and exposed to the early stoppage opportunity. Katie a better fighter than this, but Paula not about to let her show it on her watch.

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