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20 Ferbruary 2000 Demi Moore vs Jennifer Lopez

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Thanks to FightFan for this repost.


Posted by Simguy. Sunday, 20-Feb-2000 13:44:38

Madison Square Garden - both girls huge draws in the New York area, each with a wildly differing fan base cutting across the usual socio-economic cleavages. Fight widely considered to be an eliminator with the winner getting a lucrative shot at Charlize Theron - both girls having given the champ problems in the past. Demi in spaghetti strap black sportstop, red adidas terrycloth trunks, Jennifer in lime green sports bra, royal blue speedos.

During R1: All Lopez as the latina cuts off the ring, uses a short, banging jab to get inside, then fights off Demi's chest for 3 long minutes. Lopez grinning, rubbing her head hard across Demi's face, while snapping her fists down across Moore's midsection. Demi a good inside fighter in her own right, but she can't get her butt off the ropes, and she's being bulled onto her heels, exposing her midriff to punishment in a shutout round for Lopez.

R2 Demi out a little quicker on her toes, times Jen coming in with a stiff left jab, then falls away to the left to slip Lopez counter right. Jen storming forward, walks into the left repeatedly, and Moore in a nice pre-emptive rhythm, beating Lopez to the punch, falling off to the side, then walking Jen into more heat. Lopez looking a little flustered, taking hard shots, and starting to go wobbly butt by the midway point. Moore retreating in good order, picks Jen up with a compact hook, turning her shoulder into the short blow, dipping down to make Jen miss, then putting a shoulder into Lopez waist to push her back a step. Nice boxing from Demi as lopez can't get inside this round, and the Latina's pretty face looks a little puffy courtesy Moore's versatile left hand.

R3 Demi fighting smooth, retreating to lure Jen forward, picking her up with the sneaky quick hook, then dipping down to shoulder butt and turn Lopez so the latina can't get set. Moore getting off first and last, flashing those famous combinations as Jen's face goes shiny, pouty with frustration. Moore jabbing Lopez to the ropes in the final minute, spanks a hard one-two to the body to crumple Jen up at the bell.

R4 Demi continues to pick Jen up nice with that curling left hook, and Lopez is struggling to maintain her form. Jen coming forward, Demi pawing at her lips with the jab, then as the girls fall in, Moore clips Jen's chin with a short right uppercut. Jen hurt, staggers straight back with a hurting expression, Demi hopping with her to the ropes. Savage double left hand to the liver buckles Lopez knees, and Moore opens up, chopping the right onto Jen's swollen cheek, turning her hips into the left to the waist and LOPEZ GOES DOWN! Jen on all fours, spits out her mouth piece and will not continue - big KO4 Demi Moore.

After: Biggest win for Demi in over a year of frustrating false starts. Lopez unable to take Demi's legs out of the fight, and Moore just dismantled a very good banger with power boxing. As expected, rejuvenated brunette calls out Charlize, but pundits wonder if Moore has what it takes to do a hard dime with the champ at this point.

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