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26 August 2000 Anna Kournikova vs Anke Huber

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Thanks to FightFan for this repost


The Kournikova Files

Posted by Singuy Saturday, 26-Aug-2000 12:35:10

Before: July 10/2000 - Kournikova cautiously taking on live bodies - Huber a big departure from 40 something ex jocks - a tall, well built, attractive blonde - something Anna has traditionally avoided. Anna more athletic, cuter offensively, but make no mistake - Huber can pound baseline with the best of them. Fought after a traditional tennis match goes to Anna at the Acutel Classic in Paris - court is cleared for a ring to be set up. Anna doffing her clingy tennis shift to fight in black spandex shorts, Kournikova sports bra, ponytail - Anke in white
adidas sports bra and sprinters trunks, red stripe up the side.

During: Anna out with hands at her side, playfully swatting loose left jabs from her hip, costs her early as Anke times her, pumps a short right hand from her eyebrow to Anna's chin and KOURNAKOVA GOES DOWN! Anna shaky after 8, still dancing, but mis-stepping as Huber walks her down. Anke with the high guard, cutting off the ring, nailing Anna with no nonsense straight punches and snapping her fists back to the ready position after bouncing Kournikova's shiny face around. Plenty of clowning, loosey goose antics from Anna can't disguise she's hurt, and shutout in the first.

R2: Anna still with the high risk style, hands at her hips, leaning in with her chin exposed - Huber still nailing the available target with precise, chopping single shots. Midway through the round, Anna wows the crowd with a running right hand that stuns Huber - Kournikova immediately reversing direction to bounce right, drawing a clapping left across Anke's mouth - Huber stepping in fence post holes as Anna embarasses her with smooth run and gun.

R3,4,5: Best of
Anna Kournikova as she posts 3 consecutive shutout rounds and completely dismantles a frustrated Anke Huber in these rounds. Huber maintaining her defense, but she's getting undressed by the Russian's deft footwork - Anna opening up angles as she sticks close to the German, jerking uppercuts or swatting quick hooks from her hips and constantly shifting left or right to avoid the receipt. Beautiful offensive boxing from Anna belies the risky posture and available chin - but Huber just can't pull the trigger.

R6: Anna touching her girl with a rangefinding jab, then slapping a hook and driving in off her back foot with pounding short right hands as she starts to break Anke down. Huber purely defensive now, clearly rattled and unable to make adjustments. Final minute sees Anna bewildering her foe, getting off with loose limbed swatting hooks or backhand jabs, then getting her body behind drilling right hands - all leg and shoulder, no backswing. Huber out on her feet, staggers to the ropes and gets spanked a hard right hand as she backs straight up - dropping to her backside at the bell. Battered German can't continue - ungracious Russian all smiles as she prances the ring to accept the cheers of the faithful. KO6
Anna Kournikova - joyfully beating Anke on the court, then trouncing her in the ring.

After: Kournikova coy in post fight, claiming she wants Hingis, but announcing no plans to face her in the near future. Huber a muscular target, too stiff and methodical to cope with Anna's whip action punching and awkward angles - still it's Anna's most credible victory since shocking
Kiana Tom. Kournikova's fitness and strength also improving every time out - this isn't the gawky sixteen year old who often slugged herself off balance with overpowered swings - she got to Huber's granite jaw and took her out with sleek finality.

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