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11 June 2000 Fabiana Udenio vs Teri Hatcher

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Fabiana Udenio.jpg Teri Hatcher 04.jpg




Posted by Simguy on 11-June-2000 14:52:30


Before: Udenio best known Stateside for classic brawls with Pam Anderson during shooting of Fabiana’s guest spot on “Baywatch”, fights in which Fabiana got the better of the blonde and made her name as a reckless though fragile slugger. Hatcher with a similar rep for not being able to take what she dishes out, still the classier stylist oin this fight, and probably owns the harder single punch with that right cross. Lanky bodies, disproportionate jugs, someone’s going down—what’s not to like? Fab in push up bikini, blue and pink pastel, Hatcher in red jockey 2 piece.


R1: Udenio lives up to her billing, sweeping awkward bent arm hooks and leaning into slapping overhand rights which keep Hatcher in retreat. Teri trying to walk Fabiana onto something, but can’t find a rhythm, catches in her face as she steps calmly back, right hand at her cheek, left hand low.


R2: Teri’s had her look—Udenio still windmilling punches, but missing more frequently as Hatcher disarms her with nifty in and out stepping. Hatcher lifting that left off her hip, stuffs the jab into Fabiana’s buxom chest and ducks in behind slinging right hands that bounce shamelessly off the Italian vixen’s face. Fab coming forward, but she’s paying the price as Teri’s right hand finds the range—Udenio looking glossy at the bell as she weaves slightly en route to her corner.


R3: Udenio a little desperate, tackling Teri to the ropes, and In the first minute of the round is little more than chesty bump and grind as the girls writhe in one another’s arms. Girls tumbling from corner to corner in ugly clinching and shoving--Hatcher finally extricates herself and by the midway point is pitching in that leaning right hand, stunning Fabiana with the strikes, making her take little steps to regain her balance, Hatcher has her girl hurt and begins lashing the left across Udenio’s breasts., then diving in with the slinging right as the Italian falls apart. Teri setting her feet wide and turning her hips into the blows gets excellent spanking head movement on Fabiana as she pounds the lanky exotic stupid with a series of crushing rights on the face. Palming up with the left on Fabiana’s shoulder, Teri finishes in brutal fashion, leaning into another crashing right hand which outs Udenio violently out—Fabiana soaks up the KOI with a tremor through her body then pitches forward as her legs spasm straight back beneath her. KO3 Teri Hatcher.

After: Good performance for Teri who stayed calm, walked her girl into power and got Fabiana out with the most destructive KO for Hatcher in a while, Teri still a force at 110.


Reposted by Archer 8/24/13.

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