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29 July 2013 Hayden Panettiere vs Ashley Tisdale

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on July 29, 2013, 12:13 pm,


Hayden Panettiere versus Ashley Tisdale (JMD)
(Lookout! Words; Sim results)

Before: BLONDE! Magazine calling this one of the premiere bouts of the summer with two of the biggest blonde names in the division facing off in their respective JMD debuts and both fighters are excited to live up to that level of hype. Both girls extremely motivated as Tisdale comes in confident yet determined after beating rival Brenda Song, while Panettiere extremely focused to prove herself after losing the flyweight title to Sarah Shahi.

Tisdale thrilled in prefight interviews: “Hayden and I have always been compared to one another, but it's time to elevate myself over her. Not only do I want a title shot, but I want to make sure people understand that I'm the best thing to ever come out of Disney. No disrespect to any of the other amazing talent out there from the House of Mouse, but I'm going to show them what I'm all about tonight! I like Hayden, but I'm simply naturally better.” as Tisdale arches her back to show off her jugs, following her declaration. Hayden coolly rolling in her eyes in apparent rebuke of Ashley's implication: “Ashley is definitely one of my favorites, but the thing that seems to come natural to Tizzy is for her to try to take advantage of me when they think I'm weakest. I'm sure that comes with the territory of sharing a locker room with girls like Hudgens and Dobrev, but coming after me and my jugs after a loss, especially it being a title loss and trust me, it's bad timing for Ash!” as Hayden emphasizes her statement and assets with a little stretch of her own.

Hayden wearing a red string bikini with golden trim, featuring a golden FF logo across the hip of the bikini bottoms with hair in a battle bun – small red gloves; Tisdale wearing a pink bikini with golden trim, with a little LO! logo featured near her hip and hair in a fighting ponytail – small pink gloves. Little red and pink flags seen prominently in the crowd being waved by supporters of both fighters as both Hayden and Ashley chest up to one another before being pulled apart, before shaking hands ane exchanging smiles between the two hard-working competitors.

R1: It's an aggressive start for the two as both flyweight fighters come out fierce, mitts whirling and gloves crashing forward into taut body, smashing in wildly. Shoulders shoving in for leverage, pivoting around one another in crowd-pleasing hup hup that has both fighters trading punches to one another's tummy, smiting one another across jug and stuffing shots into opposing torso with wild abandon. If the crowd thought things might slow down throughout the round, they were gladly mistaken as both Tisdale and Panettiere snarled and swung at one another – both blondes trying to bully the other across the ring. The volume and intensity of the punches thrown in this tremendous two way exchange throughout the first has both girls trembling with rage and perhaps a little bit of exhaustion. This makes it a little easier for the ref to pull the two of them apart as they storm off to separate corners, breathing in deep as they await the verdict which scores the first round for Tisdale, close.

R2: Both girls charge out, looking to pick up right where they left off, girls sending their gloves in a whirlwind of pink and red spanking into trim torsos and clouting off of opposing blonde face. Girls stepping into one another with determination, sliding with their legs as they try to maneuver around, tucking in tight shots towards rival breadbasket, panting out a bit as things settle down a bit. Hayden backing down a bit, but in an attempt to settle things down a bit as she steps into a hard right jab that shoots out towards her foe's face, trying to force Ashley into blonde retreat, licking in with the left hook to crash across Ashley's cleavage. But, Tisdale coming forward behind some small-gloved power punching of her own, compact uppercuts thudding into torso and clouting hooks that retaliate across Hayden's rack. It's a focused effort from both fighters, always moving around the ring, careful not to get trapped against the ropes as they slow down a bit from their relentless and fierce trade. But, it's no less aggressive as they keep bodying up towards one another in another extremely close round, but in the final minute, it's Ashley backing Hayden up to put her butt-in-ropes at the end of the round with Tisdale on top. Ref has to pull Ashley off as she keeps scooping up at Panettiere's tummy and tits for an extra moment, but Tisdale stomps over to her corner, eyes aglow. This leaves Hayden to recover after another crazy round, but goes to Tisdale again close.

R3: It's an impressive comeback round for Hayden as she pours through Tisdale's defenses from the start of the round, sending her strong mitts whacking into Ashley's ribcage. Panettiere pelts at Tisdale's torso with quick left-right combos, digging into opposing taut abs to send her backpedaling towards the ropes. Panettiere in quick pursuit as she absorbs the lathering pressure, just trying to cover up for a moment as she is battered across the ring by a determined barrage from a focused Hayden. Tisdale holding up well despite being trapped along the ropes as Panettiere keeps bobbing forward, spitting out jabs towards Ashley. Tisdale fighting off of the ropes, still keeping her gloves up and stuffing shots into Panettiere's body when the opportunities present themselves, but that happens less than she would like. Down the stretch, Tisdale is smothered against the ropes by Panettiere, just finding her body and breasts the target of an unrelenting assault by Hayden. Hayden hammering away, but Tisdale's firm legs and pride holding her up as she is too determined to go out, even as she appears to be on the verge of it. Tisdale slumping into the ropes as she forms a tight earmuff, blinking in pain as Panettiere keeps up the pressure until the bell and a little after, the ref pulling the blonde battler off of her foe to pull the two of them apart once again. A big round for Panettiere as she rights the ship against Tisdale, as Tisdale heads to her corner to try to regroup.

R4: Ashley displaying a lot of pluck as she digs in against Hayden aggression this round, competing hard as the volume and speed of the trade picks up the pace once again, once again shoulders bumping against one another in order to get off for hard shots, mitts digging in to body as they swap punches across opposing jugs and tummy. Tisdale slamming in to Panettiere's torso, digging in with compact uppercuts towards Hayden's abs and finding some success overhead as she snaps some clouting right hands that catch Panettiere across her face, dazing the proud blonde. In response, Panettiere whirls her fists in swift left and right combos that that try to smack in aggressively up the middle, just flicking out leather that crosses across Tisdale's cleavage and cheek, sending Ashley staggering back towards the ropes. Down the stretch, it's another close round between the two, with leather smacking audibly into toned bods in a determined exchange, but Hayden outworks Tisdale to push her back against the ropes to take the round and a healthy dose of confidence into the next round as she ties things up. Both Ashley and Hayden staring at one another as the ref guides them towards their corners.

R5: Both girls moving quickly to reestablish ring dominance with furious two way punching, mitts scrubbing across opposing rack and lowering their bodies, arms pumping back and forth as they establish a blistering pace early on. Meeting in the middle of the ring as they bump and shove against one another with small-gloves tattooing and thumping against rival abs, with Tisdale clouting right hands across jug and stuffing in shots to tummy. Panettiere punching wildly, arms flying through the air as she smacks in her mitts towards jug and face, lashing at her opponent as neither of them backs down. Circling with one another in the phone both, constantly shifting positions as they pivot towards the ropes, trading positions on top as well as repeatedly exchanging left and right hands that smack into one another's body, crashing leather across torso and hammering across rack through, flattening each other's breasts with determined hooks and jabs. Jabbing at one another as they battle along the ropes, stumbling and shoving, with both blondes seeming to gain a second wind as the round continues. It's aggressive flyweight fighting at its best as things enter the final minute, continuing to whack away at each other, with things heading down to the bell when Panettiere seemingly paralyzes Tisdale with a solid shot to her ribcage as she goes wobbly-butt for a moment. Hayden quickly follows up by smiting her across her jugs with a quick left and then a right hook that smacks across her face to send her crashing to the floor with a thud. Tisdale can't manage to get up after that stunning combination as the bell rings almost cruelly to announce the end of the round and unfortunately, the end of the match while Hayden is awarded the match via KO5!

After: Ashley in stunned disbelief as the close and competitive match between the two ends in shocking fashion, sitting up on her rear to look across at a jubilant Hayden, who holds up her gloves in the air as she is congratulated by several Foxfire fighters such as Danielle Fishel and Clare Bowen, confidently standing in the ring, showing off a bit. On the other end, Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens try to call out encourage to a dazed Tisdale, though it's unclear if she is paying attention to it as Hayden removes her gloves. The crowd chanting “J-M-D” loudly and Panettiere clearly has no intention of disappointing the crowd as she beams with excitement, sauntering over to a dispirited Tisdale who is trying to pull herself up along the ropes. As she does so, Panettiere sinks her fingers into Ashley's blonde ponytail, yanking her forward to guide her face into Hayden's waiting cleavage. Ashley crying out as she reaches out to wrap her arms around Hayden's waist, bouncing forward off of the ropes with her thighs pumping forward to try to tackle Panettiere to the sand.

Hayden caught a little by surprise as she sprawls to her back in the sand, but keeping her right buried into Ashley's blonde ponytail, giving it a savage yank to let her know she isn't releasing her grip and using her left to wrap her arm around Tisdale's head. It's not an air-tight seal quite yet, but Hayden having learned some lessons in JMD smothering from Fishel and others on her stable roster, easing Tisdale down into position. Ashley's cries muffled slightly as she brings her hands up, prying and trying to wedge in between to allow herself some room to breathe while she pants into the swells of Panettiere's cleavage. Panettiere keeps on the headlock as Ashley tries to peel her body upwards and push free, but Hayden secures both arms around Tisdale's head now to pull her face forward into her jugs even further. Panettiere pressesone leg against the sand as she rotates her body, twisting her hips to try to maneuvering Tisdale to her back although Ashley provides stiff resistance.

Ashley keeping one arm pressed in between the grip, trying to twist her head free and the other pushing at Hayden's shoulders, occasionally tugging at her hair or shoving at tummy to try to keep from being pushed to her back. Hayden eventually proves a little blonde bully, forcing Ashley onto her back, although Tisdale doesn't stay there for long. Bridging up and wrapping both arms around Panettiere's waist, she topples her to the side although Panettiere doesn't relinquish her snug grip around Tisdale's head. Folding her face down into jug as Tisdale continues to struggle, showing that blonde determination that serves her so well, but Hayden is just as determined to outlast Ashley here in this struggle as well. Ashley's struggles slowing down as she can't breathe, face red in Hayden's orbs as they scrub back and forth. Getting on top again as Hayden keeps tightening up her brawny forearms around her opponent's head, Tisdale's face turning an even deeper shade of scarlet as her arms fall to the beach floor and she finds herself being smothered out on her back. Hayden just keeps grinding down with her tummy and tits, trapping Tisdale underneath her until she feels satisfied. Relinquishing her jug-to-face seal as she gazes down at a sweaty-faced and glassy-eyed Tisdale, she grins and sits up to straddle Tisdale as she adjusts her top to pull it snug across her victorious cleavage. Then with a patronizing little pat to Tisdale's cheek, she fixes both her blonde rival underneath her and Vanessa Hudgens with a cool glare, then stands up to strut away, feeling as if she made her point in her JMD debut in a thrilling match-up that should have BLONDE! Magazine readers, not to mention FCBA fans, very happy!

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