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29 July 2013 Elisha Cuthbert vs Minka Kelly

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on July 29, 2013, 12:18 pm


Elisha Cuthbert versus Minka Kelly (JMD)
(Lookout! Words; Sim results)

Before: Prefight is, as expected, extremely contentious between the two of them with plenty of shoving, slapping and top tugging with two of the unlikeliest stablemates in the league are unable to achieve any level of harmony, just glaring and fuming at one another as they cannot stand one another for an instant.

Elisha just coming in smug and confident leading into the match: “This is a mistake by Minka, which certainly won't be the last one she makes. This is my territory and we've all seen how overrated she is when it comes to taking on busty blondes such as myself.”, taking this opportunity to highlight her cleavage, I'm going to pick her apart and by the time we're done, I'm going to expose her as the soft little quitter she is!” Minka furious at Lishy's assessment, hissing: “Lishy has clearly forgotten that I'm the cutest of the tuff and tuffest of the cute, so I am going to remind her of that tonight! Elisha doesn't have territory anymore – I am going to keep stepping in anywhere she feels confident and then I'm going to be in charge! That's what's been happening since I started at Lookout! and it's only going to continue tonight!”

Minka in an electric blue bikini with matching gloves and hair in a fighting ponytail; Elisha in a bright yellow bikini with matching gloves and hair loose around her face. More squeals and slapping ensue before referee guides them apart as girls refuse to touch gloves or even look at each other.

R1: Minka is, by nature, a pretty organized fighter but that doesn't last very long in a JMD contest as she is forced to prove she can be savage too in the bitter two way slugfest that follows. Elisha wading in, brawling and banging against Minka with aggressive slugging that pounds against Kelly's tummy, touching up her tits and doubling over under the initial assault. But, Minka firming up as the round progresses, standing her ground and not letting herself getting bullied by the blonde back to the ropes. Minka's eyes narrow and teeth bared as she plants off of her leg and keeps firing out with right hands, which are both powerful and accurate. Minka putting a stop to the blonde blitz as she keeps spanking at Elisha's tummy and cleavage, clouting her across her cheek to bully her backwards instead. Neither fighter backing down, but Minka pulls it out late to prove her own ferocity in the ring as both girls are pulled apart as Minka is on top to finish the round, much to Cuthbert's displeasure.

R2: Both Minka and Elisha engage in a rousing trade that the crowd appreciates, both girls feeding each other a steady diet of punches up the middle, trying to punish the other's tummy as they double over a bit, but keep tugging and whacking away to torso. Slugging at opposing ribcage as both girls hold firm initially, absorbing the attacks, blonde and brunette backside jiggling as their mitts fly wildly, shoving at one another. Neither of them able to get an advantage through the first two minutes, but as they enter the third, Minka unleashes a torrent of rights and lefts to go after blonde rack. Clouting shots slam into her rival's jugs repeatedly as Elisha tries to respond in kind, but finds herself outworked down the stretch and bodied backwards close to the ropes. Using her sturdy thighs to prevent herself from getting pressed against them and fighting well, but Minka whacking away at Cuthbert's cleavage and torso to take yet another round from Elisha.

R3: Minka pounces on Elisha from the bell as she is still recovering from that rack-attack the previous round, coming out and adjusting her top while Kelly pounces from the start . Kelly seeks out Elisha's face or jugs with rights and lefts, then finding them with surprising accuracy. Both Elisha's cleavage and cheeks turning a little red, stumbling backwards as she is caught off guard by brunette aggression this round. Cuthbert trying to fight back, catching Minka with a few well placed shots to tummy or breasts, but Minka keeps coming forward off of that right leg. Driving in hard-hitting hooks and spanking left hands that dig into opposing abs to to walk Elisha backwards towards the ropes. Finishing off the round with a flurry of rights and lefts to snap across her cheek, it's a dazed Cuthbert who is groggy and wobbly-butt, sitting in the ropes. It's bell to bell Minka who is banks an insurance right to Cuthbert's cleavage as the ref pulls her off, taking the round wide as Minka was all over Elisha this time.

R4: Elisha comes out extremely motivated to reverse the steady tide of Minka as she keeps out deploying wild haymakers and savage shots stuffing to her tummy. Minka relentless though, continuing to come forward despite the vicious punching by Cuthbert, girls pumping in steady shots along breadbasket and jug. Girls pushing each other against the ropes, clinching, twisting and reversing, each of them taking their turn on top. Unfortunately for Elisha, it's Minka who is spending additional time on top each time they twist along the ropes, with Kelly spanking in along her ribcage and then catching her across her face with a short hook or compact uppercut. Cuthbert still aggressive, driving in rights and lefts towards Minka's underrated tits, battering her breasts but throughout, it's Minka banking in the extra punch. Elisha unable to squirm free or separate herself as it's Kelly who widens her lead, just pounding away at Cuthbert's top as the ref separates them again.

R5, 6: The punishing pace of the JMD style appears to take its toll in the middle rounds here as you can't brawl full out indefinitely. The pace slows down as they both appear to be a little worn out, storming out to mid-ring, but then it's a far cry from the methodical boxing that Minka prefers and seems to favor Elisha, who takes the advantage in the contest. Girls shove in shoulders to try to get a little leverage, gripping each others tops and tugging forward, with the ref warning them both for holding but it's largely ignored as they continue to batter away at one another. Falling in against one another, a little wobbly, but both of them still up and determined to demolish the other as they dig into one another recklessly. Wild haymakers and rough hooks hit as often as they miss, stumbling and shoving, pushing one another to the ropes where Elisha manages to get on top. It's a groggy, but still crowd-pleasing exchange as Elisha manages to eke out an advantage. Getting on top as Minka tries to push her off, slamming in towards blonde belly or breasts, but Elisha making Minka take weight as she keeps punishing Minka's tits, focusing on her right breast as she keeps hammering at her tit with compact hooks and powerful little uppercuts. Muscling her backwards with a hard forearm against her jugs, Minka is frustrated as Cuthbert adopts to the slower pace and more wild tactics as she keeps pulling her brunette rival around by her top, then whacking away at her chest and breadbasket. It's a much more confident Cuthbert as she stars to grind away on Minka's efforts and wrest back control of the match as she leaves a dazed Minka back against the ropes after taking two rounds in a row.

R7: If Cuthbert was on the cusp of taking control of the contest, Minka pulls it back firmly in her grip this round as Kelly appears to find her second wind. Elisha comes out swinging again, eager to shove and slug once more, but Minka's right hand preempts Elisha's attack. Smiting across her jugs or sending her gloves crashing into blonde breadbasket, Cuthbert is forced to give ground. Elisha keeps her guard up, still punching back, but Minka swarms forward and pours it on to Elisha. Cuthbert startled by the dominant display as she finds herself battered back towards the ropes and wilting a bit under the pressure. Kelly bouncing mitts off of Elisha's face and banking shots into blonde torso, sending Cuthbert wobbly-butt. Minka just punishing her to body, then working over her face as she sends her wobbly-butt towards the ropes. Minka snarling, eyes flashing, just slamming in rights and lefts like she wants to finish the match right here, occasionally going to town on jug to distract and embarrass Lishy. But, Cuthbert stubborn and filled with hate, refusing to go down as she sits in ropes, soaking up the punishment as she keeps fighting off of the ropes and suffers. No quit in either of them with the ref still stepping in as they keep going even after the bell, drawing warnings from the ref as Elisha loses an opportunity to get back into the match as Minka takes another round.

R8 Things grow intensely personal and hateful as the round progress, with Elisha still determined to regain control of this match in one fashion or another. Elisha shoving right hands towards brunette tummy, grunting and slugging, whacking away as she doubles Minka over to start off the round. Wrapping arms underneath Minka's as she clinches, bodying her back to ropes as she tries to get on top, but Minka not having it. Pushed back against the ropes, Kelly maneuvers forward as she keeps banging away to body, gloves ripping at her ribcage and crashing into her rival's cleavage as the two of them continue to engage in brutal trade, but Minka is able to gradually impose her will as she keeps pushing her back to the ropes now. Elisha's gains through the first two minutes erased as Minka is dominant now, just going to town on proud blonde jug as she sends her right and left mitts flicking forward, clubbing into her cleavage. Minka makes Elisha take weight this time, pushing off her confidently as Elisha groans in frustration, cradling her chest and staggering to her corner at the bell.

R9: Both girls definitely banged up from the punishment dished out by either fighter so far, but Cuthbert still charging forward. Elisha starts off strong, sweeping rights and lefts across Minka's face, then punching at her tits and tummy to bully her backwards. Elisha getting on top, using her weight and just chopping away at Minka, fighting so hard to take down her rival. Punching mindlessly at midsection and hammering at Minka's orbs, trying to get on top as Minka keeps up her guard. Minka keeps up her offense though even as Cuthbert pounces forward, Kelly's fists seeking out any open shots to Cuthbert's cleavage, torso and face, which unfortunately become more abundant as the round progresses. Elisha fighting hard, but unable to get into any rhythm with Minka continually disrupting her. It's heartbreaking stuff for Lishy as the two of them split the first two moments, but Minka just outworking her down the stretch and closing stronger to take yet ANOTHER round. Minka pounding on Elisha's proud mounds as the ref pulls her off,

R10: Elisha emerges from her corner exhausted and groggy as Minka is definitely coming out at a slower pace, too. Minka still piles on, however as she appears to be running on fumes from the wild pace of this JMD match. Elisha slugging and shoving at the start of the first minute, but is unable to keep up her defense against the oncoming rush of Minka. Minka keeps poking forward, pumping her right fist over and over into Elisha's face, leaving her drowsy as she then pushes her to ropes where she can really get off. Minka getting on top, pushing against her and chopping at her waist, just thumping her to torso and seeing Elisha's arms drop down to the side, she crowds in and sends her gloves crashing into blonde jug. Using Elisha up as she keeps hammering across Elisha's jugs, smiting her helpless as Elisha tries to reverse or twist free, but Minka keeps walking her down, having her way. Touching Elisha up across her tits and face, Elisha finally drifts down to the side with a thud as she lays across the canvas, worn out by too much Minka. Minka takes the round and the match via KO10!

After: Cuthbert wakes up in her corner a few minutes later to see Minka's hand raised in triumph, shouting out “NO!” as she sobs out in shock, hugging her body and trying to cope with the level of hatred and pain she feels right now. Minka is not about to let her process it right now as she plans on punishing her instead, advancing on Cuthbert with her gloves being removed. Minka orders for Elisha's gloves to be removed and no member of Lookout! steps up to, still sorting out the potential shift in power here tonight. Minka smirking, “It's okay, girls, I told you that I'd use her up – PROMISED that I would and guess what?” as she points down at a crying Cuthbert, “I did! You might not want to admit it, but you will learn to acknowledge as the alpha bantam here!” as she yanks off Cuthbert's gloves herself. Lookout! Boxing roster watching in surprise as they see Elisha rise up off of her feet, eager to attack, but still a bit slow and halted in her tracks by a driving knee up towards her tummy. Another thumping thigh up into her belly doubles Elisha over as she is shoved back against the ropes, with Minka instantly pouncing on top to wrap her arms around her foe's head to smother her out – literally – against the corner.

Cuthbert shouts and squeals with outrage, which is muffled, but Minka's cleavage a form of censorship as the words would no doubt not be friendly or appropriate in nature. There is no doubt no place less in the world that Elisha would like to be, but here she is, face full and buried deep into Minka's breasts. Kelly keeping her forearms tight as Cuthbert is on the wrong end of a JMD match – the receiving side and she doesn't like it one bit! Cuthbert trying to wiggle free, slapping and shoving at brunette tummy and forearms, hoping to turn her head free so she can breathe something other than sweaty jug. But, Kelly staying on top of Elisha just like she did throughout the match, grinding and slapping her cleavage back and forth across Cuthbert's sobbing features. Each time Elisha thinks she's going to break free, another knee crashes up into her abs and sends her slumping further into Minka's jugs. Elisha already worn out by the match itself, it doesn't take long for her to pass out into the warmth of Minka's jugs, especially with Kelly pumping her forearms and taunting into her ear, “Guess who just quit? Quitter!”, “Whose jugs stopped your jugs?”, “Who is the alpha here, huh, Elisha?” and on and on like that. Elisha doesn't answer except with muffled cries , but the smother and embarrassment continue ntil Cuthbert is slumped forward, slumbering into Minka's winning jugs.

You don't see many 10 round JMD fights and certainly not between two such hated rivals, but that might have been part of Minka's strategy. It appears that Elisha went out to exhaustion as much as force it's not like Minka hit her any harder in the 10th, but it's just Cuthbert had nothing left. This is a scalding slap in the face to Elisha, as there is no denying that this fight is definitely a move by Minka to step onto Lishy's territory and establish dominance. As the humiliation ends, it's not just a metaphorical slap but a physical one as well as Minka sends a brutal slap across Cuthbert's dazed face to knock her down to the canvas with Kelly standing over her with a smirk, hands upraised as she thrusts out her triumphant tits.

Minka beaming as she talks to the press, “I told you, didn't I? Elisha thought she could handle me here and she got like what? Two rounds? One for each of her loser jugs?” Minka chuckles, “I'm the cutest of the tuff, tuffest of the cute and Lookout! is my stable now. If Lishy wants to argue with that, she knows where she can find me!”. Minka saunters off with her win and current control of the rivalry, though it's wise to never underestimate Elisha. BLONDE MAGAZINE targeting Minka in the days to come, demanding that blondes answer the call and keep any Minka momentum from gathering in the wake of this emphatic JMD victory.

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