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30 May 1999 Michelle Pfeiffer vs Calista Flockhart

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(Thanks to FightFan for this Repost)

Posted by Simguy on Sunday, 30-May-1999 12: 18:44

Before: b###hy, mean-spirited contest expected as both girls come in well schooled with years of kick and straight boxing experience. Pfeiffer a former junior bantam champ hasn't been that active in recent years, while Flockhart is a recent arrival on the network circuit after years toiling in the New York off Broadway fight scene - power edge to Pfeiffer, but otherwise a close competitive bout. Michelle in black two piece bra and panties, long blonde curls in ponytails, Calista in red jockey two piece, long brown curls in ponytail.

During R1-4: Pfeiffer reels off 4 straight rounds, really out boxing the brunette at every turn. Calista shows similar form and technique, but Pfeiffer seems a little quicker, beating Calista to position, beating her to the punch, and get out of there before Flockhart can respond. Pfeiffer slashing in and out on Calista, comes in with downward slicing right hands, backing out with rising lefts. Pfeiffer molests Calista with pawing combinations, touching the lips and face of the brunette with six or seven pitty pat punches before cranking a harder hook to the jaw or ribcage.

R5: Calista can't box with Michelle, so she turns slugger this round, setting her feet, taking Pfeiffer's blows to land one of her own, and early in the round, she catches Michelle clean with a slicing left hook. Pfeiffer with a stutter step, feels the shot, and quickly becomes hittable as Calista moves in. Flockhart wins her first round by fighting the boxer, and Michelle looks uncomfortable for the first time in the bout.

R6: Calista lands another big left hook, and follows with a nice step to the right, right uppercut to nearly floor the blonde early in the round. Toe to toe the rest of the way as Michelle takes exception to the bullying. Flockhart without a backward step and soon, the little beauties are lifting one another onto their toes with flush bombs on the chin. Thin arms and delicate wrists offer a strange contrast as the girls adopt punchers stances and strive in vain to take one another out. Calista banks another round as both girls start to show the wear after 6.

R7: Michelle separates herself from her competition this round, moving in behind the double jab, then rolling the right to Flockhart's pointy chin, coming back with the left hook to the eye, another right hand to the mouth and Calista is down! Pfeiffer bounces back with a cruel smirk on her lips as Calista blinks feebly on all fours. Flockhart beats the count, and to her credit, wades into the blonde for another brawling session to the bell. The crowd enjoys the toe to toe exchanges as the lightly built sluggers seem unable to knock each other out, despite loading up and welting one another repeatedly to the bell.

R8: Michelle breaks up the slugfest with another boxing round, making the fight easy for herself with slicing combinations and brilliant footwork. Calista simply outclassed, is swatted back and forth around the ring as Pfeiffer has her way.

R9, 10: Calista taunts Michelle into standing and trading, and the final rounds are non stop action as the girls’ blast away. It is breathtaking to see Calista set her long legs and twist into a vicious looking left hook to the jaw of Michelle, smacking the blonde's head around and yet not hurting her significantly. Michelle responds in kind, bouncing right hands flush off Flockhart's jaw, but simply without the mass behind it to stop her nemesis. The toe to toe slugging goes Flockhart's way, and she takes the final two rounds to make the final decision respectable. Pfeiffer is awarded a unanimous decision, and both women are badly bruised and scuffed up after 10 rounds of intense conflict.

After: Flockhart goes over to Pfeiffer's corner after the decision, ostensibly to congratulate the blonde, but Michelle is cool to the gesture, prompting Calista to plow an elbow into the blonde's mouth. Pfeifer, caught cold by the cheap shot drops like a stone, and a brawl erupts between both corners in the ring. Calista stomps away at Michelle's hip as she is bodily carted away by the referee during the wild melee. David Kelley, formerly at ringside, wisely exits before the press can get a hold of him.

Sim Guy


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