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24 December 2013 Post Fight Williams vs Hudgens

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on December 24, 2013, 9:29 pm


Michelle Williams versus Vanessa Hudgens (Post-Match)

After: Both girls breaking down into tears after the verdict is announced, although for completely different reasons. Mishy quick to dry her eyes, however, knowing that this has been a moment she has been waiting for and working towards for a long time. There's no way she's going to let it pass without doing exactly what she's been dreaming of for almost a year now – one of the toughest years of her FCBA career without question. Hudgens is slumped down in her corner, struggling to get her legs underneath her and clear her head, shaking it back and forth as proud brunette struggles to accept this loss to her greatest rival. Vanessa is blinking back tears of her own, frustrated and in shock as she looks up into the eyes of approaching Michelle, which are filled with pure, malicious rage.

Mishy immediately and magnanimously helps Vanessa up to her feet, though any assistance doesn't last long as she roughly shoves her back into the turnbuckle. Hudgens landing back against the corner with a thud as she groans out in protest, with Mishy mounting the ropes slowly. One hand buried into Nessa's hair as she yanks her head backwards, forcing her to gaze into her eyes as Nessa's eyes narrow angrily, trying to display defiance as she reaches up to push down at the oncoming tummy which slowly lowers down to her face. Hips churning back and forth as Mishy's tummy glides down onto her face, just surfing her firm belly back and forth. Gliding her abs from side to side for a few moments, listening to the muffled cries from Nessa as she just arches her belly forward, just letting her abs rest on the face of Nessa. Vanessa's head pushed backwards, pressing back into the turnbuckle as she kicks and squirms. Nessa pushing at her foe's firm abs, trying to shove her backwards but Williams plants her feet on either side just reaching down for her wrists, tugging them out to the side.

Hudgens helpless under the onslaught of tummy, as Michelle grins listening the sniveling cries underneath her torso as she just bounces her belly up and down across her foe to batter her down further along the turnbuckle as she slumps down weakly. Vanessa dazed as Mishy just arches her back, gazing up to the heavens with a satisfied smirk playing across her lips and tummy toying with her rival's face as she then suddenly hops off. Releasing her foe's wrists and immediately sinking them back to her hair, no sooner has Mishy got her feet underneath her, then she leans forward to place her jugs into Vanessa's face. Nessa turning her head back and forth, struggling to keep her face from being smothered under Mishy's chest but William's forearms hugging her face in deeply into her cleavage.

Folding her face forward, Mishy pushes Hudgens back into the turnbuckle, just using her firm jug-to-face seal to bully her backwards and deeper into her breasts with each bid for freedom. Vanessa makes frequent attempts to escape, pushing at shoulders and abs, tugging at blonde hair or trying to pry arms apart to get any leverage to breathe. But, Mishy just shrugs in an occasional thigh to tummy to deprive her of strength or air, guiding her foe against the turnbuckle as Nessa's legs start to give way. Mishy engaging in some catch-and-release as she allows Nessa to draw in a few breathes before dragging her back in between her jugs to smother her again under slick cleavage. This is repeated more than once before Nessa slumps down to a sitting position along the turnbuckle, just shaking her head back and forth in jug-shock, face shiny and eyes glassy.

At this point, the ref is looking a little concerned as he pulls at Mishy's arm in protest, but Williams shrugs him off as he reaches for Nessa's ankles. Gripping her legs as she pulls backwards on them, Williams backpedaling towards the middle of the ring as she drags Hudgens back to the middle of the ring. Gazing down at her rival with barely disguised contempt as she snaps the fingers of her right hand, demanding and receiving a microphone as she spreads her legs on either side of Nessa's head, facing her feet. Then, Mishy lowers her round posterior down, hips swaying back and forth before sitting on Vanessa's face. Vanessa squirms and squeals, still dazed from the repeated jug smothers and perhaps not receiving the full effect of Mishy's rump engulfing her face, but suffering nonetheless.

Mishy scrubs her rear back and forth, just settling in for a firm seat across Nessa's face as she allows Nessa's nose to dip between her butt cheeks as she firmly sits down and then brings the microphone up to her lips, smiling coldly as she speaks out to the crowd assembled here, the locker room beyond and the FCBA in general, “I told everybody that would listen that talent and class will always win over desperate, fame-hungry, greedy little skanks like Vanessa Hudgens. But, for the past year, nobody was listening. Well, I have to ask – do I have your attention now?” as Mishy bounces up, just driving her derriere down onto the insensate face of Hudgens, who responded with a loud moan of agony as Mish grinned, stating “I think I do.”

Mishy then continued, “A lot of people around the league and indeed, my own locker room thought me broken, beaten and indeed, conquered. My own stable put me on the sidelines, telling me that was where I could best serve the stable, training the next generation of fighters. I'm more than willing to help the next generation, but I'm not going to do it while tawdry bimbos like Vanessa Hudgens or Jessica Lowndes walk around making a reputation on MY name. So, as a warning to every girl in the flyweight division who thought I was done or who thought they could score a cheap win over me coming into the league, I'm going to ask you right now, do I look conquered?” Mishy sat there, just riding back and forth against Hudgen's face as she reached down with one hand, giving one of Nessa's jugs a little squeeze, drawing a muffled whimper before bringing the microphone up to her lips again with the other hand, “Every little Disney diva, every CW skank, every little bright-eyed little ingenue who thinks she can self-promote herself into the spotlight without an ounce of actual talent, think again. Class will win out every single time. Any questions about that?” as she held the microphone down between her thighs, with the microphone just catching the muffled sobs from Vanessa underneath her posterior. Michelle's lips curled up into a smirk, not saying a word as she looked around the eyes of the crowd and then pushed herself to her feet, leaving her rival a splayed out wreck on the canvas and sauntering off, having sent a very powerful message to not only Vanessa, but the rest of the flyweight division in the process.

Things were clearly not over between the two of them, but this was a devastating win for Williams to tie things up at 3-3 and just when you think that the sheer hatred and enmity couldn't get any worse between them, this seemed guaranteed to ensure the biggest rivalry in the league would be even hotter the next time they met, which was not so much a matter of if but when!


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