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2 January 2014 Elizabeth Olsen vs Sharni Vinson

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Posted by simguy on January 2, 2014, 11:00 am


BEFORE: "She was naught but a skel-e-ton wrapped up in skin," Liz sings at the podium - an old English folk song. Olsen rubs her hands together greedily when she continues: "Seriously, Sharni looks thin to me - frail, even. I LOVE coming in big-girl, even though I'm slick and skilled...there's just something about coming forward, walking a girl down, standing in and banging 'cause you know there's more of you than there is of her. She'll say she's 'fit' - Aussies always say that - but I think they overtrain, especially when they come Stateside. Watch how she takes my body-lash guys...this could be over QUICK."

Vinson as hungry as she is unimpressed with the state-of-the-art American Starlet. "I AM fit," Sharni insists in her Aussie drawl. "Very. And I'm tireless, relentless, and if Olsen wishes to try my ribcage, she'd better know that I'll be trying hers. This won't be for the faint of heart, fellahs. I mean to harm Elizabeth Olsen, and I don't much care how."

Sharni in white bikini against dark-tanned skin, with green vine print on the top; sporty DCC cut bottoms with a little green fighting belt; small white gloves; long light brown hair loose, reckless. Olsen in baby blue bikini with little silver pin-dots on the top; boy-leg bottoms with a little white fighting belt; small white gloves; blonde hair loose, wanton.

SIDEBAR: In a break with Aussie solidarity, Radha Mitchell rumoured to be working closely with Olsen, getting her prepped for Vinson.

During R1: Girls limber, legging counter-clockwise, then stepping in, dipping the left shoulder and lapping succulent hooks against toned tummies, trim ribcages in batting tit-for-tat. Lovely whack back and forth - small mitts digging at sinew, bouncing off PIK! PAK! girls fighting with pinched expressions, giving nothing to the opponent. Midway through, Olsen dippin'-and-diggin' downstairs - arching her back, getting the left uppercut into Vinson's trim sternum: Sharni gasps, long legs a-tremble...she's hurt! Vinson crossing arms across her gut, stooping forward: Olsen smiling, pivoting to her right, taking up station off Sharni's left hip, staying on Vinson with lefts into the guarded gut/rights chopped into lats and back. Sharni whimpering, wandering into Olsen to crowd: Liz sliding to either side, walking Vinson in and strapping away hot to torso. Bell: Sharni in tears, hugging her ribs...Olsen BEAMING at the early damage done to Australian prestige.

R2: Olsen staying on the body as per corner's instructions - everyone knows Vinson's hurt. Sharni grimacing, dukes up, elbows in tight to her ribs...as Olsen dips-n'-digs to paunch, Vinson's swatting her left hand down, trying to clear her tummy of blonde leather. Leads to a natural crossed-arm look for Sharni as she closes her stance - left across her gut/back of right hand at left cheek...she's taking shellack to torso, pivoting clockwise around her planted left (lead) heel, sometimes stepping out to walk around to her right. Olsen strappin' sassy - left uppercut partially blocked, but a wide, lashing palm-down right continues to land heavily in Sharni's leftside lats.

R3: Olsen goes to more of a boxing look - stooping to jib-jab Sharni's tummy, then hooking her up top with the palm-down delivery, pivoting clockwise around the clout. Sharni rallying at last, upping her tempo to match Liz: for 2 minutes Aussie brunette goes punch for punch with American blonde. Down the stretch, Liz mixes things up - leaning in to chop a short right hand to Sharni's face, doubling it to get brunette backpedaling...Olsen able to come forward with a bit of big-girl swagger, taking points by taking canvas late.

R4: Hotly contested 2 minutes as women wheel about in graceful clockwise pivots, jabbing each other tits-and-tummy, hooking palm-down to jaw. Difference-maker is Olsen's rubber-hose right hand...she's lashing Vinson a hateful palm-down right high to the armpit/lat region in behind Aussie left tricep...Sharni grimacing when smote, but rarely deploying her own right hand. Bell: cocky grin from Olsen as she shakes out her legs on the strut back to corner; Vinson with a bit of a haunted look, frowning and thinking things through.

R5: Olsen surprises Vinson by going back to the body - blonde girl stepping in with that low-slung, swinging left hook PIK! in behind Sharni's left elbow; staying on left (front) leg to dig left uppercut to sternum PIK!; sweeping a hateful right hand wide to flank PAK! Sharni grimacing, legs trembling again...she's reaching in to push at Olsen's shoulders or biceps, trying to hold aggressive blonde girl at bay, but it's not working. Liz diligently at Sharni - blonde girl tilting forward into her work, left uppercuts plying brunette midsection; wide right buggywhips smiting flank. POOR SHARNI'S HURT AGAIN! Vinson grimacing, finally tying up in middle minute - her face clearly distraught out over Liz's left shoulder. Ref issuing breaks, Olsen staying aggressive...she's grimly walking through Vinson's don't-hurt-me pushes, strapping away ribs/tits/tummy, ribs/tits/tummy to bell.

R6: Sharni trying to jazz things up - double-tapping her jab at Olsen's face; trying to whack Olsen a lanky right/left to waist; hooking off the back (right) leg, hoping to catch Liz reaching in. Trouble is, Olsen's feeling her oats, willing to get tagged if she's landing herself...blonde girl punching-with, catching Sharni right hands to chin, hooking her to tits, out-hitting her in toe-to-toe free for alls. Fans loving the limber-limbed beauties throwing caution to the wind, and it's close, but at the end, Olsen's been both busier and more accurate. Girls panting, walking to respective corners hands-on-hips: Olsen upbeat, eagerly taking on both water and instructions in her corner; Vinson glum - fighting well in spots, but frazzled, disheartened through 6.

R7: Vinson moving between two corners along one apron - hands up, pinging straight lefts or rights, just trying to blunt Olsen's pressure. Liz a willowy bully, stalking back and forth with Sharni, feinting her, then jabbing her tits, looking for spots in which to drop the right hand. Down the stretch, Vinson trims Liz a sneaky left uppercut to chin, buzzing blonde legs...Sharni able to spin Olsen into ropes with the right hand in Lizzie's lower back - now it's Vinson on Olsen at ropes! Sharni applying a constant sheet of rangy lather - jib-jabbing Olsen's front; crossing the right hand to chin; reaching back with a loose-limbed left and really lashing Liz to flank, popping hips-right to park that punch in there thick. Liz drops her first round, looking overwhelmed for the first time tonight - ref has to separate vixens at bell as Sharni's all blazing-eyes and wanting to pile on.

R8: Girls lickin' and lashin' each other - strapping home limber left hooks to taut midsections; slap-chopping right hands of opportunity up top - both fighters basically flat-footed, leaning in and out all supple-torsos and bendy-backs. Halfway through, Sharni bends in, extending a sweeping right that gets good swivel on Olsen's chin...blonde girl's stepping in fence post holes, staring in confusion! Vinson following up with the jab from a high elbow position, knock-knocking at Lizzie's face, then BELTING her a limber-limbed sidearm right to ribs. Olsen stricken, ashen faced as she staggers to ropes: she forms ragged earmuff, looking to punch back in spots. Vinson wary of Lizzie's counter-punching, but determined to pile on...brunette pawing with the jab to distract; fetching Liz hateful, striping right hands across the ribs/under the breastline; reaching out wide with the left to really strap it thick to Olsen's right flank. Liz in trouble, but refusing to go down...she's tapping back in spots, getting some face-punching done, always mindful to get her hands/arms back in position to protect her throbbing body.

R9: Vinson coming on fresh - eyes bright, energy good. Olsen mouthbreathing, looking shabby...Sharni more "fit" than "thin" after all. Steady, patient, rangy shellack applied to the problem of Liz Olsen at ropes...blonde girl in earmuff much of the time - breaking guard either to push Sharni out of range, or to pull back into ropes with hands stacked right atop left at waist. Vinson relaxed, getting into lanky rhythm...left elbow high as she chops and knocks the left jab to Sharni's pate. Swinging rights take Liz heavily to waist or left flank - Sharni dipping and twisting into these shots, dragging them into supple blonde torso. Sharni reaching down and out wide with her left hook to slam it in thick...she's burying that punch in behind Lizzie's right elbow, sitting blonde girl in ropes when it lands. Olsen ashen-faced, unable to punch back...she just slips, rolls and blocks in the pocket, pushing Vinson off with a pained expression, but otherwise doing nothing to interrupt brunette cadence.

R10: Olsen rediscovers her fire, hooking-with Vinson as both girls lash left hands from their own knee to the opponent's chin in a bid for victory. Sharni stumbles away from the slugging, blinking in stupor: Liz rallying, driving forward, chasing Vinson to ropes with a chin-pasting right cross. Liz sloppy, flat-footed, but still aggressive and determined...she's knuckling Sharni's chest to prop her upright, then drifting her the short right hand to mouth - turning Vinson's head violently aside on contact. Sharni staring, starting to go out, but too proud to quit...she slaps a right hand to Olsen's ribs, then tries to trim her blonde the desperation left uppercut. Liz feeling Sharni fade...blonde girl gradually increases volume, ignoring Vinson's push-and-slap receipts to really bore in and hurt her. Down the stretch, battered Sharni tries a loose right uppercut, eats a blistering right cross before she can get off...Vinson's head lolls back over top rope as her hands drop to her waist...she's helpless and hurt! LIZ POURS ON! Olsen using her left to push at Vinson's throat, drifting her hateful right hands to face...blonde girl pasting away to glory and THE REF STEPS IN because the bell has sounded. Comes back UD10 Olsen, though Sharni's out on her feet.

After: Olsen lunging out to a huge lead, but second half a totally different story: Vinson's whippet conditioning very nearly enough to give her the advantage down the stretch. "She never really hurt me," Olsen says in postfight, face battered, ribs pink in seeming contradiction. "I didn't manage my energy well, I got overextended and she managed to have some good minutes, but overall, I felt like I had her under my thumb tonight. Aussie girls are fighters, everyone knows that - I'm not surprised this kid went the distance with me. She's all beat up and hurting though, make no mistake about that. After Charlize trims Phoebe, that's gonna be Awesome Girls 2, Brunettes Who Talk Funny 0. Believe it."


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