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13 August 1999 Jewel Kilcher vs Donna Derrico II

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Originally posted by Simguy on Friday, 13-Aug-1999 20: 14:46

(Thanks to FightFan for this repost)

Before: Fight set for the Blue Horizon in Philadelphia as neutral territory for both blondes on the heels of the location controversy following the last bout. D'errico looking to bounce back after tough outing against Danielle Fishel, while Jewel will take any kind of bounce against the playmate. Donna in white playboy jogbra, black and white sprinter's trunks, Jewel in teal Adidas terrycloth trunks, cream jogbra.

During R1: D'errico showing a different look against Jewel, shows the jab, doubling and tripling the punch with a staccato rhythm and really steering Jewel with the punch this round. Donna makes it look easy, pecking her way to the shutout.

R2: Jewel takes the action inside, taking punches to get there, but once in, banging with authority to punch Donna's hips back. D'errico grimacing in pain, rides her cheek on Jewel's shoulder, but can't get it going, taking a solid shutout beating from the stubborn singer this round.

R3; Jewel with more body work, patiently bodying up, digging in with 2 punches, clinching, walking Donna back, then repeating the pattern. D'errico laying in, cheek to cheek with Jewel, covering up inside, and responding with opportunistic chopping uppercuts to the chest and chin. Jewel the busier fighter, still pushing Donna around the ring.

R4: All Jewel early as she beats a methodical tune on Donna's polished abs. In the final minute, with D'errico being pushed back step by step - Donna swivels her hips and cashes in with a sweet right uppercut off Jewel's face. Kilcher's legs buckle, and she stumbles helplessly forward. D'errico's eyes light up as she steps crisply back, banging Jewel's head with left and right uppercuts as Donna moves back, and Jewel moves forward. Playing matador, Donna skips to the side, allowing Jewel to crash face forward to the ropes. Jewel on her knees, arms in the ropes, stares blankly into the audience as Jewel gives her an extra shot across the face before referee intervention. Jewel can't get to her feet and the referee waves this contest off - KO4 for a jubilant Donna D.

After: Kilcher's team upset at the late foul, but Jewel was done like dinner either way, and the protest falls on deaf ears. D'errico kept her composure, soaked up a good effort from Jewel before putting together the accurate punching which gave her a second straight stoppage over the blonde.

Sim Guy


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