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14 June 2000 Title Unification Alyssa Milano vs Michelle Pfeiffer

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(Maxim/Paramount Flyweight Title Unification Bout)

Originally posted by Simguy on Wednesday, 14-Jun-2000 13:07:52

(Thanks to FightFan for this repost)

Before: Elimination bout winner gets Ledford to unify the division. Milano shorter and not as skilled as the willowy Pfeiffer, but pundits like the brunette's stocky savagery and non stop pressure the longer this one goes. Classic contrast on every level - there can be only one. Michelle in black string bikini top, black nylon jogging shorts, ponytail, Alyssa in white tankini, hair in wet curls.

During R1: Alyssa out confident, trying to paw her way to Michelle's midsection, but Pfeiffer throwing out the form chart stands and slugs, drawing her fists back and forth across Milano's face in blur of jabs hooks and crosses. Milano with brave forays early, but she's getting peppered and down the stretch, she wobbles back, arms crossed at her face as she turns away hurt. Pfeiffer swinging from her heels, batters Milano to the ropes and pours it on, getting her whole body behind lefts and rights that leave the brunette humming at the bell. Pfeiffer spitting venom, open mouthed and winded after her blitzkrieg effort, but Alyssa is swooning, cut over the left eye and shocked at the ferocity.

R2: Milano again trying to crouch, reach inside then set up, and Pfeiffer again standing, chugging rising lefts and rights to confound all in attendance. By the midway point, Milano is backing off with a grimace, and a slashing series of hooks across her breasts spills her to the ropes. Milano just trying to regroup and Pfeiffer stuns her with a beautiful flurry of lefts and rights to the face - Milano on locked legs nearly goes out! Down the stretch, Michelle slugging from her hips, stepping with Alyssa as the brunette slides down the ropes, covering up and taking. Pfeiffer blowing hard, flushed at the bell, but Alyssa's face is a wreck as blood gushes down the left side onto her cream tankini top.

R3: Milano in a daze, opens once again by trying to fit herself up the middle, but Michelle won't be denied. Stepping back, walking Alyssa onto the left uppercut and slashing right cross, Michelle cuts Milano to ribbons, pushing off the brunette's shoulders after throwing to reset. Pfeiffer eyes hard with concentration as she resets and puts punches together and midway through the round, Milano's legs give way. Alyssa staggering to the ropes as Pfeiffer's running potshots bash away at the top of her head and shoulders. Milano out on her feet, pushes the blonde's hips out, but Pfeiffer turning at the waist, catches Milano with slinging lefts and rights on the jaw and MILANO GOES DOWN! Alyssa Milano, shock in her eyes, mouth piece dangling from her teeth gives it up on her knees as Michelle Pfeiffer scores a devastating KO3!

After: Stunning upset - more so for the way in which it was accomplished than for the result itself "We didn't want Alyssa to wear me down," explained a hard breathing, but virtually unscathed Pfeiffer in post fight, "Our thought was just to get on her, pound her out and take our chances. I opened her up right away and I could see her heart just wasn't in it. I gave the excuse she needed to quit." Ledford with a suddenly interesting task in front of her, not sure whether Pfeiffer will make a chess match or a brawl out of it.

Sim Guy



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