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18 January 2014 Danielle Harold vs Roxanne McKee

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(Fight Club UK vs Garnet Gunners UK)


Posted by Knowlesey on January 18, 2014, 10:22 pm



This promises to be quite a duel, with Danielle still doing what she can to become a true contender in the very competitive BBU bantamweight division, whereas Roxanne’s BBU career seems to have stalled, and Danielle is confident that she can knock the brunette babe out tonight, and has told her fans that she’d really like to spank Roxanne’s ass afterwards.

Danielle’s first to enter the ring, the blonde looking good in a canary yellow bikini, gloves and boots, with Roxanne in a scarlet bikini, gloves and boots. She’s stunning!

Round 1

Danielle has stated this fight at a furious pace, and she catches Roxanne cold with the speed of her footwork and glovework, her punches thudding into Roxanne’s startled face, and the older girl’s backing away, trying to fight back, but her punches are coming up short, while Danielle’s connecting with every shot she throws. This looks bad for Roxanne, who is already stuck on the ropes, and Danielle hits her several times with good shots, her left cross thudding into the brunette’s jaw, wobbling the older girl, and she crashes her right hook over Roxanne’s guard now and she’s put her down – Roxanne’s on her butt and staring up at a very excited Danielle, getting up at 6, and crouching in readiness. But she’s just getting more punishment from the blonde, who tonight looks really in the mood – she’s certainly just too quick for Roxanne, and she’s picking her off, her left and her right gloves landing in turn, and at the bell a red-faced Roxanne seems to be rather dazed.

Round 2

Roxanne’s up and ready as the round starts, but she’s still not looking all that good, really struggling now to be competitive, with Danielle ripping the punches into her face, thumping her again with that left cross, and Roxanne’s backed into the ropes again in this round, while Danielle just pounds her with punches from both hands. Roxanne needs to protect herself, or she’s going to lose this fight really quickly – she’s again trying to fight back, but Danielle’s punches are just to quick and too plentiful, and they’re landing again – Roxanne can’t compete at this stage of the fight, so she’s holding and spoiling, just trying to stop the younger girl from hitting her. The referee’s having to work hard to stop Roxanne from turning this into a wrestling match, as she keeps gripping, but in between times Roxanne’s still getting a faceful of leather too often, and her face is beginning to look a little bruised after that three minute battering.

Round 3

Still this fight is all about Danielle’s speedy punching, as she clubs and cuffs Roxanne around the ring again from the opening seconds of the round. Roxanne’s trying to clinch again, but even that isn’t working because now Danielle’s standing back and boxing her quite beautifully, and the girls are now trading punches, with Roxanne landing a neat left-right combination, but Danielle takes the punches all too easily, and she catches Roxanne with her left cross again, follows it with another, and now she looses off a right uppercut, which Roxanne almost avoids, but enough of it fins the brunette’s jaw to shake her up and put her down, the girl bouncing off the ropes and landing on her back on the canvas – again she’s on her feet, but she looks terribly disorganised as she takes an 8 count, and now Danielle’s trying to put her back onto the ropes, but Roxanne’s resisting bravely, and the pretty blonde can't finish the job – in fact, she’s getting over anxious as the round draws to a close, gets inside far too close, misses Roxanne with an intended uppercut, and gets tagged herself with a swift left hook which sends her to her corner with something to think about.

Round 4

The girls clash immediately, and there’s a great little exchange of punches in a neutral corner, which ends when Roxanne, clearly hurt and suffering, has to clinch, that left cross of Danielle’s having left her with a nasty lump on her right cheek. In fact, Roxanne’s hardly functioning now, and Danielle’s swarming over her, thumping away to her swollen face - and the referee stops it to save Roxanne from further punishment.

Result: Danielle Harold stopped Roxanne McKee in round 4.

Well as Danielle fought tonight, the fans are almost disappointed, because this fight had been billed as a tight matchup, but was no such thing in the end, and Roxanne looks distraught as she sits on her stool, ice pack pressing on her right cheek.

Danielle wants more though, and she’s ready to deliver what she promised, and now, to the cheers of her fans, Danielle drags a pleading Roxanne off her stool, sits on her own stool, which is now in the centre of the ring, and bends the older actress across her knee, and she tugs those scarlet knickers down, rubs the palm of her right hand over Roxanne’s asscheeks, then raises her arm and spanks the brunette’s butt until it’s as red as the knickers which covered it until a few seconds earlier.



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