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24 January 2014 Aly Michalka  vs Krysten Ritter

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Posted by simguy on January 24, 2014, 9:49 am


BEFORE: Ritter with the heart to chest-up on Aly and do some pushing - Kryssy Ritts looking to make a statement in this fight. "I'm not a Michalka-hater," Krysten clarifies in prefight, "but I AM a Michalka doubter. Hear her talk, she's Charlize Theron only hotter and more athletic. Well, I'm calling her bluff. I saw plenty of punk in Aly against hard-nosed girls like Olivia Munn. I'm tall, I'm determined...I put some mileage on those flashy legs of hers and let's just see what happens. Toe to toe? Tradin' leather? I like my chances."

Aly rolling her eyes at Ritter's confidence: far as Michalka's concerned, this is a blonde showcase. "Kid's got spirit, I'll give her that," Aly breezes, "but someone forgot to tell her: I'm ALY MICHALKA. Girls don't come into my ring and get work done. They don't come into my ring and look strong on me. They come into my ring and get their spirits broken. This girl's no where close to my level. I'ma dance it up; I'ma touch it up, and when I'm done? She's going to have that awe-struck glaze in her eyes like she's seen a ghost or a UFO or something else she can't explain."

Aly in light purple bikini; black gloves; blonde hair in careless ringlets. Krysten in black bra and panties with a sporting bit of hip; black gloves; long black hair with bangs.

During R1: Aly wastes no time getting respect, leaning back on her hips to slip the Ritter jab; pulling the right hand out of her front hip pocket, slap-chopping it down/across Ritter's chin and KRYSTEN'S STEPPIN' IN FENCE POST HOLES! Ritter shell-shocked, trying to pull herself together: carefree smile on blonde face as she goes to work. Wide, sidearm right hands buggywhip against Krysten's left flank. Hook-and-pivot routines - Aly clouting Krysten upside her head while swiveling clockwise around that planted (left) heel. Feints; tricky lead right hands; stoop-and-stab body jabs...Aly just circling and working, touching her girl up and down, picking a hurtin' brunette apart like a champ. Bell to bell Aly puts a smug little smirk on her face as she's shimmying her shoulders en route to corner. Ritter wide-eyed, all lit up: she's just seen Aly M at her best.

R2: Ritter shows spirit - shaking off a bad first round to engage Aly midring. Krysten pumping in left jabs to chest while reaching her right to clutch Aly's right bicep - brunette able to hook off her jabs, roughing Aly up in close. Michalka willing to stand and slug - treating Ritter to a tuff right hand to tummy; yanking the left arm free to deliver carving uppercuts to chin. Girls just banging it out all rangy - Ritter with a heavy handed, slinging delivery, looking to lean her chin over Aly's shoulder and lift punches up into torso. Michalka sliding off to her right, pushing on Ritter, then swipe-clouting her slick left hooks off the right plant-leg, rolling-torso to slip receipts. Michalka gradually imposing will as round progresses...blonde girl re-establishing distance in last minute, jabbing Krysten's body to spread her out, then targeting her with snappy, cobra-quick rights to face.

R3: Aly at play - circling, deliberately displaying her legs, shifting weight to either foot, getting off with either hand with a loose, clouting delivery. Ritter turning-with, hands at temples, elbows in...she's at Michalka's mercy here, just following, trying to block the harm. Aly with a breezy smile - stooping and feinting; walking around with hands at her sides when she wants a look-see; forming earmuff and leaning in at times - usually to bait Kryssy into punching. Final moments, Michalka electrifies the crowd with her "Aly" shuffle, freezing Ritter in confusion, then slap-chopping a tart here-you-go right hand to chin at bell. Aly playing to the crowd - taking a moment to blow kisses and wave her hand before sitting down for instructions. Ritter lumping up nicely, looking a little haunted: Aly's putting on a show through 3.

R4: Ritter keeping her composure - reaching to paw her jab, then leaning in close to carry heavy right hands to blonde paunch. Aly batting away pesky lefts and rights as she eases backward in her stance - elbows in against her body, hands delivering little catspaw cuffs and clouts as Ritter comes forward. Michalka occasionally bending down, putting a shoulder into Ritter's body, pivoting counterclockwise off her while pushing into her. Aly so good at baiting: she'll lean forward in earmuff, then lean back onto right (rear) leg, twist torso-right and walk Krysten into a slapping left check-hook. That's the gist: Ritter not quitting, trying hard, getting outclassed by Aly Michalka.

R5: Michalka's been fighting with hands down around her waist for the most part: Ritter finally makes blonde girl pay. Krysten doubling up the jab on the scoot-forward, causing Aly to lean back on her hips/weave her torso side to side. Ritter stays-with her rubbery foe - shooting the right cross; stepping into rangy hooks...Aly rolling-with, but getting scattered to ropes, whereupon she forms earmuff. Ritter moves in strong, beating the ribs right/left; straightening up into right uppercuts against Aly's raised guard; cuffing hooks 1,2,3 times against Aly's right ear. Blonde just blocking-and-rolling, sliding to her left into her own corner...she sets up a torso-weaving rope-a-dope against Ritter's shellacking fists. Krysten calm, loose-limbed, heavy-handed - she's slopping mitts to either blonde flank via wide, palm-down wallops; riding the left forearm against Aly's torso to shove blonde girl back, then pouring on more hurt. Aly grimacing under fire, looking to pull Krysten's head down, but Ritter's stubborn - getting her own left hand up in behind Aly's neck while plowing right hands to blonde gut. Ref issuing breaks: Aly taking big gulping mouthfuls of air during the respites. Bell: Krysten pumped up - pushing off Aly with clear contempt; blonde angry at brunette 'tude, about to retaliate when ref moves in.

R6: Carefree grins and playful aspect gone from Aly: she's in forward aspect, weight on left (front) leg as she works her limber-limbed magic. Michalka keeping up a steady stream of chatter - "Shoulda kept your head down girl." "Gotta hurt you now." "INCOMING!" "Man, THAT had to hurt." And so on. Michalka jotting lead right hands straight to face; sticking the jab; flick-flicking the jab with a backhand delivery, preparatory to bolo-whipping wide right hands to Krysten's left-side lats. Stepping clockwise pivots; back (right) heel up off the canvas - this is Aly drilling down on the problem of Kryssy Ritts. Down the stretch - Ritter visibly degraded, looking a little sluggish, hands sliding out of position...Aly triggers a sudden lead right between the mitts, punching Krysten's head straight back. Quick-trigger doubled-up straight right lands again, spilling a stunned Krysten Ritter back into ropes. Aly steps in, shows the jab to tummy, but POURS in the right cross to chin, belting Kryssy's head back over top rope, sending a shock through Kryssy's legs/buns. Ritter hurt, swaying as her head lolls forward, lashes batting - bell sounds, but Aly can't help herself...she quick-clouts a hook across Ritter's open mouth, swiveling the head and dropping brunette to her haunches at ropes. Crowd: BOOOO! Ref moving in hot, pushing Aly angrily back. Poor Kryssy Ritts a mess, reaching left hand behind her into ropes, trying to pull herself up after the devastating late clout.

R7: Ritter refuses ref's offer to submit on her stool: she comes out ragged, but determined, dukes at cheeks. Aly all limber, roaming to her left...she opens with a loose-limbed wide right hand palm-down to jaw; quick-striking palm-down left hook to chin and THERE GO RITTER'S KNEES! Krysten wobbles out of orbit, hitting ropes all gobsmacked, thunder-struck: Aly lifts her hands high as she's strutting forward, then steps into Ritter's gut with a swinging right. Aly in close, pushing off Krysten's shoulders; swiping her a tight left cuff to cheek; swiping the tight right; little clipping right uppercut to chin flips Kryssy's head back; wide left hook with a bit more arm-whip claps across Ritter's tits CHUP! Aly shifts her right foot back while stooping to jab-gut: that resets her balance so she straightens, clouts hook-to-head as Kryssy's cowering on ropes. Turkey shoot - Aly unopposed, feet widespread, blonde-girl just triggering swipes and clouts, chops and pokes in bewildering patterns, touching Krysten upstairs and down. Credit brunette for grit: Ritter keeps dukes up, grimacing in hurt as she takes a lickin' bell to bell. Ritter with the pluck to shake her head "No" as Aly's stepping away...Michalka's jaw visibly clenching in frustration at Kryssy's defiance.

R9: Ritter picked apart: Aly never better. Krysten hands up, but getting her head kicked back by punches she just can't see or anticipate - brunette clearly wearing down, reacting late, getting moved and hurt more often by Aly's weight of shot. Brunette stumbling round the ring all groggy-faced, eyes hollow, lips parted. She'll sit groaning in ropes, allowing Aly to lash the body/flanks. She'll reel sideways after accepting shock, legs growing progressively sloppy under slinging blonde potshots. Aly humming to herself, shimmying her shoulders during transitions, doing little prance-steps and "Aly" shuffles. "Showboat" Aly Michalka pours it on, treats Krysten shabby, and with seconds left, blonde-girl lands a wide, slapping left across the mouth/ drilling straight right to chin, putting Ritter on her buns, back to ropes, eyes glassy as she sits in a puddle of hurt.

R10: Aly clowning, hands at her thighs - baiting Ritter by bending forward, presenting face, then bending back on rubbery hips/pivoting around Ritter's misses. Krysten resolute though - all puffy and bedraggled, she doggedly walks Aly down, trying to kiss her something stiff as Michalka's putting on a bendy-backed clinic. Midway through, Aly leaning away with hands down - she avoids Krysten's right hand, but the lunging follow-on hook TOGGLES BLONDE CHIN! Clouting blast sends Aly staggering back into ropes, but she mocks the power - doing a little wobbly-knee act, pretending as though Ritter's sock meant nothing. Kryssy ignores the show, steps in with a jab to jug/crashing right to chin, punching Aly's face hard to starboard, ejecting her mouthpiece along the ropes! Michalka spellbound, staring, golden curls in suddenly woozy eyes - NOW she's hurt and trying to rally. Ritter's momentum carries her into blonde torso: Krysten pushes off Aly's shoulders, straightening the blonde, then hooking her tummy; short-chopping a palm-down right hand to jug; hooking jugs for insurance; shoveling right hand to tummy; pushing Aly's arms out wide as blonde girl pitches forward in distress. Ritter stays on the body Menounos-style - pushing blonde arms away, tidying up tits and torso via short, snappy palms-up and palms-down bludgeoning. Aly groaning, doubling forward - top of her head pushes into Kryssy's tits as blonde girl stumbles off the ropes. Ritter: rolling her shoulders, lapping lefts and rights against Aly's gut, jugs while stepping back in good order. Brunette walks her blonde forward into rolling body licks until Michalka straightens, face stricken in pain, legs trembling. Ritter transitions to face with Aly's wrists crossed right atop left at her gut: brunette kisses a right across Michalka's mug; clips the straight left across, driving blonde-girl back to ropes! Aly in swoon - back of right hand at left cheek; left hand at right elbow, TAKING PUNCHES! Ritter baring her fangs, letting hands go - she beats Aly tender at the bell, bringing the ref in hot when Kryssy won't stop. Comes back UD10 wide, Aly Michalka.

After: Bitter aftermath as girls push and shout at one another: Ritter refusing to acknowledge Aly's authority; Michalka furious at brunette defiance in the wake of what Aly considers to be an "epic pasting". "She went the distance because I let her go the distance," A disheveled blonde Michalka insists, all hands-on-hips indignation in postfight. "This girl came in long on heart and short on skillz. I treated her to a boxing clinic you'd have to pay thousands of dollars for in the open-market, and she got PAID to learn! She should be over here right now, on bended knee, kissing my knuckles and thanking me for the spot I just gave her! I'm not CW hegemon anymore because I'm TOO GOOD for the CW. I think we need to seriously consider me Blonde Hegemon at bantam, guys. Any other description seems like it's selling me short, you know?


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