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24 January 2014 Title Ch Rachel McAdams vs Claire Danes

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Posted by simguy on January 24, 2014, 10:13 am


BEFORE: Rachel not missing a trick: Eliza Dushku positioned in the front row during press-conferences, engaging Claire in silent dagger-eye glaring contests; occupying plenty of mind-share in a bid to distract Danes. "It's actually fitting that Eliza has seen fit to support Rachel during this title bid," business-like Claire allows in prefight. "Even as I position to sweep McAdams out of office as it were, I'm positioning to eclipse Dushku's legacy at HISC. I lived a long time in Eliza's shadow, and now that I'm set to surpass her, I can't think of a better occasion than this: taking a title away from Rachel McAdams. I'm glad it turned out this way. I'm glad they chose to raise the stakes. I'm a high-stakes fighter, and that's why this little power-play's going to backfire on them."

Rachel equally business-like, but with a touch of mischief in her eyes...she sees Claire straining with her all might to ignore Dushku. "Obviously, Eliza's input is headline-grabbing and important, but she's just one part of the machine that's going to grind Claire up in this fight," Rachel announces at podium. "I've been excited about facing Claire ever since she battered Kate Beckinsale to prove she could compete - and win - at bantam. All she's done is cover herself with glory since, making her, in my opinion, the most dangerous and prestigious opponent I've ever had. Yes: even moreso than that retired brunette with whom I'm often associated. Claire and I were meant to compete for this title, and I've had my people prepping for this day long before any contracts were ever discussed. When Eliza came on board, it was like a sign, like a form of insurance. We felt like we had Claire beaten before Dushku came on board, and when we added all those extra elements...let's just say this has been the best, most confident training camp of my career."

During Rachel in bright baby blue push up/pink panties with a bit of hip; small white gloves; auburn hair in curly high pony, messy bangs framing face. Claire in black cotton underwear with a black/white check waistband; small black gloves; shoulder-length blonde hair loose, straight.

During R1: Rachel quickly at Claire to open, pressurizing blonde round the ring. Danes: left at waist/right at chest as she's bobbing and pivoting about, trying to shake pursuit. Rachel pepper-pot punching straight lefts and rights - pesky contact-touches mostly, designed to keep Danes from getting off. Works to perfection - small mitts skidding off Claire's edges, suppressing her - Rachel scoot-stepping with her blonde, eyes wide as she concentrates on pumping out a constant stream of palm-down pokes. Shutout McAdams: Rachel all dimpled cheeks and bouncing ponytail en route to corner through 1.

R2: More Rachel, better Rachel as Claire continues to bob-and-pivot, trying sneak into position without success. Pepper-pot pokes continue from McAdams - left and right straight shots spanking at Claire's torso, or glancing off her shoulders/scalp. Midway through, Rachel whacks a strapping left/right combo off Claire's waist in palms-down configuration...blonde girl grimaces as her legs give a shimmy - Danes retreats to ropes in earmuff. Rachel hopping-to - peskily at the raised guard with a pinging, light right/left/right, then TORQUING into a vicious left hook in behind Claire's right elbow! Danes grunting, bunching forward in receipt...she's just riding it out, momentarily unable to respond. Rachel cleans up strong to bell - punishing the Danes waistline; spooking Claire upright with the odd scraping right uppercut across the guard. No panic in the Danes corner as she takes on water/receives a vigorous rubdown to thighs and biceps...but she's just been shut out for 6 straight minutes for one of the few times in her career.

R3: Rachel blows the doors off Claire Danes. Starts when a series of cuffing left hooks from the high-elbow look bats Claire to ropes, scoring rudely upon her face and forehead. Rachel steps in with a rowdy right uppercut as Claire's ducking down: crunching chin-check loosens Claire's knees, sits her in ropes. Rachel brawny on her blonde, pushing Claire's shoulders back; hooking her out wide behind right elbow; pumping hup-hup uppercuts into cotton-swathed jugs. Claire swooning, getting worked-over...she forms groggy crossed-arm - right hand at left shoulder/left hand under right elbow - as she stoops forward, trying to bob the incoming. Rachel tightens up stroke, giving herself enough room inside to cuff and swat Claire's available head - punches bouncing off noggin, or slamming into the neck on either side. Hurt, Claire sags back into ropes with head-protecting earmuff: McAdams back to the waistline like a little champ - wide left hooks, digging right uppercuts amidships. Claire bobbing and rolling in the pocket, reactions slowing, face growing sleepy from punishment - she eats a right uppercut to face; takes a left hook to left eye as she's twisting torso-right and BLONDE GIRL DOWN! Claire easing herself to left knee, her right hand in ropes for support, left arm covering her head as ref pushes Rachel back. Danes badly rattled, taking deep breaths when she rises: she tells ref she's good and HERE COMES RACHEL MAC! McAdams finishing up STRONG on her girl - Claire seated in ropes, covered up earmuff: Rachel pushin' and a-punching - palming Claire's shoulders to stabilize, then whacking her beefy to body. Bell: Rachel crosses her arms against her chest and steps into Claire to body her upright - redhead pushing off all "I'm big" to stomp angry-butt back to her corner. Unprecedented 3 straight shutout rounds for Rachel has Claire in a deep hole as McAdams threatens to bury her challenger on the cards early.

Corner tells Claire that "plan A" is "out the window". She'll have to turn puncher to get back into the fight.

R4: More offensive look from Claire as she sticks three pumping left jabs while pivoting clockwise midring, then fits Rachel for the jagged left uppercut as redhead's turning-with. Claire always in the pocket - weight on front (left) leg, pinging straight lefts and rights off Rachel's face with good arm-extension, keeping redhead outside. Claire pivoting left around her hook, taking Rachel in right-side lats or cheek: as MacAdams turns-with, Claire greets her with the right or left uppercut, followed by the cuffing left hook. Stiff punching at volume keeps Rachel at bay: champ getting a dose of her own medicine as hardworking blonde records her first shutout.

R5: Glorious hammer and tongs as Rachel presses hard to regain initiative - Claire punching-and-pivoting as fast as she can without sacrificing balance or professional form. Claire's mitts scrubbing Rachel's face; Claire's jolting uppercuts bringing Rachel up short; Claire's jab nibbling and vexing, punishing McAdams' face. Rachel's pumping hup-hup to ribcage beating winces of pain onto Claire's usually calm face; short, clubbing lefts or rights buffetting Claire off balance, allowing Rachel to come forward at times. Crowd roaring like it's Mish/Hudgens going to town...nobody expected to see two classy dames put it all on the line like a couple of winner-gets-work ingenues at a pool party. Bell: Rachel answers a short left uppercut to chin with a clouting left/right to chops...both women staring, wobbly-butt at bell.

R6: Rachel's will prevails in the aftermath of a ruinous fifth: she's stalking Claire around ring aprons, keeping the pressure on. Danes rotating counter-clockwise, moving corner to corner along ropes: Rachel stepping in stiff left jabs to chest to locate, then trying to get off harsh rights and lefts until Claire can sidestep. McAdams careful not to smother herself, always leading with the jab, then pouring on in volume so crafty Claire can't counter easily. Danes defensive sorcery turning Rachel's doubles into singles, but the singles are piling up: Claire frowning, grimacing throughout - rolling or blocking most of the head shots, but Rachel's getting good hip-pop into swinging left hooks thick to paunch. Danes' legs giving ominous shimmies late: blonde issuing her first clinches, tying up head-and-left-arm while laying back into ropes for ref's breaks. Bell: swinging right hand bashes Claire's left eye, stunning her after the fact; Rachel conflicted by the accidental foul - shouting "Sorry!" but frowning angrily, and refusing to touch gloves (not that Claire's offering).

R7: Rachel POURING in up the middle - Claire digging in, shrugging little left/right uppercuts tits-and-chin on Rachel, then pivoting crisply left. Women fighting pate-to-pate, lighting one another up in close: nobody clinching or looking to rest, because Rachel's pushing the pace. Constant PIK! PAK! of small gloves biting into toned bodies, cracking off skulls...withering exchanges visibly reducing both women. Down the stretch, Claire edges in close, putting her left shoulder/extended elbow on Rachel's body to push while sidestepping-right, turning McAdams counter-clockwise. Lashing hook takes Rachel to liver, cramping her up; chippy right uppercut picks Rachel's chin up - her face all exhausted, eyes closed, eyebrows arched high; swiping left hook punches the mouthpiece off Rachel's teeth...she's on her heels, tottering back in swoon! Rachel hits ropes in a fog, trying to stoop-forward in earmuff. Claire wades in - left hand reaching in to push Rachel's right hand down; right hand CHOPPING across Rachel's jaw as fighters lean in close. Claire inside on Rachel, pushing redhead hands down and away, smiting short chopping hacks across either jaw line; swatting rack; cutting hooks across tummy. Rachel out on her feet, trying to embrace Claire around the shoulders: blonde girl keeps elbows in, pushes Rachel back into ropes, then pumps in the leather short n' shocking. Rachel: sleepy; drooping forward; taking punches; sturdy legs holding her up. Claire: going all-in; left hand pushing Rachel back with the thumb across her throat, then pasting her rights and lefts until redhead wilts forward again. Seconds left...Claire pouring it on, using Rachel up and THE REF STEPS IN! McAdams cradled to safety as Claire leaps away the TKO victrix and NEW bantamweight champion!

After: Claire giving her post-fight speech while corner-mounted atop Rachel. McAdams' head turned to her right, face pinched in discomfort at Claire leans her tummy and hips forward. Danes smiling out into the crowd - empty left hand resting palm-down on left side of Rachel's head - right hand holding the mic, resting atop the left hand, picking up McAdams' laboured breathing. Anguished Foxfire girls looking up into the ring, but what can they do? They fed Kunis tummy when they had advantage, and now they're reaping the whirlwind.

Claire basking in the boos before she speaks:

"Guys?" BOOOO! "Guys? Look what I did. Knocked Rachel McAdams the F out. Took her titles. Turned Dushku into a footnote. You know...when I started in this game, I was third string at HISC," BOOOOO! "People told me that I didn't need the fighting. Said I'd get hurt if I went that route. Said I wasn't strong enough, or good enough. Then I beat Kelly Packard, and people said I'd never be Mish-good, or Sheriff-good. You know what I did?" BOOOO! "Kept winning. Later in my career, people said I was getting 'old'. Said I didn't pander to the crowd enough with my style. Said I shouldn't risk moving up. Know what I did?" BOOOOO! "Yeah, that's right: moved up and kicked Kate Beckinsale's ass. Kept winning from there. Took Britney. Took Wilde. And now look. Puttin' tummy on Rachel McAdams' over-rated face. You people need to understand something: I'm the BEST fighter pound for pound in boxing." BOOOOO! BOOOOO! NOOOO! (plastic beer cups launch into the ring) "I'm not going ANYWHERE. Take the record for title defences - DOUBLE IT - and that's what you're looking at. The tyranny of Claire Danes will be a soul-crushing time of absolute darkness for the bantamweight division. I will put your favourites in chains; I will break their hearts - and yours - night in, night out. And there is not a damn thing anybody - least of all bantamweight fighters - can do about it!" BOOOOO!

Smile. Extra tummy pressure. Pack and Swan girls clapping, strutting, nodding with evil little grins. It's like Sauron taking Minas Tirith or something.


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