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24 January 2014 Title Ch Yvonne Strahovski vs Jennifer Lawrence

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Posted by simguy on January 24, 2014, 10:15 am.


BEFORE: "I love Jen's work on screen, and she's a beautiful girl," Yvonne says in prefight, "but as a fighter, she's being fed to the wolves right now. It's not the first time Theron has pushed girls too hard and fast, and yes, I think Charlize is a factor behind the scenes here. Ruining Jen Lawrence is top-of-mind for Charlize, and one good way of doing that is shoving Jen into an Yvonne Strahovsky fight for which Lawrence just isn't ready."

Lawrence angry at Yvonne's speculative remarks...it's not the first time Jen's heard the evil-Charlize narrative. "Strahovsky's full of crap," Jen says with Kentucky directness. "All Charlize has done has given me the best Yvonne-Strahovsky sparring in the business - I feel like I've already gone 100 rounds with the best version of this girl. Look, I've seen the tape of Mary Winstead vs Yvonne, and the votes are in: I hit harder than Mary; I'm more stubborn and determined, and I'm more violent. When I get to Yvonne's chest, I'll punish her, and she won't be able to get out from under. I'm gonna punch right through this girl and I'm gonna be champion. And when I take this thing? Biggest cheer in the joint's gonna come from Charlize Theron."

Yvonne in metallic baby blue bikini with silver strings; white gloves; slick low pony. Jen in white sport-bikini halter top; black sport-bikini bottoms with full backside coverage and a sturdy bit of hip; white gloves; controversial blonde pixie-cut hair.

During R1: Yvonne keepin' it leggy early - loping to her right while pinging right/lefts against Jen's guard; hooking/jabbing while rotating to her left, keeping Lawrence outside. Jen bobbing, blocking, walking Vonnie down...takes 2 minutes, but eventually Lawrence is able to square up on Straho ropeside. Jen's head bobbing to Strahovsky's waist; Jen's hands down around her knees...then she bobs up into hooks and walloping right hands, bashing away ribs/head. Strahovsky keeping hands up to block, cuffing little left hands at Jen's ear as Lawrence butts-jug with the top of her head; trying for right uppercuts underneath, taking Jen in her tummy or tits.

R2: Same again - Yvonne showing leg superiority midring, circling Jen, reaching out to tap at her with either hand; occasionally setting down on sliding right crosses ticketed for chin with bad intentions. Lawrence bobbing in crossed-arm - right hand at left shoulder/left under right elbow - as she tries to work her way forward. She does eventually hound Strahovsky to ropes, but with a minute left, Vonnie able to block, bat and cuff away to a stalemate off the ropes, making her legs the decisive element over the first 2/3s of the round.

R3: Better hounding pursuit for Jen - she incorporates a stout stubby-jab from her bobbing crouch, poking Straho to ropes early on. Yvonne upright, hands up, usually resting on Jen's shoulders or cupping her ears. Jen bobbing in crossed-arm, then REEFING rights and lefts at Vonnie's waist/ribs...punches that devastated Catherine Zeta Jones in the pocket piling up on classy blonde chassis. Vonnie concerned, but under control...she'll tip torso-right to bat 2 or 3 cuffing hooks upside Jen's head; off the right plant leg, Straho will loop the right hand underneath, striking at Jen's paunch, or jerk pesky right uppercuts, working Jen chin and tits in close. Balance of trade in Jen's favour, but down the stretch, Straho gets good sleek leverage on a slick right uppercut, picking Jen's face up and leaving her spellbound. Lawrence leaning forward in crossed-arm, not working: Yvonne sidesteps around Jen's left flank; picks Jen up a batting left to face; doubles it; slap-chops a right to head, shunting Lawrence awkwardly to ropes. Jen blinking in confusion, rolling buns into ropes while bobbing forward in crossed-arm...Straho drops her right foot back, starts pasting away in earnest. Champion's fists swat and chop away to glory - Vonnie keeping her elbows in/weight forward as she samples Jen tummy and face. Sharp, swatting punches smite the mouthpiece off Lawrence's teeth, leaving her in swoon at bell, stealing the round for Yvonne.

R4: Jen busting up, but not discouraged in the least...she's right back on top of Yvonne early, driving champ to ropes. Jen bobbing on the spot, hands at her thighs - then she'll erupt with looping power, trying to clout Vonnie's head off with either mitt. Strahovky leaning back into ropes, hands up to block, but she's getting rocked...Jen not always getting through to noggin clean, but she's bashing arms/lats, beating tummy, brushing Vonnie waaay back with rowdy right uppercuts. Lawrence in rhythm, getting work done, bobbing Vonnie's nuisance cuffs and swats about the head - using pixie-cut noggin to butt Australian jugs in-tempo with the slugging. Final minute - Vonnie on right plant-leg, dipping right shoulder and really fetching Jen a clapping right to tummy. Couple of cuffing hooks to ear as Vonnie tips torso-left, shifting weight to left plant leg; short, stiff left uppercut picks up Jen's chin. Lawrence's backside gives a shimmy...she reaches for Yvonne's hips to stabilize herself, but Strahovsky pushes down on Jen's head and sidesteps-right, squirting out-and-around, while putting Lawrence head-first through the ropes! Jen righting herself, arms crossed right atop left at her gut: she straightens up, takes a trio of clouting hooks across the chops, sitting her stunned in ropes! Slap-chop right across the teeth ejects Jen's mouthpiece...she's staring in confusion, suddenly paralyzed! Cuffing left hook across the mouth; slap-chop right cross; shaving left uppercut grazing Jen's left cheek; scooping right to tummy underneath Jen's crossed wrists; scrubbing left across the tits; driving right cross across the mouth, turning Jen's head and DRAPING HER LOOSE IN ROPES! Lawrence swooning, eyelashes fluttering...Vonnie all long-limbed and lashing, baring her fangs, going for Jen's throat and THE REF STEPS IN! Lawrence blubbering in protest as ref cradles her to safety - TKO4 for the winner and STILL Lightweight champion - Vonnie Straho.

AFter: Strahovsky beaming...lot of doubters figured Jen would work the Winstead game-plan to perfection...Vonnie obviously putting in a lot of work to polish up her off-the-ropes counter-offensives for this fight. "It's not like I just lose fights to Mary and never learn anything," Yvonne says in postfight addressing her haters directly. "I knew exactly what Jen would try to do tonight, and I ate her alive as a result. Lawrence isn't polished enough. She's a meaty, physical diamond in the rough, but she's not at my level yet. This isn't JMD or Welterweight, where girls just punch at random until someone goes down. This isn't flyweight or bantamweight where being strong for your size can make you champion. Baby, this is LIGHTWEIGHT. Real fighters, real skillz, long learning curves. I give Jen all the credit in the world for manufacturing a title bid like this, but you saw the difference tonight between a woman who's the best in the world at what she does, and a girl still finding her place in the sport." OUCH! Vonnie laying it on thick, but not without some dispute: in days to follow, Fighting Ingenue Magazine will call the decision a "quick stoppage" citing the potential of Jen's "curvy-strong legs" to hold her up and get her out of the round.


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