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25 January 2014 Table of Contents: Various Mags and Articles of Foxfire-PLP

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Posted by simguy on January 25, 2014, 4:48 pm



BLONDE! Mag: (picture of sombre-faced Laura V and Sarah C standing side by side, Hayden and Clare in flanking positions - arms crossed, girls in white satin bikinis) SMACKDOWN: Vandervoort and Carter lead Foxfire veterans in against Shay, Troi and the rest of the PLP, with payback for Eloise top-of-mind!

FIGHTING INGENUE: PLP UNCHAINED! (picture of the Pretty Little Punchers in barbarian-girl animal-hide costumes, throwing off shackles in a dungeon setting, and looking ready to revolt) Troian Bellisario says: "We're not their little sisters!" FI examines the PLP's grievances, assesses stakes and predicts a landslide upset for the Pretty Little Punchers.

FIGHTING INGENUE: "WHY I'M BETTER!" (side by side 2-shot of Lucy Hale and Clare Bowen posing in boxing gloves) - Article looks at two of the prettiest and spunkiest ingenues in boxing today and profiles their upcoming super-fight!

SNARK MAGAZINE: Expose uncovers a lot of seething hostility between the PLP and Foxfire. Plenty of locker-room material for both sides!

BLONDE! MAGAZINE: "ODD GIRL OUT" - Why Ashley Benson is being thrown to the wolves by the PLP.

CELEBRITY RING: "DOES THE PLP HAVE A CHANCE?" Experts break down every fight in the stable war and give their picks. Foxfire's going with a smaller line up on average...will an edge in experience make up for pounds, inches, and youthful exuberance?

FIGHTING INGENUE MAGAZINE: "I'LL SHOCK HAYDEN PANETTIERE!" - Ashley Benson says size, hitting power will be decisive against heavily favoured Hayden P.

MEAN AND PRETTY MAGAZINE: "I BEAT DORMER; I'LL HANDLE CARTER!" Troian Bellisario says her experience against Rampant's Natty D gives her the edge against Foxfire's ice-queen.


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