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29 January 2014 The Georgie Thompson Challenge

Page history last edited by Archer844 8 years, 11 months ago

Posted by Vassago on January 29, 2014, 1:04 pm


"Hello and a very warm welcome from Brentwood, Essex, this is Denise van Outen together with Roxanne Pallett on the behalf of BBU TV we're proud to present the second edition of Georgie Thompson Challenge. Good evening, Roxy, are you excited for this as much as I am?"

"Hello, Denise. Yes, it's great to be back here in the booth to watch another complete destruction of that skinny little slut, Georgie Thompson!"

"Yes, Roxy, we all know what big fan of Georgie you are but let's bring our viewers some deatils on her tonight's opponents, shall we!"

"Wish I was one of them, Denise!"

"Well, you had your chance against Georgie over a year ago and you did pretty well. Now Rika Ishikawa, Keisha Buchanan and the one and only Samia Ghadie all want to follow suit!"

"Useless sluts, all of them!"

"OK, Roxy my dear, do you want to continue as my guest commentator in the future? (...) You do? Well, then zip it dear for the time being. Let's not send Georgie into boxing retirement just yet!"

"Indeed, let's don't since everyone wants to see Thompson getting wrecked time and time again. And oh, Denise, why don't you tell the viewers about our special surprise for all the winners and a real night of spanking for the losers."

"Well, the surprise has hit the news already, Roxy! While Georgie flew home from the States she took none other than the star of adult movie industry, Mr. Marcus with her. And every winner of tonight's event will enjoy his undoubtful bedroom skills. While the losers will suffer a rough night of pounding which even Emma Glover's black stallion can't compare with."

"In other words, who's gonna spit and who's gonna swallow?"

"Among other things, Roxy!"

"I've heard that Samia Ghadie doesn't swallow! What an useless tramp!"

"Well, I haven't asked her about that.."

"But I asked her boyfriend! And then I swallowed his load myself!"

"Roxy, you little..."

"Watch your mouth, Denise, U think I'm joking? Well, the news that Georgie couldn't blow Mr. Marcus off on the plane because Amelle Berrabah whacked her over the head is true?"

"How do you know that!!"

"Well, the pilot was my dance partner at Ascot one year. He still says I'm the best cocksucker south of Glasgow!"

"OK, enough of this... we're on air and the kids are watching..."

"I know you're just jealous now!"

"Stop it, Roxy! Let's get down to the ring since I see the announcer making his way and you wouldn't have guessed it but Frankie Cocozza has found himself another lousy job. It's all yours, Frankie!"


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