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29 January 2014 Keisha Buchanan vs Georgie Thompson

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BBU: The Georgie Thompson Challenge from Brentwood



Posted by Vassago on January 29, 2014, 1:05 pm


We're back after the commercials and there's a special guest coming ringside, Mr. Marcus himself, hidden in his VIP lounge during the opening fight of the Challenge now leading the applause and apparently cheering for Keisha Buchanan to turn Georgie Thompson into a sobbing wreck. He's had 'em all but there's nothing like a new girl to test one man's needs. And he's joined in the Buchanan support by Roxanne Pallett who remains surprisingly fond of the Sugababes' singer, apparently the beatdown Keisha handed Roxy's former stablemate Katherine Jenkins went down really well with the proud Emmerdale brunette.


Back in the ring Georgie's all new and patched up, still sporting that red outfit while Keisha choses a violet basque top, black knickers and violet gloves. "Doesn't she look like a whore?", Denise van Outen tries to tease her co-commentator but Roxy's glued to Mr. Marcus already and one can never rule out she's gonna join the post-event party in one of the Brentwood night clubs.

Round 1:
Keisha's vastly improved her record after switching to flyweight even though she followed that Jenkins knockout by an equally vicious defeat at the hands of Miley Cyrus... but Georgie is no Miley and gets her gloves shoved into her face straight away as the ex-Sugababe rips into the blonde seconds into the bout and jabs furiously at the head; Thompson's determined to avoid another disaster though and pummels through on the ribcage, makes Keisha squeal after tagging her liver and suddenly rips a perfect uppercut that crashes into the singer's jaw... DOWN GOES BUCHANAN and all the odds are flushed down the gutter... Roxy's lost her breath in the booth and even the blonde anchor is surprised as Keisha scampers to her feet at six, more shocked than upset right now and Georgie's after her in a hurry, swings her mitts on the head, tries to land that uppercut again yet Keisha shows some fine footwork and escapes further trouble. However going on the back foot against someone of Thompson's record is really embarrassing and brings back the memories of her bantamweight struggles. Georgie only manages to bounce off the forearms for remainder of the round but she's done more than anyone expected from her in that opening round.

Round 2:
Blonde reporter understandably buoyed by that knockdown, slams into Keisha's ribs again as the singer must seek a clinch before shoving Thompson away, both women launch an immediate follow up, bounce off each other and while Georgie spikes the liver again, Buchanan whips a cross hook across her mouth and finds a left hook on the eye that staggers Thompson on the spot and leaves her exposed into another jabbing series... KEISHA POUNDS AWAY AT THE CHEST, blasts the blonde between the arms and pierces her navel with a drilling left hand, sends Thompson covering onto the ropes before switching high and shattering her guard as she's finally found the vicious side of her presence. Georgie's pummelled around on her feet and unable to tame the charge, sags on her knees when Keisha switches low again and ends the round by just ripping it into the blonde's stomach.

Round 3:
Keisha leaps into another furious charge, slams overhand jabs and has Thompson all covers up and making the same mistake by being too defensive. But the singer misses a key follow up over the top and wobbles forward as the blonde's ducking and weaving bring her a sudden respite and launch a spiking series on the ribcage again.. THOMPSON DRILLS BUCHANAN'S GUTS OUT, nobody's seen the reporter this aggressive for a long time and she has Keisha moaning in pain and lowering her arms for protection; quick uppercut on the jaw sends her reeling to the side and Georgie whips her across the mouth, rocks her head back & forth before pushing her against the ropes and paying back the favor by pummelling her stomach into a mush for remainder of the round; Buchanan's down in a hole through three rounds and Roxy's pounding her fists on the table during the interval.

Round 4:
Georgie really thinks she can win this and finish the Sugababe off right now as she charges after the singer but Keisha's caught Mr. Marcus' eye during the break and whether that sparked some instant interest remains to be seen, the most frequent BBU TV reporter is in the ring tonight rather than taking care of the VIP guests; immediate response follows and both women crash in the middle of the ring and throw overhand leather... KEISHA SPIKES GEORGIE ON THE EYE and whips her sideways with a clean strike on the brow ridge, that even took the ponytail for a spin and Buchanan rips into more chest assault and reels a suddenly moaning reporter back onto the ropes; she relieves Thompson off her breath by the minute mark by slamming more uppercuts against the rack; Georgie tries to land some hooks on the head but gets staggered against the ropes by accurate jabbing on the ribs and Keisha finally cracks an uppercut on the jaw herself that sages the blonde on her knees, more ponytail swinging follows as the singer's charge continues and Thompson drops into a punchbag mode and gets whipped against the turnbuckle with Buchanan bouncing off her boobs repeatedly and leaving in a roughed up state at the bell.

Round 5:
Thompson's avoided serious facial misery but the repeated body blows from Buchanan leave her a bit breathless and slow moving to start the fifth. Plus she's rarely been this far into a fight and now falls into more chest assault as Keisha seems to be liking pounding the blonde's assets before switching for an uppercut series on the jaw with Thompson's guard torn to shreds... DOWN GOES GEORGIE after a triple sequence drops her on her back; finally Keisha's back on track and struts back to her corner as Thompson gets up at seven but is unable to mount an immediate comeback and the singer's after her again, faking a ribcage attack and bouncing off the eye instead, Georgie trips back onto the ropes and gets harpooned by a quick overhand on the right eye again, her head snaps back and the arms drop low, expose the chin into another uppercut attack... left, left, right, triple uppercut deja vu SENDS GEORGIE INTO THE ORBIT ans she jack-knives at the singer's feet... and she's out of here for good, remains numb and unresponsive at the count... KO5 Keisha Buchanan!!!

AFTER: Such a glorious chance for Georgie to upset the odds and take a proud ex-Sugababes singer to the cleaners goes awry with Keisha cracking a series of uppercuts on the chin to finally secure a much harder than expected victory. It almost seems like that Thompson gave her a tougher test than the former bantamweight Katherine Jenkins a few weeks before.

Keisha's won the second bout of the Challenge but she's upset and disappears from the ring as quickly as possible, shoves Frankie Cocozza in the proccess. Getting knocked down by the blonde reporter is something that nobody wants to be reminded of and even Roxanne Pallett's critical in the singer's display. "And I had such high hopes for Keisha! Neah, she's equally trashy like all the others. Thank God she knocked Georgie's lights out in the end but I have a feeling Samia Ghadie will score the best finish of the night and brags about her cocksucking skills afterwards. Now that Mr. Marcus' in the audience I'm surprised that Keisha didn't go straight to him and jerked him off in the open! (...) Or wait a minute, where is he going? Right back to the locker room! Perhaps she will suck him off after all..."

Denise van Outen finally interrupts Roxy's tirade and announces another set of commercials with the one and only Samia Ghadie about to crown the Georgie Thompson Challenge in few minutes time pending the blonde's recovery and medical evaluation of her jaw.

Final result: Keisha Buchanan def. Georgie Thompson KO5.


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