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29 May 2008 Kate Beckinsale vs Leslie Bibb

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Posted by Simguy on 5/29/2008, 6:05 pm.


Before: Fights been in the works for a while: Bibb’s sudden star-burst on “Iron Man” led to renegotiations and hard feelings all around. “I offered her a nice flat fee originally,” Kate explains in prefight, “a generous flat fee considering who she is, and who I am—but after her minute-and-a-half of screentime on ‘Iron Man’, she walked away from the table. I don’t like being robbed by bimbos: Leslie was already scheduled to take a beating—NOW I’ll be sure to upgrade that mauling.” Bibb shrugging off the threats—she’s on top of the world and looking to add Kate to her list of accomplishments. “Missy was no fluke,” Bibb tells reporters. “I took her apart with my superior boxing skills, and Beckinsale’s going to get a taste of the same thing. I’ve got the best legs in the division—including Kate’s over-rated wheels—and I’ll use them to run Beckinsale ragged!”  Kate in black bikini; small black gloves; hair in messy ponytail with bangs framing face. Leslie in metallic bronze bikini’ small bkack gloves; hair in messy ponytail with bangs framing face.


During R1: Kate glaring, flinging out jabs as she scoots forward. Leslie on her toes, jabbing smartly while reaching her right (back) foot so she can immediately pull away. Beckinsale penetrating at times, punishing the Bibb ribcage ringing rights and lefts in rapid succession: Leslie grimacing, bails out rather than trading. Final minute, raking Beckinsale hooks catch Leslie as she’s backing away, knocking her awkwardly to ropes. Beckinsale following up with a vicious right hand chopped in above Leslie’s left hip, and a brace of gouging left uppercuts to Leslie’s sternum, forcing Bibb to clinch at bell.


R2: Kate hounding Leslie=--brunette very aggressive behind her jab, scooting after Bibb, scouring her with combinations. Hooks taking Leslie in her tummy/up into ribs: she’s discouraged, grimacing and backing into ropes. Midway through, Kate hurts Leslie thus: left uppercut tucked in tight to solar plexus; two quick hooks PIK PAK! Into ribs behind left elbow; short left hook carved in palm-down, clipping Leslie across her chin. Bibb rocked, knees buckled, but she proves a warrior. Kate squaring away, lets her hands go, only to be outpunched in furious brawling at the bell. Leslie woozy, but bellowing defiantly at the bell: Kate seething, frustrated at blonde resilience.

R3: Kate engaging Leslie all around the ring: Bibb grimacing, going flat footed as Beckinsale body blows add up. Kate leaning forward, working hard—she’s digging rights and lefts up into the ribs; chopping rights in above the hip; doubling up hooks into Leslie’s ribs or sternum. Bibb forced to brawl back in kind, but she’s not as busy or compact. Leslie spending a lot of time suffering behind her peek-a-boo guard, elbows in to block Kate’s scouring body attack. Bell: Kate nodding aggressively as she turns away, stomps all business back to her corner.


R4: Kate bending a right hand over Leslie’s raised left arm: brunette chopping at jaw, unhinging blonde knees as Leslie staggers to ropes again. Beckinsale crowding in, hup-hup-hupping to Bibb’s breadbasket: Kate just THUMPING away on blonde abs. Leslie winded, slumping butt-in ropes, but once again rallying when hurt: she rings Kate up the left uppercut, then clips her a side-swiping right to Kate’s astonishment. TORRID trade as Beckinsale redoubles her efforts, punching Leslie back into the ropes with a fusillade of blows to the ribcage: Leslie gasping, managed to reject Kate again with desperation uppercuts to British chin. Bell: girls still clanging away meat cleaver-and-blackjack style.


R5: Midring—Kate ripping rights and lefts wide to Leslie’s midriff: Bibb stands her ground for the first time, taking the blows, then clipping back uppercuts to Kate’s overhanging face. Blonde battling brunette to standstill midring: gorgeous, biting exchanges as Kate’s forced to guard-up and wait her turn. Slow rotation counterclockwise—girls touching each other jabs to measure, the going for each other with hacking bitterness, Down the stretch, Leslie paints Kate a right cross to mouth; comes back with jab and BECKINSALE GOES WOBBLY BUTT! Kate in trouble, stumbling forward in earmuff: Leslie falls back in good order, ripping right/left uppercuts to the solar plexus as poor walks Kate into harm. Leslie beaming at the bell, lifting her right hand in triumph. Kate? Hurting.


R6: Leslie over to offense, taking the fight to Kate. Beckinsale jabbed to ropes, showing a V guard with hands cupping her face, elbow together at her tummy. Leslie working over the V with jabs, looking to clean up hard right hands against Kate’s forehead. Bibb also batting away shivering, slender-limbed whacks against Kate’s waist: Beckinsale finally forced to reach in to clinch. Ref’s break—Leslie knocks jabs against Kate’s forehead, driving her to ropes once again: Beckinsale ducking down, walks Leslie into clinch/ref’s break. Stop and go action—Leslie the aggressor—Kate just trying to contain the jail break as blonde takes the round.


R7: Kate’s got her legs back—she outjabs Leslie midring, spooking blonde to the perimeter. Beckinsale stalking; Leslie scowling, circling to her right. Becks steps in sudden, hooking wide to Bibb’s mouth—Leslie thinks she’s out of range, gets her head knocked back instead. Leslie spilling onto ropes with biting left hook. Bibb distraught, dazed—lifting mitts loose to her temples: Kate gets back to the midsection with CHUGGING lefts and rights. Beckinsale pummeling away, then systematically doubling uo hooks behind the elbow—really reefing at Leslie’s ribs. BIBB GOES DOWN! Wilting collapse—Kate’s body shits robbing Leslie of her legs—blonde drops to hands and knees, then sits back on her haunches, hugging her ribcage. It’s OVER: KO7 to the body, Kate Beckinsale.


After: Beckinsale taking an angry strut—glaring into the audience all hands on hips: she’s still pumped by the stoppage, Leslie in agony—audibly moaning in pain as her ribs are examined: concerted effort by Kate to break down blonde ribcage pays off in spades. “She’s not built to withstand punishment,” Kate explains in postfight. “She’s long and willowy—a danger on the outside: I took that all away from her. I exposed Leslie Bibb tonight—just as I knew I would.”


Reposted by Archer 2/22/14.

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