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17 May 2008 Jenny McCarthy vs Allison Mack

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Posted by Simguy on 5/17.2008, 8:49 am.


Before: “It’s not about ‘worthiness’,” guest commentator Neve Campbell says at ringside. Both these girls have proven they are legit contenders. It’s really more about who’s hungrier. I’m going to fight someone—that’s a given—so it may as well be the person who wants it the most. They’re a couple of hardnoses—not your candyass blondes—so I’m expecting an intense contest. Mack’s got to watch out early—she needs to get a feel for Jenny and not get caught by anything crazy. I think if she can avoid the big bomb, Mack can break Jenny down—I truly believe that. McCarthy can’t fight Allison’s fight—she might THINK she can go toe to toe with Allison, but there’s no way. Jenny’s got to use her versatility, show some different looks and hope to get Alli’s respect with power early.” Allison in lemon yellow bikini with yellow ring connections; white gloves. Jenny metallic blue bikini with boy cut legs; white gloves.


During R1: Blistering exchange midring—both girls getting off: Jenny has the last-word when a ringing left uppercut sends Allison stumbling to her left. Jenny on follow up: straight right hand off the hop-in; hook to the hip; right to the chest—Mack slugged to ropes, assuming earmuff. Middle minute sees Jenny square away, working over either Mack flank as Allison’s crouching forward behind her gloves. Final minute, Mack’s recovered enough to slug-with: girls fronting up behind high guards, taking turns jerking short uppercuts or hooks against prepared defenses. Jenny.


R2: Jenny with a brace of three stubby jabs, works Allison backwards: hard right hand detonates against Mack’s chest. Allison crossing her arms, bobbing, looking to hook put of the crouch: she’s catching McCarthy in the right armpit; across jug; across chin. McCarthy backs off, circles right, shows the jab: Jenny’s versatility in evidence as she breaks out the boxing look. Down the stretch, girls trade rights/comeback hooks: ringing face-punches set Allison stamping on her heels as Jenny finds the mark with two-fisted authority.


R3: Allison jabbing stubby, touching Jenny in her body and breasts; Mack follows up a raucous right cross, turning Jenny’s head and sending her backpedalling. Jenny hits ropes, rebounds looking to slug: Allison crouches down, puts a shoulder heavy into Jenny’s chest, throwing McCarthy back into ropes all ragdoll. POUNDING volley to the waistline—Mack to McCarthy: Jenny all cramped, grimacing, momentarily unable to punch, Mack out a loose crossed arm, leans in to shoulder McCarthy against ropes again, then whacks at her torso beefy lefts and rights. Heavy handed swat from Allison as she stays on top, using left shoulder, extended left elbow to keep Jenny pinned down. McCarthy showing earmuff, not enjoying her time on the ropes. Steady bell to bell beatdown issued as Mack goes about the business of reducing her energetic foe.


R4: Bodywork seems to have gentled Jenny down some: she’s mincing around, trying to get her legs back as Allison steps-to fresh. Thudding rights and lefts to the body: Alli ripping shots out of her crossed-arm stance, just painting on shellack. McCarthy can’t stand her ground—driven back by punches, shoulder bumps and pushes, Ropes: McCarthy earmuffs up, sacrificing her waistline to Allison’s sumptuous thumpings: big, beefy spank sounding out from Jenny’s taut midriff, Rude shove-and-slug from Mack—she;s just bodying Jenny into ropes, getting under McCarthy’s arms and tossing her back deadweight. Then it’s the slugging—Mack bushing away on arms, ribs, jugs, breaking Jenny’s guard down, then picking her up uppercuts and hooks to chin, Jenny shows her toughness—she takes another hard 3 minutes from Allison, often buckled, never broken.


R5: Jenny stepping left around her jab, pumping stick to Alli’s face. Mack weaving side to side, leaping in with hooks, then looking to engage shoulder to shoulder. Jenny catching Allison some stout licks, but always backing up afterwards: Mack crossing her arms, bobbing forward, taking the fight to Jenny always and everywhere. Ragged retreats from Jenny: she’s mouthbreathing, perplexed—she just can’t punch Allison off her., Mack eventually muscles Jenny to ropes, fighting off her chest with good old fashioned bump-n’-slug. McCarthy spanked senseless, but chesting up defiant at the bell, scorning Mack with “That the best you got?”


R6: Jenny shows a peppy left hand—hooking brisk off her jab, punching off the front (Left) foot, Mack’s forward progress slowed, then halted altogether as she tries to penetrate, only to be driven back by punishing McCarthy right hands. Jenny bouncing her fist off Mack’s forehead—McCarthy able to come forward after repulsing Allison: Playmate slowly renegotiating terms this round. Jenny able to establish a rhythm behind her jab: Hard, chopping right crosses up top; rising left uppercut/hooks from the underneath neatly solving Allison’s crossed arm guard. Mack punched so hard and so often to head and tummy that she goes to a V guard late: hands at her cheeks, elbows together at her stomach, Jenny getting off rich and strapping at the bell—pounding away both hands as Allison slumps against ropes, taking.


R7: Glorious hammer and tongs., Allison steps into Jenny’s chin with a short right cross, tossing McCarthy’s head, JMac right back with a series of chugging, rising lefts and rights to Mack’s midriff, punching Allison backwards. Allison firms, answers with hooks, up top, then a fat right roundhouse in the waist as Jenny groans, doubles forward. Back and forth—both girls scoring, but punch for punch, it’s Jenny. McCarthy willing herself forward, taking hard punches, but dishing same as fight takes on a thudding tit-for-tat rhythm. Final minute—Jenny takes the round away from Allison with short right uppercuts inside: demoralized Mack stumbles backward into ropes, ashen faced. JMac hops in with hooks, working over Mack’s under-rated breasts, then issuing a more generalized beatdown as Alli folds forward behind her mitts. Ref warning Jenny about punching across Allison’s back at the bell--JMac dismisses the charge,


R8: Glorious, inconclusive, hammer and tongs. Allison stabilizing her front—preps Jenny with a few stubby jabs before pounding away in earnest. McCarthy covers up, rides it out, then takes her turn: erupting from the earmuffed crouch with a shocking left uppercut/chopping right cross combo. Mack crouches in crossed arm, hooking Jenny’s waist, then breasts: early progress reversed with Jenny walks Allison onto the left uppercut, then cleans up a left hook/right hand. Clanging back and forth—neither girl able to back the other up more than a few steps before all the territory is retaken, Neve beaming: this is the kind of destructive round all champions wish upon their challengers.


R9: Girls step-to, get off no-nonsense: each forming guard to block, then answering back in banging trade. Minute mark, Jenny punching-with, beats Allison to a shirt right hand, stuns her a left uppercut, then gets Mack moving backwards with a clean-up right on the face, Allison in her geeks, eyes suddenly glassy: Jenny able to mount walking barrage stepping Allison to ropes with methodical rights and lefts. Ropes: Jenny pushes Allison in her shoulders as Mack crosses arms and bends forward: Jenny quick clipping a right/left off Alli’s overhanging scalp as Mack’s sitting ropes.




Most decisive moment of the fight as Jenny squares away, starts ringing heavy leather off Mack’s ribs and skull, Allison reacting late, slowing down: she’s looking ramshackle, taking too many punches without trying to answer, just sitting in ropes in punchy astonishment. Jenny beats at her girl with grinning gusto—often riding one hand loo0se atop Mack’s upper back while lifting the free mitt into body underneath, Baseball bat whacking leaves Allison drained forlorn at the bell: Mack proves her sturdiness by refusing ti bend the knee under a terrible beating.


R10: Jenny a little winded—pace slowing: Mack busting up, but firming: they meet in the middle for shoulder-to-shoulder trading. Both girls nudging with the left shoulder, keeping dukes up: they’re fighting close in, ripping hooks at tummies and breasts, then crowding in close to smother receipts. Trudging pace—Girls hitting each other hard, but not nearly so often as the crazed pace of the earlier rounds., Fight ends with the girls midring, stepping in a tight circle, hooking each other’s ribcages in turn. Comes back close, hardfought UD10: Jenny McCarthy,


After: McCarthy’s puffy eyed but glowing at the announcement: she comes over to ropes above Neve, draws a thumb across her throat in Neve’s direction with a big grin. Campbell pursing  her lips, sitting back in her chair and crossing her arms—clearly irritated as Jenny carries on, Jenny earns it—breaking down a very tough Allison Mack to get to Neve.


Reposted by Archer 2/23/14.

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