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21 November 2000 Jenna Elfman vs Gena Lee Nolin

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Boxing After Dark

Posted by simguy on 11/21/2000, 7:18 pm

Thanks to FightFan for this repost

Before: HBO delighted to set up all-blonde box off to determine Theron's next challenger - immense importance for Gina Lee who's one step away from finally scratching that itch. "It's a no brainer for us," gloats one greedy executive, "This is a huge fight for a show with Boxing After Dark's budget." Boxing insiders have to favour Nolin: she's got the experience, the punch, and Elfman likes to fight outside - always a dangerous approach against a KO artist like Gena. Still Jenna's shown the kind of pluck it takes to deal with adversity - shows no sign of intimidation during pre-fight. Pale blue bikini with white ruffling for Jenna, Pale blue bikini top, yellow bikini bottoms Gena Lee.

During R1: Nolin in a supple crouch, hands low, launches overhand rights against Jenna's condor jab and Elfman gets tagged early, shaking it off, squaring up and bombing back in a blistering exchange to open. Nolin crushing Jenna's head to the side with sweeping right hands, coming back with slinging left hooks - Elfman standing her ground and lashing her long arms back, but Nolin's in a damaging rhythm. Jenna starting to break down, arms beginning to flail as Nolin bends into her punches, pulling haymakers from her hips across the other blonde's face and finally, Jenna wobbles pathetically to all fours. Nolin bellowing in triumph, mitts in the air - Elfman on queer street, eyes staring unfocussed - she barely beats the count. On comes Nolin, sweeping rights and lefts - Jenna wilting away with her arms pushed straight out in pleading defence - Elfman hits the ropes hard as Gena bulls in. Hard forearm blows to the sternum have Jenna sobbing out loud, up on her toes as Gena roughs her up. Jenna clinching, getting the referee's break - but Nolin wades back in DRIVING that spearing right hand onto the heart, then chugging lefts into Elfman's side as Jenna folds into Gina's arms. Gena plundering her foe, coming in waves as Elfman tries to stand upright in the corner, finally bludgeoned to a seat with her hands in her lap - eyes glassy, mouth open. Nolin stooping to clout the seated girl across the face gets hustled away and berated by an outraged ref. Jenna battered, can't get off her butt as Nolin leaps into the arms of her trainer with a stunning KO1.

After: Elfman in a KO daze - no idea what hit her - she is escorted trembling from the ring in complete shock. Nolin stampeding around the ring in berserk triumph - celebration comes to a screeching halt as a regal Charlize Theron enters the ring right off the cover of Vogue magazine to stand - gown to bikini - in front of the sweating brawler. Smoldering stare down ensues as handlers gently intercede, separating the two before tempers get the better of wallets. Jenna swept away by Nolin's determination to get to Theron - it's GLN vs Charlize for the title.

Sim Guy


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