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16 February 2014 Demi Lovato vs Christina Ricci

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Posted by OddManOut on February 16, 2014, 2:59 pm


Christina Ricci coming off an impressive title shot taking dominant flyweight champ Shahi deep, jumps right back into the deep end against beefy Lovato. "At my size, you have to be willing to fight uphill. I just have to get her onto the ropes, and then she'll be putty in my hands."
Demi finally getting her first FCBA win last year, looking to up her profile with win over well-respected veteran. " I can't wait to take on Christina Ricci. She's got a tough reputation, but I want to prove I am even tougher."
Ricci in purple bandeau bikini, small black gloves; black hair in short pony with frisky bangs framing cheeks. Demi in brown bandeau, small black gloves, blonde hair in loose tangles over shoulders and cleavage.

R1: Chrissy comes out bobbing & weaving, engaging midring with tight-clubbing right & lefts, head & shoulders. Demi with the size advantage, prefers a more measured approach, adopts a wide stance, getting spanked, but she faces into it, staying supple, rolling shots, then dropping a quick right off the shoulder/slicing, rising hook to take Ricci hard on chin. Then Lovato bodies up, tummying Ricci into ropes. Chrissy grimacing with the effort of reaching under blonde arms to turrrrn Demi into ropes. Fight tumbling along aprons as girls struggle in sweaty clinches, push each other into ropes, then try to belt away until opponent gloms on again. Enough work getting done that ref's not issuing breaks - just letting the girls reverse each other into ropes and corners; hold and hit; get off sloppy. Down the stretch, Lovato able to push off and pound away with strong punching, measuring with her left, before .

R2: Chrissy the aggressor all around the ring, showering tight, pelting lefts and rights, chewing at Demi's underbelly, ribcage, and jugs with pit-bull persistence. Ricci having a hard time actually moving Lovato with punches. Demi facing into punishment and looking listless, but taking Chrissy's best shots. Fleshy impact of the small-mitt leather on Lovato's rounded chassis sounding out as Ricci clubs away. Chrissy pushing in close, gets her shoulder into lifting repeat right uppercuts jugs as Demi rides her right arm over her tormentor's left shoulder, sulking under the beating.

R3: Chrissy head down, tackles Demi to a seat in the ropes. Ricci softening Lovato up with a pumping barrage of lefts and rights square to those black trunks, blonde lurching forward in trouble. RICCI HAMMERS RACK! Christy standing up in the stirrups, curling her fists up into Demi's overhanging bra as she's tingling hurt from the trunk-work. Lovato hurt, reaches to clinch, trying to hold Ricci close as smaller girl struggles to cram in extra tummy punches before the break. That's the way of it: relentless headlong blitzing from Chrissy driving Demi to ropes, then trunk & tummy softening barrages followed by glorious, chugging jug-mugging. Demi in trouble, eyes frowned shut as she soaks up the beating: she's not answering back much, just trying to pull Chrissy in and weigh her down for breaks.

R4: Demi bulling into Chrissy, muscular, rounded arms writhing in around stocky ribs, girls wrestling chest to chest as sturdy legs stamp for position. Lovato the boss this time, walking Ricci to ropes, smearing her at the apron. Demi able to execute brawny shove n’ slug this round. Crossed arm guards collide, Lovato using her left shoulder and open right palm to shove the smaller girl off stance before hooking her body. Ricci just trying to stoop forward, deny Demi midsection. Methodical stuff, job of work for Demi, but she teats herself to some stirring jug mugging to bring the crowd roaring to its feet, forcing breathless Chrissy clinches.

R5: Same again: neither girl looking to avoid collision. It’s all about being strong tonight, not cuter. Brutal, bashing trade midring, both girls getting hellacious rips off bumps or out of bobbing crouches. Gloves bouncing loud off skulls, shoulders, sausage-tight bodies, Demi grimacing in disbelief as Chrissy backs her up early. Lovato’s back hits ropes as Ricci stacks her up, then drifts her a beautiful right hand across the mouth, following through with plenty of forearm. Demi staggers along the ropes, but she's able wraps her up, then just tosses her smaller foe to the canvas. Chrissy scrambles to her feet, and charges fearlessly back in, but gets preempted as Lovato gets all of that thick body into a strapping right cross that sends Ricci staggering back to mid-ring.
Demi wades into Chrissy's jugs, backing her into ropes while pumping rack. Lovato just laying-in cheek to cheek, rolling her shoulders to put a thumping hup-hup left/right barrage into Ricci's jubblies. Smaller girl mute with jug-shock, mouth open on Demi's shoulder and THE REF STEPS IN! TKO5 for Demi Lovato in brutal back-and-forth action!

After: Demi in the mood for payback after the sustained jug-mugging. Not even letting Christina back to her corner, she grabs her by the hair, spins her around. Lovato brutal with Ricci, roughly clamping her face to jug in a secure lock. Lovato's left arm snug behind the neck; left hand clutching right bicep; right hand gripping a fistful of damp hair atop Chrissy’s skull. Poor Ricci's gloved right hand paws at Demi’s lower back, helpless: it’s just Lovato giving it to Chrissy, all one way.

No resistance from Ricci: butt in ropes, she sits and soaks, sopping up jug from Demi. Lovato in there strong, resting her left cheek against Ricci’s head, just letting muscular arms and bulging breasts do the hard work of putting her prey all the way out. Feeling her foe relax and soften, Demi finally releases, stepping aside to let sleeping brunette tumble face-first to canvas. Demi seething, hands on hips, still looking angry. Foxfire corner crew finally approaching to coax their fighter away before she's tempted to take extra. 



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