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20 February 2014 Emily Atack vs Adele Silva

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Posted by Knowlesey on February 20, 2014, 11:16 pm


Two cracking little flyweights line up against each other now. Both girls have held the BBU flyweight belt – and both want it back!

Emily’s annoyed at getting second billing, and has to enter the ring first, the blonde wearing a red bikini tonight with matching gloves and boots. Sexpot Adele has picked a baby blue leather one piece outfit, with baby blue gloves and navy blue boots. These girls are ready – that’s for sure!

Round 1

The girls aren’t hesitating here, and it’s Adele taking Emily on – the older girl ignoring Emily’s accurate punching to hit home with her more rustic punches, and she is getting through with them as well, the blonde having to hold to save herself from getting beaten in the opening minute or so here – and this might not last too long, because Emily’s taking everything Adele’s giving her! As the referee breaks the girls, Emily catches Adele in the jaw with a left hook, and that infuriates the older girl, and she rams a left and a right directly into Emily’s body, the blonde squeaking as the shots land, and she’s holding again, annoying Adele who wants the girl to stand up and fight, but that’s been a good opening round for Adele, who pumps the air with her right glove at the bell.

Round 2

Emily’s more aggressive now, and she’s mixing it with Adele in the centre of the ring, gives her a good left hook to the cheek, hits her to the ribs with her right – but takes a left jab, right cross combination in return, followed by a left hook to the flank, and Emily looks hurt again, taking evasive action. Adele doesn’t let up though, and she’s a slippery little customer, not allowing Emily to clinch, she raps the younger girl to the face with another left, right combination, and she goes ‘downstairs’ again, hits Emily hard in the belly, and she gets a left hook to land flush on the girl’s jaw, and that’s sat Emily on the canvas! Up gets Emily at 7, and she has to recover quickly from that, because Adele’s shown she has the firepower to possibly beat her tonight, but she’s misfiring as she tries to take the fight to the older girl, Adele giving her another swift one-two before the bell – she’s on top, and she knows it!

Round 3

Adele’s really fleet-footed tonight, and she’s soon battering away at Emily’s ribs – but Emily’s not going down without a fight, and she gets back into things now, stinging Adele with a right jab, following it with another, and a good left hook as well. Adele backs off, Emily hesitating, but now following in, and she stabs her right jab into Adele’s mouth, follows that with a couple of good shots to her body, and Adele’s holding now. The referee’s not letting Adele spoil, though – she likes getting in tight to rub her opponent’s face up with her head when she can, but not with this guy, and Emily gets into action straight from the restart, bopping her gloves onto Adele’s face with ease, the older girl looking a little too slow, eating punches simply because she can’t find the time to land her own.

Round 4

Emily seems to be using the ring better than Adele, the older actress finding it difficult to settle now as the young blonde uses her slight reach advantage, her right jab definitely scoring her some points as an almost static Adele finds herself being knocked back again. She rushes in on Emily a little, and that only seems to earn her more punishment, because Emily’s giving her some good short, sharp left handed punches to her face. Now Adele tries clinching, feverishly trying to tire Emily by leaning on her, the blonde able to keep her off, though, giving her some snapping right jabs to her face, and switching downstairs to the body as well, although Adele ends the round well when she finally connects with a right hook, a punch which spins Emily into the ropes, and than gives Adele the scope to hit her to the body – Emily can’t take her foot off the gas with this girl!

Round 5

Still Emily’s using her boxing skills to boss this fight, the blonde still getting her right jab to land in Adele’s face, with the older actress beginning to bruise a little around her left eye, and Emily builds on her dominance now, clipping Adele with her left hook twice, and with a left cross, but Adele hits her to the ribs and she has to back away. Adele gradually works her way back into this round, and she’s starting to sort Emily out up close, the younger girl grunting as she feels the weight of Adele’s right hook in her midsection, and she holds and clinches until the referee breaks her away. Now Emily’s back on her toes, jabbing and moving nicely, her right glove once more accurately bumping into Adele’s left cheek, the skin becoming quite grazed as well as swollen, and Emily finds a good left hook in a solid late flourish which has Adele’s shaking and she’s looking tired a she goes to her corner.

Round 6

Emily’s in control early, standing off half a stride, smacking her right glove in between Adele’s to stop the older girl coming after her too much, and she moves Adele around the ring nicely, making the tiring actress use her energy on legwork, when she wants to be landing punches. Emily hits Adele with her left hook, and she’s closing the older girl into a neutral corner, hits her with a left, and a right to the face – but Adele hits back! This is more like the stuff she enjoys, and she trades with Emily, whips a good left hook into her ribcage, and now she hooks her to the face as well, Emily covering up neatly, and now she clinches, Adele frustrated, having to be satisfied with landing punches to Emily’s body from close range, until the referee separates the girls. This gives Emily more scope to box Adele from distance, and she’s getting through with her right jab again, although she gets caught with a lunging right hook to her mouth, and she’s the girl defending as the round closes.

Round 7

In comes Adele from the bell, swinging her right glove at Emily’s body, and she cuffs her to the ribs sharply, but now she takes a swift right, left, right from the younger girl, and that stuns Adele a little, puts her on the back foot, and she’s being moved around the ring by the more skilful Emily, the young blonde wiping a great left hook across her face, and Adele’s knees ar4e looking weaker as she sags back to the ropes. Emily moves in a little closer, clearly scenting that Adele’s tiring, but she’s not going to take a beating – she fights back, hits Emily with two good straight punches to her face to send her back half a pace. Emily gives a smug little half smile to her corner – and now she switches from southpaw to orthodox, confusing Adele, cracking three left jabs into the older girl’s face, and for the first time really, she goes for the body, her right glove crashing hard into Adele’s leather-clad midriff, the gasp telling the blonde she’s hurt the older girl even before the defensive gloves drop, allowing Emily to bat Adele’s face to the right and to the left with quick punches.

Round 8

Emily’s speed is making life difficult for Adele now, the blonde still boxing from an orthodox stance, landing her left jabs accurately and often in the older girls’ face – and she’s cut her now! Emily snaps Adele’s head back with three left jabs, and there’s blood running from the girl’s right eyebrow as she drifts back and into the ropes. This time Emily is punishing her – she lands a left hook on the girl’s cut eye, and that has her in big trouble, but now Emily switches back to southpaw, a dazed looking Adele barely realising the change of direction the blonde’s punches have taken, and now it’s her swollen left cheek bearing the brunt of the younger girl’s attack as she really starts to take Adele apart up close, her resistance starting to crumble as she takes a beating, although she manages to land a brace of her own punches in Emily’s face, the feisty Miss Silva still trying to compete with a girl who really does seem to have her measure now, the round drawing to a close with Emily easing Adele towards a neutral corner where she just gets the time to give her a quick left, right left combination before the bell rings.

Round 9

Adele’s very much the slower girl now, and she’s immediately on the receiving end of three good punches to her face, and that’s reopened her cut eyebrow, and now Emily hits her to the body again, Adele now looking very weary, and takes another pair of heavy punches to her face, clinching to save herself as she half falls forwards into Emily. The referee prises Adele off Emily, and it’s the younger girl again, her red gloves flashing as she hits Adele’s face, left, right, left again – Adele’s staggering now, takes another left, and another right – and she’s down! Emily’s right hook has put Adele on the canvas, and although she’s up at 7, she looks done for, the blood running down her cheek from her cut eye. Again Emily switches her stance – but poor Adele looks just as punchable however she decides to fight her, and Emily’s working her girl around the ring, hitting her body, and now she tries her with a couple of uppercuts, but they aren’t quite landing, so she weakens her some more with those pounding punches to the body, and the pain shows in Adele’s eyes as she eats another one-two from Emily , the round ending with her slouching backwards over the ropes.

Round 10

Emily’s licking her lips as she moves speedily across the ring, and she hits and hurts Adele with a snapping pair of right jabs to the face, following those with a crashing left hook to her midsection, and Silva’s starting to buckle again, sheer willpower keeping her upright as the blonde pokes and prods her backwards, Adele unable to stop her own backward progress to the ropes, and she’s absorbing plenty of punishment again, Emily whipping the hooks into her body once more, and her guard’s coming down further and further – in go the punches to her face, right hook first, followed by a left, and another, now another right – and Adele’s down again, on her back this time, and looking very unsteady as she somehow gets to her feet at 8. The referee looks like he might stop this, but Gail Kim’s shouting from the corner that Adele’s OK, and on they go – but Emily’s got Adele going backwards again now, both eyes now cut, and she’s giving her such a battering in a neural corner, but just can’t quite put her away – and that’s the end of the fight!

Result: Emily Atack beat Adele Silva on points.

Emily looked good tonight after that early knockdown, and she more or less outclassed Adele, who might just need a couple of easier fights after that performance to regain her confidence.   



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