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20 February 2014 Title Ch Mikie Hara vs Demi Lovato

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Posted by Knowlesey on February 20, 2014, 11:18 pm


After hammering Miley Cyrus to defeat in six rounds last time out, Mikie now takes on another American as she defends her flyweight title. Demi’s done well in her BBU career, and she may just be the first girl to take a BBU belt across the Atlantic.

Challenger Demi is first in the ring, clad tonight in a deep red bikini, with matching gloves and boots, and she bounces up and down as she watches Mikie disrobe, the Japanese model looking superb in royal blue bikini and boots, with white gloves.

Round 1

The girls are checking each other out here, both starting slowly, and Mikie lands a the first shots, a left jab, right jab to Demi’s face, which the younger girl takes easily, and responds with a left hook to Mikie’s body, the champion nodding her approval. Mikie circles Demi, shows good footwork, but more importantly, good glovework as she peppers the challenger with jabs, Demi finding herself getting picked off by the model’s longer reach, but she gets inside and hits the champion to the body again – only to suffer as Mikie fights back, landing the best punch of the round as she catches Demi in the ear with a right hook, following up with a peach of a left cross, which has Demi moving backwards rather more quickly than she’d like. She defends herself well when Mikie comes after her, blocks the model’s next right hook, and manages to hit back well, giving Mikie a neat one-two before the bell.

Round 2

Mikie shaded the opening round, but Demi isn’t in the mood to let the Japanese girl dominate her, and even though she gets smacked pretty hard in the face with Mikie’s left jab, she’s getting inside and working on the champion, her body punching starting to gain momentum. Mikie’s holding to regain her breath, but Demi still works her to her body, and she’s giving the model trouble now, her right hook finding her ribs a regular target, and they’re clinching again. The referee struggles to part the girls, but Mikie’s back in business from the break, smacks Demi hard with her left hook, and follows that with a good right, but Demi gets inside again, rips at her ribcage, and now she lands to the face, sending Mikie backwards with a great combination, but Mikie ties her up again when she comes in to try to nail her, the American getting frustrated here.

Round 3

These girls really are well matched, and they’re stalking each other now, showing respect – but again Mikie’s landing her jabs on Demi’s face, and the younger girl isn’t reacting as quickly in this round, takes a couple of good ones from the champion, who follows up with a snapping right cross, a solid blow landing on her jaw, and now it’s Demi who has to clinch. The American waits for the referee to break her clinch, and she’s quickly into action straight away, hits Mikie to the body, and sends the model back to the ropes, swinging good punches at her ribcage. Mikie hits Demi back, her straight punches smacking hard into Demi’s face, and the younger girl has to back off and cover as the champion shows her class, the model grinning as she finds herself on top again in this round, working Demi backwards and sideways, the girl beginning to redden around her cheeks as those white gloves starts to roughen up her skin. Mikie’s looking for an opening to crack Demi, but the kid isn’t there for the taking – not yet, anyway – and she fights back well, her swinging punches giving Mikie enough to make her stand off again.

Round 4

Mikie’s looking confident, almost cocky, as she comes out and attacks Demi, and she swipes the challenger left and right very quickly, sending her back across the ring in a hurry, but again she gets caught by the actress when she gets in closer, Demi cuffing her to the face with a good left hook, and following that with a nice right to the belly, followed by a brace of sharp punches to her ribs. Mikie pushes Demi back, and goes for another left hook, but Demi hits back with a right, only for Mikie to wobble her with a neat combination to her face, which makes the American retreat a little. Demi’s got a little bruise coming up on her right cheek, but she doesn’t seem bothered as she moves around the ring, carrying her gloves low as she moves sharply in on Mikie, and she gives the model a rough time now, slamming some hard punches into her body again, Mikie having to cover up and holds as she starts to lose the initiative once more, and now Demi loses off a couple of uppercuts at the champion, the older girl reacting with a good right hook to Demi’s flank and a solid straight left to her mouth to send her back to her corner spitting a little blood.

Round 5

There’s not much between these girls, but Mikie wants to trade with Demi, intent on teaching the younger girl a lesson now – she bats the American’s head back again with a good jab, and she follows that with a right cross – but Demi doesn’t just take the punch, she returns fire! Back she comes at Mikie, who isn’t used to this sort of treatment, the model being thumped hard to her body at first, and, as she drops her own guard to cope with that, she’s taking punishment to her face, Demi landing four punches in this little session without response – and she’s hurt! Demi’s hurt Mikie with her left hook, and she builds on it, sees the model wince and drop back, gives her another left smack on the jaw, a right in her body, and another left in the mouth, and puts the champion down! Mikie’s up quickly at 5, but she’s not looking too great, and Demi tears into her, really giving her the treatment on her body before giving her another left hook – this time to the cheek, sending her back and into the ropes – Mikie’s got a little cut in the corner of her right eye, and Demi’s got her number now, fires into the damage, and tries to put her back on the canvas, the bell saving Mikie from a cruel finish, surely?

Round 6

Demi’s in charge of this fight – and she knows it! She’s right at Mikie from the bell in this round, and she turns the champion’s head sideways with a pair of good left hooks to her face, before switching her attack back to the model’s body. Mikie takes a good left and right to her ribs, but she gets back at Demi again, swapping hard punches to the face, her cut eye beginning to worsen as the challenger tees off on her with her left hooks. Mikie’s having to hold again now, as Demi starts to work her into the ropes, the referee prising her away fro the younger girl – again they trade punches, and again it’s Mikie having to give ground, gets a good right hook in the mouth, and is lucky a following left uppercut glances off her shoulder as Demi goes to work on her, the kid now looking like the next BBU flyweight champion as she hurts Mikie again with her left hook, this time to the body, the model contorting her body as she takes that punch – but she’s showing her resilience now, because as Demi comes in closer to try to put the fight to bed, she hits her once, twice, three times with her own right hooks, and the round ends with Demi looking a little confused after Mikie gives her a good one-two just on the fringes of her own corner.

Round 7

Mikie enjoyed the closing seconds of round six, and she seems to be gaining in confidence as she moves around the ring, snaking out a couple of nice jabs as Demi comes in close to try regaining the momentum. Mikie lands another pair of stunning jabs in Demi’s face, and now she gives her a left hook to the body, follows it with another, before expertly snapping the kid’s head back with a right hook which sits her down. Demi’s looking slightly dazed as she gets to her feet for 7, all her good work in this fight starting to unravel as she tires, Mikie finding the gaps in her defences to whips another solid combination into her reddening face, sending her backwards. Mikie isn’t hurrying, just taking her time as she closes Demi down to a neutral corner, and once she’s got her girl trapped, she’s not inclined to let Demi get away from that corner, preferring to lay into her with a savage beating to her body, weakening and softening up an already exhausted girl, Demi just about staying upright through to the end of the round.

Round 8

Demi’s hurt, but she’s still feisty, and she comes off her stool like she means business, bustling forwards and she lands punches on Mikie’s face before the model can open her account for the round. Mikie looks a little unhappy, but she’s fighting back as hard as she can, punches her way off the ropes, swinging left and right hooks into Demi’s face, and she gets the American with a left uppercut to really set her in her place, again whipping a right hook in to follow, this time landing it on Demi’s temple, sending her back to the canvas. Demi’s sporting a cut on her left eyebrow when she gets up again at 8, and that isn’t making life any easier for her, as Mikie now has a good target to aim for – and she does just that! The model bangs three punches straight onto Demi’s damaged eye, and she has the kid clinching and hanging on for dear life as the round draws to a close, the referee pulling her clear, only for Mikie to jab her on that left eye again immediately, the round ending with the champion going for Demi with left and right hand punches as she sags backwards into the ropes.

Round 9

Mikie would normally be looking to knock her opponent out now she’s got herself into a controlling position, but she’s clearly getting tired, because she’s not pressing home with her normal power, just picking her punches, giving Demi some respite, but at the same time making sure she’s landing whatever she throws at the young actress. Demi’s doing her best to get busy, and she’s getting back at Mikie in the middle of the round, throwing good hooks into the model’s body, making her step back, and making her defend as well. Mikie can’t quite believe that Demi has anything left in her tank, and she’s drawing hard on her resources now to stay with her, being forced to trade with her back against the ropes, not a position she’s used to taking. She’s landing shots, though, and she’s got Demi in trouble again, gets her left jab, right cross combination in on the girl’s face, and now she turns her around with a good shot to the cheek, and Mikie’s getting back into pole position, Demi again the girl backing away into ropes, and eating white leather as the model’s gloves pepper her face with ruthless efficiency. Demi’s staggering just a little as she goes to her stool at the bell, and she looks on the verge of defeat.

Round 10

Will Mikie be able to finish Demi off in the final round? She starts well, chopping her jabs and crosses into the American’s face, and she’s hurt the kid with good right hook, sent her staggering and stumbling into the ropes once more, and now she closes in, taking her time, and throws a good left jab, Demi’s head rocking backwards, follows up with a right – but Demi blocks that punch and fights back hard with her own punches, her left hook clubbing into Mikie’s face, and she gives her a right to the body to follow that, plus another right to the face, and that’s sent the model away – but Demi wants more than that, and she more or less manhandles Mikie around to pin her to the ropes for once – and now she’s unloading on the champion herself! Demi’s giving Mikie a real beating as she fires her gloves into her face, the model’s head bobbing left and right, blood spraying from her cut right eye and her nose, and a crushing left hook puts her on the floor. Sheer willpower gets Mikie up again, the champion’s face a mask of blood, but she’s beaten the count at 8, and she’s got her gloves up and protecting her face as now Demi’s the girl looking for a finish as she batters the champion’s body, the girl backed into the ropes, just taking her beating, unable to fight back, her punishment only ending when the bell rings to end this final, dramatic round.

Both corners clearly believe their girl has won, and they wait for the announcer to deliver the judges verdict – it’s a split decision, but it’s gone to Mikie Hara!

Result: Mikie Hara beat Demi Lovato on points and remains the BBU flyweight champion.

None of the judges had more than a point in this one and Demi’s demanding an immediate rematch, but Mikie doesn’t seem keen to speak to the press – maybe she hasn’t got the breath to speak after that final round?   



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