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29 May 2008 Laura Prepon vs Stacy Keibler

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Posted by Simguy on 5/29/2008, 6:02 pm.


Before: Second life for Prepon: spotty career with Ultimate and others looked all but over—enter the Krushers with a new lease. “I had  thought about hanging ‘em up.” Laura admits in prefight,, “but the Krushers have convinced me that they know how to unlock my gifts, and even more importantly, they know how to chart a path to championships. Nobody knows more about right hand power punching than Janet Jones and Co. Nobody knows more about big-girl boxing than these guys. I’m pumped, and I’m ready to get back in there and do some damage. Former champ not at all sold on the new Laura P. “Honestly, when they told me I was going to be fighting Prepon—I almost cried,” Stacy confides in prefight. “I’m just SO MUCH prettier than she us--I mean—God: LOOK at her. My fans want to me in with Ali Landry , or Torrie Wilson or Nadia Bjorlin—hot, sexy females whose bodies compete with mine on stage: THIS chick’s a pig—I mean—no offence—but come one.” Prepon held back; Stacy genuinely surprised at Laura’s outrage: lovely wrestler thought her observations were self evident=-call it innocent malice. Keebs in royal blue bikini with large white polkadots; white gloves; perky puncher’s ponytail with messy bangs. Laura in black lace push up; beige panties; white gloves.


During R1:” Stacy showing no respect: hands at her waist—circling around, darting in and out on widespread feet. Keebs punching stiff off the front (let) foot—lifting either hand up and poking Laura in the mouth or on her eyes—then sliding out of range. Prepon’s guard up, but not a lot head movement: rust apparent as she’s reacting late. Breezy shutout for Stacy, punctuated by glorious sequence late as Laura’s stooping forward behind her mitts. Keens with a preparatory left jab scrapes atop Laura’s scalp; sweeping right hand takes Laura in her left armpit—Stacy steering the punch in palm-down; scraping right uppercut swipes across Laura’s face. Splitting her guard. Keibler beaming as she lopes out of range: Laura’s got a split lower lip at the bell.


R2: Stacy in and out, sidestepping to her left—lifting the jab up off her waist to pound at Laura’s eyes and mouth: Prepon leaning forward, weight on left (front) foot, dukes up at temples. Keebs brisk—wide, steering rights taking Laura in her left flank (palm-down); constant spritizing jabs. Midway through, Stacy dips low to her left side—spooking Laura with the movement: Keibler able to light Prepon up the hesitation left uppercut, scoring beautifully to chin, Laura stumbling back on her heels. stabilizes: she’s nothing if not sturdy, trudging forward again behind her mitts. Prepon trying to find Stacy with the jab late—reaching it out from her brow to prod at Keibler’s chest. Fleet-footed blonde swinging freely, batting both arms, pasting Laura upside the head, Prepon inching forward, getting closer with the right hand, but still having all kinds of trouble negotiating lanky blonde’s range.


R3: Stacy rangy—loping in, out and around, smiling like a bronzed, beautiful former champ tormenting an ugly duckling. Prepon busting up, but keeping dukes at her temples: she IS partially blocking a lot of Keibler’s work. Stacy with big, dramatic dip-downs, holding her position as Laura flinches, then Keibs releases the uppercut, catching Prepon with the hesitation delivery. So pretty, so eye-catching—crowd hooting on cue to celebrate each connect.


R4: Laura dutifully coming forward—right hand at her temple as she thrusts out the left jab, just trying to find Stacy in the torso. Keibler swinging from her hips, clapping away or lifting mitts to poke at Laura’s face: blonde scoring at will. Midway through, Stacy lifting her right uppercut off the feint; Laura punches-with this time, refusing to be spooked—her right hand crashes to chi and it’s BLONDE GIRL DOWN! Shattering blast—Laura leaning in and plowing to chin as Stacy’s right hand sweeps high—Keibler’s head swivels, knees immediately locking. She topples to her back with legs stiff and rooted to spot—arms outstretched, back of her hands bouncing off the canvas. She’s fast asleep—that’s KO4 Laura Prepon style.


After: Laura a frightful mess—grinning through the puffiness as Stacy is scraped up and tended to: newest Krusher plenty rusty, but hasn’t lost anything off her fastball: Stacy as out-cold as a girl can get. “I’m glad she focused so much on how pretty we were, what we were wearing and so on,” Laura smirks in postfight., “Me? I just concentrate on putting a girl on her back, you know?”


Reposted by Archer 3/8/14.

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