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1 March 2014 Title Ch Claire Danes vs Minka Kelly

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Unified Bantamweight Title


Posted by simguy on March 1, 2014, 9:12 am.


BEFORE: "This will probably surprise some of you," Claire says in prefight, clever eyes dancing, "but I don't consider Minka to be a total joke. Nina Dobrev's a joke: Minka Kelly's a fighter. She took down Britney hard and honest - and more importantly for this fight, Minka beat Olivia Wilde. When you get a pretty-girl who never talks about how pretty she is - when all she wants to do is get to the gym early and work - when all she wants to be is a hard-nosed competitor...a pretty-girl like that can be a problem. I've seen Kelly walk through face-pastings that would have Dobrev or Hudgens running to the bathroom - Minka doesn't care. Pretty-girl or not, Kelly's focussed on doing harm, and you have to respect that, if not her skill or talent."

Kelly offering a non-plussed grin at the series of backhand compliments that land like slaps...she's not about to match wits at podium with Claire. "I don't know why Claire's almost being nice," Kelly admits in prefight, "but it's probably best not to get sucked in by it. I'm not here to figure Claire out: I'm here to take her down. It's funny she brought up the Wilde fight, 'cause that's definitely the blue print we're working off. It's the same plan: crowd her; work the body; tire her out and make her desperate. A desperate Claire is just a survivor, not a sorceress. A survivor, I can beat."

Minka in lavender bra/panties with hipster-fit bikini bottoms; black gloves; slick high-pony. Claire in black stretch-cotton sport top; black cotton bikini bottoms with black/white check waistband; white gloves; gym-rat pony with messy bangs.

During R1: Pressure from Minka early - she's going at Claire with determined straight-right leads, mopping up thumbside-up hooks to head. Claire retreating in good order, hands up high to block and parry, hopping to her right to turn away from ropes. After the minute mark, Danes gradually poking Minka into compliance - hot left hands striking at Kelly's face, Claire's right up at her temple, palm-out. Claire spitting poke face and breasts - touching Minka stiff, then moving counter-clockwise off the scores. Kelly turning - still pursuing Claire down the stretch, but keeping hands high and defensive, not getting off down the stretch.

R2: Pressure from Minka early, managed by Claire's orderly backpedal and parrying arms. Danes roaming to her right, once again touching Minka stiff poke to take back the initiative. Kelly gradually falling into frowning lock-step, hands at temples. Claire switches up stance - stacking her hands right-atop-left at her sternum; stepping in low to bump her left shoulder into Minka's guard, pivoting-right off the nudge; cuffing Minka's tummy the hot left hook as Kelly's turning-with; stubby right hand up top (blocked); extra-firm left hook to paunch, bunching Kelly up with a grunt. HESITATION RIGHT UPPERCUT: Claire dipping, then picking Kelly up as Minka's stooping forward behind her mitts...classic chin-check puts Kelly wobbly-butt, has her baby-stepping in fence-post holes at bell. Claire stepping back with a fascinated little smile - enjoying the sight of a such a pretty girl stumble-bumming around all hurt and frazzled.

R3: Claire puts on counter-punching clinic, walking Minka into a pasting. Danes dipping in under Kelly's reliable lead right; ripping a tidy right uppercut to tummy; straightening up to hook-chin; pivoting crisply clockwise around the score. Minka turns-with, pawing her left - immediately spanked to face by Claire's rapid-fire right over top extended brunette left; blonde-girl finishing with a biting hook to chin, pivoting-left around the score. Minka turns-with, punching out her hard straight right lead: Claire dips under it, shovels the right uppercut to sternum; straightens into a hook to chin, then, with Minka blinking on the spot - Claire cleans up Kelly's tits a hot-spanking right/left. That's the gist - Claire circling clockwise, changing levels, touching Minka up tummy/tits/face. Kelly beaten groggy, but she continually regroups and wades forward - Claire just too clever, always a step ahead, sampling her brunette and pivoting out of harm's way. Bell: Minka shellshocked, staring, lips parted...Claire cutting her eyes across to examine Kelly's punished face as girls pass each other by...then it's big smile Claire Danes en route to her corner.

R4: Minka lumping up, but undeterred - she steps into a stout lead right to Claire's chest, initiating a rousing toe-to-toe slugfest midring. Danes just airing things out, bobbing in the pocket right in front of Minka, swapping shots. Claire doubling her jab; flashing the short right uppercut; finishing hooks. Minka scowling - doubling up lead right hands; sweeping hooks ticketed for torso; burying tuff right uppercuts to Claire's sternum. Hot-tossing two-way convincing Claire that Minka's not softened up enough: Danes bounces it outside down the stretch, working a slick jab-and-pivot clockwise to finesse Minka for close points through 4.

R5: Corner lights a fire under Minka: she comes out smokin' in hopes of turning the tide. Mink really driving in those hard lead rights - she's not landing it flush, but Claire's leaning back from the force, allowing Kelly to sweep clean-up hooks from the hip. Danes punched to ropes whereupon she forms earmuff/bobbing pocket: Minka squares away, using the extended left elbow to nudge and prep. Spanking right/lefts to waist address Claire: champ grimacing in receipt, moving her head while trusting her legs. Minka bullying Claire - knuckling her back into ropes; rip-hooking the waistline...pretty brunette snarling, doe-eyes more wolf-like as she pops hips into wallop. Claire attempting to spin-out-from-under, but Minka's capturing her, driving blonde girl back into ropes with churning legs and backside...brunette proving stubborn, sturdy in maintaining top-position. Down the stretch, Claire drops mitts to her sides, bobbing her head low while pivoting off-ropes to her right...she's slipping shots cute in the pocket, but Minka stays busy, eventually burying a wicked left uppercut clean to blonde solar plexus. Delayed effect...Claire stepping away as usual, then grimacing, cringing, nearly taking a knee...Danes' curvy legs hold her up as she retreats into adjacent ropes, arms crossed against her tummy as opportunistic Minka lunges forward, batting body at the bell. Minka forces seething eye-contact as ref moves in: brunette showing no signs of submission or deference through 5 bruising heats!

R6: Is Claire hurt to the body? Danes practically face-in-gloves, flat footed as she twists-torso while backing into ropes, taking Minka's hook wide to right-side lats, Minka's straight right hand down into breadbasket. Kelly bullying at apron - crossing arms to buttress her against ropes; pushing off to beat quick right/lefts at Claire's protected head; popping hips-right to sink thumping hooks to waist. Danes sullen in receipt, almost listless - moving her head, twisting her torso, but otherwise simply accumulating punishment. Down the stretch, Danes starts to sneak quick-licking counters onto over-anxious Minka - catching her a cutie-pie left uppercut off the ropes; hooking her off the right plant-leg; trading hot right/lefts while laying back in ropes, punishing Minka's bruised face. Kelly's round, but Claire's late issuance prevents the Minka shutout.

R7: Minka bracing Claire at ropes over a torrid first minute - brunette just shoving and slugging, really batting mitts off hips/lats as Claire rolls in the pocket. Second minute, Danes able to slide out from under, spitting jabs while roaming to her right, spreading Minka out midring. Kelly determined to close-and-bang, but Claire's back in rhythm: blonde girl hook-and-pivoting to her left; pre-empting Minka's lead right with a lead right of her own - doubling the right for extra face-spank. Down the stretch, Minka sputtering a bit, unable to reach her tormentress...Claire dips under the Kelly lead right, pumping a FURIOUS right uppercut into Minka's breadbasket and DOWN GOES KELLY! Minka sobbing out, going to haunches-and-forehead while hugging her tummy. Claire nodding in satisfaction, hot-cheeked and sweaty...Minka beats the count trembling at bell.

R8: Claire back to Minka's midsection with a series of bodyblows - batting right hands to belly; digging thumbside-up hooks tucked in behind Minka's right elbow. Kelly blurting in hurt, stumbling forward, trying to put her head in the safety of Claire's tits...Danes sidestepping patiently, letting Minka come to her, then belting her to bodkin. Kelly eventually wilting to ropes, but firming when Claire pushes-in pate to pate. Girls indulge in grueling inside-grind - touching each other hup-hup to midriff; clouting each other's cheek-bones - Claire using her left shoulder to keep Minka pinned to ropes throughout.

R9: Claire takes the round off! Champ sags to ropes, waves Minka on in: blonde-girl executing rope-a-dope with hands at temples, torso-rolling. Kelly braces the pocket - jabbing Claire's front; belting Claire a fat right roundhouse to waist; hooking Claire up and down her right flank. Blonde girl sponging up a good deal of punishment, but managing the pace with clinches, tying Minka up, never releasing her until ref actually gets in there to pry blonde arms apart. Bell to bell Minka, but Claire's chin untouched despite bludgeoning efforts by Kelly to pound her way through.

R10: Claire slips Minka's tired lead right, shovels that vicious counter right uppercut to Minka's tummy, hooks Minka's chin for insurance as KELLY GOES DOWN! Minka turning away to her right before cringing to hands-and-haunches...Kelly head-bowed, face pinched in gut-shot agony: bravest moment of her career sees her beat the count wobbly-butt. Claire cold-eyed when she braces Kelly at ropes - all the world knows blonde-girl's squaring away to finish. Claire: right loose at chest; left hand pushing Minka's right hip to stabilize, then clipping the tidy left uppercut to Minka's chin. Digging left to tummy sits Minka in ropes: Claire's left hand pushes on Kelly's right hip to brace again, then it's a left uppercut for Minka's hurting tits. Short right drifts across to Minka's chin; tidy left uppercut takes Minka to breadbasket...blonde girl grimly breaking her brunette down, applying heartless finishing touches. Until final minute when MINKA BANGS BACK! Starts when an exchange of sharp hooks goes Minka's way: Claire's knees buckle, and she reaches in to clinch. Kelly straining to twist Danes to ropes - belly to belly wrestling for a moment before Minka can push off, then MINKA'S SLAMMING AWAY TO GLORY! Claire in shock, slumping into ropes on her right shoulder-blade; right hand palm-out at left cheek; left across quivering tummy. Minka baring fangs, fighting the clock as well as Claire: brunette butt-back, extending hands to push on Claire, then pouring on the hurt! Claire tempest-tossed, just sagging and sponging, lashes starting to flutter and THE REF STEPS IN because the bell has sounded. Comes back UD10 for the winner and STILL champ - Claire "D-Train" Danes.

After: Both vixens smoldering wrecks awaiting the decision...when Claire's hand is raised - champ closes her eyes, exhaling through pursed lips; Minka winces in pain, tears shining on her lashes as she just couldn't apply the finishing touch at the end. "I told everyone in my camp to be prepared for drama," a weary, but jubilant Claire says in postfight. "Minka doesn't go easily, and I knew she'd fight tooth and claw tonight. I tapped her body really well tonight, and that probably saved me - she just didn't have the same pop on her punches after I'd wicked the power out of her all night. She's a little trooper, but bottom line is: I touched her up and down, wore her out, and cleaned her up. Doesn't matter who you are; doesn't matter what you bring into the ring...I'm going to find, and exploit, your weaknesses all night long!"


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