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1 March 2014 Title Ch Yvonne Strahovski vs Mary Elizabeth Winstead

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Yvonne Strahovski 15.jpgMary Elizabeth Winstead 10.jpg



Unified Lightweight Title


Posted by simguy on March 1, 2014, 9:15 am


BEFORE: Pushing and frowning in prefight - Yvonne getting in Mary's face and being belligerent...Lookout's flagship fighter upping the intensity for this title defence. "I've let my guard down against Mary in the past," Yvonne explains at podium, "and she's taken full advantage. We can be friends after I've beaten her, but I'm not letting any kindness creep into my training camp this time. I don't want to dull my edge. I'm going after Mary Elizabeth Winstead guys...I'm going after her with everything I've got, and that means hurting her, and finishing her."

Mary's colour high, nostrils flaring...Yvonne's aggression stoking Winstead's competitive fires in sympathy. "Hurting goes two ways," Mary says in rebuttal. "I'm ALWAYS intense, so I don't have to change my ring approach. Yvonne knows - she KNOWS - that when we get tummy to tummy and we're tossing hard, SHE backs down. Always. I'm tired of hearing how she's this perfect fighter who just stubs her toe on me once in a while. I'm going to make sure she stubs her whole body on me this time!"

Mary in powder blue sporty bikini with boy-leg bottoms, little white fighting belt; white gloves; brown hair long and straight, with bangs. Yvonne in hot pink bikini; long tangly/wavy hair loose; white gloves.

During R1: CRASHING right cross to chin buckles Mary's knees early...she's hurt, stumble-stepping to her right as Yvonne lunges to finish. Winstead stabilizes - fighting out of a tight blocking earmuff to bounce thudding lefts off Vonnie's ribs/rights off blonde head...Strahovski gradually beaten off after a series of early attacks. Blonde girl using her legs to lope the ring as Mary proves a badger: Winstead stalking, unable to close against her rangy foe as Straho banks points off that one big shot.

R2: Shutout Vonnie shows off her long legs/penetrating jab as blonde girl controls mid-ring. Loping, relaxed clockwise rotation - Vonnie keeping the jab on Mary, blonde right (back) heel up off canvas...Winstead turning in earmuff, blocking poke. Straho dropping tasty right crosses, punching Mary's guard apart, exposing brunette face to follow-on jabs - classic one-two punching for Straho puts Mary in a box, out on the end of blonde fists.

R3: Mary trying to fight her way forward, bobbing in crossed-arm; hooking for Vonnie's ribs. Straho able to lope away all leggy and lithe - often pushing-hands on Mary's head or shoulders while sidestepping her. Close for two minutes, but down the stretch, Straho separates by walking Mary into the left uppercut; pivoting round Mary's right flank; jabbing her to create distance, then feeding her the hot right cross. Winstead blocking and bobbing, but unable to answer...rangy blonde girl striding all angry-butt to her corner, intense frown of concentration on her face.

R4: Mary stubby-jabs out of a bobbing approach, driving Vonnie to ropes early. Blonde girl cupping hands against Mary's ears, controlling Winstead's head as brunette digs in to work. Winstead looping either hand up and over Yvonne's arms to bash awkwardly at her head, then it's down to the waistline, bouncing both hands off taut blonde belly. Vonnie grimacing, uncomfortable - Mary doing a good job bodying up to stuff blonde escape attempts, maintaining position on Straho's chest, piling up mileage through 4.

R5: Hard fought minutes as Yvonne starts to set-down more, though still working from a wide stance, a counter-clockwise rotation, and still pumping the jab. Mary bobbing - back of right hand at left cheek, left hand under right elbow...she steps herself close, straps hooks to Vonnie's ribs, loops righty-over-the-top, trying to rough blonde up. Straho welcoming Mary in with the jagged left uppercut and a strapping right hand to body...Straho willing to absorb punishment now in exchange for more committed punching of her own. Bruising back and forth...Vonnie's bodywork pays off late - coupling a batting left hook behind Mary's right elbow with that lashing right to ribs. Winstead mouthbreathing, wincing at the bell, unable to push past the body harm in final minute action.

R6: Yvonne executing flawlessly: weight on left (front) leg; back (right) heel up off canvas as she works behind a pounding jab. Clockwise rotation turning Mary gently round the ring - Winstead bobbing in crossed arm, grumpy, starting to lump up badly as Vonnie's fists find face. Straho dropping in spicy-hot right crosses, turning Mary's face aside: as brunette bobs on the spot, blonde girl pops hips-right, reaching a rangy hook in around Mary's protective right elbow. Good thumping strap to the ribs has Winstead cringing in pain: Vonnie's getting to a strong-bodied brunette through 6.

R7: Vonnie posts her best-ever round against Mary Elizabeth Winstead - breaking her down, outclassing her midring, dominating her. Straight one-twos up top set up withering, batting left hooks behind the right elbow - Vonnie in that rangy wide stance, getting good hip-twist into shots, then pivoting round Mary's right flank. Devastating stuff - Winstead bravely facing in, taking a pasting, but she's out on the end of Strahovski's fists, unable to penetrate. It's all too much over 3 minutes...Winstead bogging down with punishment, reactions slowing...she eats a belting right cross to face, then a pair of batting left hooks up and into ribs and WINSTEAD GOES DOWN! Mary wilting to all fours, head bowed: Strahovski strides past all bared teeth, blazing eyes as she looks over the damage done.

R8: MARY BANGS BACK! Winstead shakes off punishment, discouragement to surge against her blonde - jabbing Vonnie to ropes; belting her a wicked wide right hand across tummy, then crowding close to smother. Strahovski grimacing with effort, pushing Mary's shoulders or palming her face to pry brunette out of her close-in position. Winstead writhing to stay on top, working her arms in under Vonnie's stacking blonde girl in ropes. Robust thumping of Straho's tummy keeps blonde girl cramped and hurting: when Straho droops, Mary romps up-torso, chugging both hands tits and chin. VONNIE'S WOBBLY-BUTT! No one punch does it, but it's all Mary pouring through - constantly pressing and crowding; constantly punching and mauling. Down the stretch, Yvonne breathless, whining...she takes a bludgeoning right/left across the chin; a right above left hip; an outside-in right uppercut to chin under her left arm and BLONDE GIRL DOWN! Vonnie's right side parallel to ropes as she's beaten to all fours...Mary shouting down "PAYBACK!" as ref's pushing her away. Answer-knockdown for Mary keeps her in the fight: Lookout corner working hard to manage Yvonne's panic as the "Winstead-mystique" appears to be manifesting.

R9: MORE MARY! Winstead grimly at Yvonne, smearing blonde girl against ropes. Mary just putting top of her head in Vonnie's tits and swarming: Strahovski groaning with the effort to tangling Mary up, or pushing her face back - anything to get out from under. Nothing works - Mary stubbornly maintains position - backside all a-shudder as she steps-with Vonnie along ropes - even going so far as to hug Yvonne around the thighs/backside to shoulder-block her to a seat in ropes. Champ whining at the wrestling tactics, but Mary unrepentant...she doesn't do much damage, but she's in control bell to bell, smothering sleek blonde girl for points.

R10: Mary pouring forward: Vonnie desperate to sidestep pressure while getting off hot. Straho marking distance with a pumping left jab, walking Mary onto the check-left uppercut, pivoting crisply clockwise around the score. Curling right to Mary's ear as she turns-with; extra left uppercut to chin, then Strahovski goes tummy hup-hup-hup with a rolling barrage of rights and lefts. Mary grimacing, fighting her way through, but blonde girl in a groove: Straho using her legs to turn her foe, picking spots to slug, then sliding back outside before Mary can get comfortable. Midway through, TORRID Strahovski punching to belly shakes Mary up; right/left uppercut combo to chin picks Mary's face up sleepy, dislodging her mouthpiece, and Winstead goes wobbly butt! All Yvonne from there - Mary's hurt, just stumbling forward with back of right hand at left eye, left hand at right armpit, trying to force her way through. Vonnie crisp, rangy to bell - jabbing for distance, then bouncing fists off Mary's head/shoulders/guard, sidestepping left to an angle from which to park withering left hooks in behind Mary's right elbow. Bell: Vonnie shouts "YES!" in Mary's punch-bruised face - ref separates 'em as Winstead's swaying with groggy outrage. Comes back UD10 for the winner and STILL champ - Yvonne Strahovski.

After: Vonnie gets it done - intense effort to turn back a girl with an instinctive knack for exploiting Strahovski's weaknesses tonight. "I won this fight in Mary's body," Yvonne says triumphantly, eyes glittering with the memory of her hands landing heavily on brunette torso. "That really kicked the fight out of her. It was the same old Mary - tons of pressure up the middle, but she didn't have the same energy because of the body work. I reduced my time spent on ropes as a result - my legs dominated her legs, and everything started to go my way. She's stubborn - never knows when she's beat - but I was really shellacking her by the end. Another couple of minutes and she couldn't have continued - I was really pasting her!"


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