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10 July 2008 Demi Moore vs Halle Berry

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Posted by Simguy on 7/10/2008, 11:26 pm.


Before: “I’m thrilled,” Hale says of her upcoming slate of fights—beginning with fellow icon Demi M. “I’ve been thinking a lot about my career and how there’s so much left for me to accomplish and experience. I know I can fight big, exciting events, and wow my fans with great match up—so that’s what this fight is all about. Call us ‘super cougars’ if you want to—all I know is Demi’s still swingin’, and I’m still smokin’, so this fight is going to be something special!” Moore equally pleased to once again be headlining a major confrontation between A list superstars. “Moore/Berry is front page news,” Demi says, “I’m fresher and closer to my prime than Halle is, and I think that’ll show up in this fight. One of us is going to come out of this a viable contender in the FCBA; the other—Halle—is going to get a reality check.” Berry working hard to shed some post=-partum pounds: she makes 120 on her second attempt. Tangerine Bond bikini for Halle’ hair straight and long; white gloves. Demi in black Charlie’s Angels bikini, white gloves.


R1: Wide ranging action—Halle on her toes, using the ring, feinting Demi to test the defenses; Moore dukes up, spitting a stiff double jab, then getting off robust. Moore ringing crisp right/lefts in batting tic-toc off Berry’s torso: Halle hopping away, respecting Demi’s pop. Moore squinty-eyed, walking Halle down: Demi’s the aggressor, taking the fight to Berry, Only Halle’s superior mobility and cutey-pie feints save her from taking sustained punishment. In a shutout Moore first.


R2: Moore continued her offensive—brazenly walking Halle down, banging away at her rigid, batting combinations as Berry scoots away. Minute marks—Halle fades back, swats a perfect, short hook to Demi’s ear as Moore barrels in: DEMI’S SHOOK! Delayed effect buckles Demi’s knees: she covers up wobbly butt, unable to get off. Halle relaxed, supple—weight on her front (left) foot; right at her chin; left at her hip. She’s swaying slightly on the spot, inclining forward, then pouncing, darting the right hand to Demi’s face, punching it flush. Off the left leg, Halle licks a smooth hook-to-chin, while pivoting left—she emerges off Demi’s right flank, forcing Moore into a panicky turn. Another quick lead right smiles Demi, taking her on the right side of her head: another quick-trigger spanks the same spot, then Halle eases onto her back (right) foot, leaning away from any receipt. Pivoting to her right (around the anchored left foot), Halle retains initiative—twitching another lead right off Demi’s raised guard, then swiping a brisk left uppercut against Demi’s proud jugs. Berry creating distance just by leaning onto her back keg after getting off—very lithe, supple stuff from Berry. Demi regrouping—still too buzzed to mount offense, but covering up well, turning with Halle and starting to block shits with gloves or shoulders. Halle in clear command the rest of the way, but unable to hurt Demi again. Bell: Halle smiling, glancing back over her shoulder to check on Demi’s body language.


R3: Halle weight forward on her left leg—back leg up on the ball of the right foot: she’s swaying again, measuring Demi. Berry feints, then leads the darting right hand—sudden strike straight from Halle’s chest, punches back Demi’s face before Moore can react. Quick-swipe hooks as Halle pivots left—Demi crouching, turning on the spot to keep from being flanked, Berry dominates the first minute thus—faster, slicker than Demi. Moore stays calm, right hand at her cheek—she starts to put the jab on Halle’s chest, fixing Berry’s position. Short, sharp right cross whisks across Halle’s mouth, spooking her: Demi hopping forward behind her mitts: Demi weight on front foot, REEFS hooks in behind Halle’s right elbow. Berry shudders under the ripping spank—absorbing three thrilling lasts before attempting to pivot out of there. Moore with a short, chopping right pancakes Halle’s breasts; follow up hook tears at Berry’s belly, buckling her knees. Halle hurt, rolls to her right—holding the left arm across her throbbing gutr: Moore leans Halle out of her stance. Berry mouthbreathing, grimacing as she backs up: Demi walks her girl down, lunging to place a spearing overhand right down into the curve of Berry’s tummy. Berry pitches forward, face-in gloves: Demi squares away, beating her woman without mercy. Classic Demi Moore—looming over a hurt, discouraged foe, raining blows down across the back or hooking viciously in behind the right elbow. Berry swooning, out on her feet—she trembles under thudding impacts, then slowly reaches to the canvas, lowering herself gingerly to all fours. That’s it: weeping Halle can’t get off her knees; Demi Moore struts away the KO3 victrix,


After: Moore outclassed in spots, but proves the tougher, harder-hearted vixen in tracking down and annihilating her quick-mitted rival. “Sucks to be Halle,” Demi quips, hamming it up for the cameras. “She was flashy early—typical showboating: I just let her run her moves, then I started hunting her down. First punch to the body, I knew I had her—she didn’t want any Demi Moore tonight, Feels good: I know a lot of fans were confused as to which of us was really better—now they don’t have to wonder any more.” Berry downcast, but plucky in defeat. “I’m disappointed—I am,” Berry admits, “but it doesn’t change my overall strategy for the balance of the year. This was a superfight, but compared to Berry/Mendes—which I’ve also finalized—it was more of a ‘super tune up’—so I’m just going to put it behind me. Let’s not overlook the fact that Demi was very cheap with me--pounding my back and kidneys. That’s not really what I expect from a marquis name like Moore.”


Reposted by Archer 3/16/14.

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