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25 July 2008 Kate Bosworth vs Selma Blair

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Posted by Simguy on 7/25/2008, 6:56 pm.


Before: BLONDE! Magazine recently labeled Kate the “Charlize Theron of the flyweight division” for her looks, elegance, fighting skills and A list status in a class notorious for borderline celebrities, “I know—I got goosepimples when I read that!” Kate says at the podium. “Obviously I’m very flattered—I’ve got an Oscar to win and about 300 fights to go to really earn that comparison—but it’s so nice to see something like that. Of course, good ol’ BLONDE! really how to crank up the pressure: I’m sure Salma’s read the same article and can’t wait to show me up because of it. But I’m ready: I loved what Blair did against Dunst, and I’m looking forward to the challenge.” Blair basking in the win over Dunst in support of “Hellboy”—she’s loving the spotlight. ”Hey—if Kate’s the Charlize, maybe I’m the Cat Bell?” “I’m just glad to be getting the opportunity. Bosworth IS a class act in this division, so fighting her is both an honour and a huge chance to move up. And it is great for two movie stars to be getting together, you know? I’ll just say it: I’m tired of these little Disney-bots running around and acting all bad., They ever get in with a real fighter like Kate, they’ll know it.” Bos in midnight blue bikini; small workout gloves. Selma in peach bikini; small black workout gloves.


During R1: Wide ranging action early—girls very agile, using their legs, showing off polished footwork, Hands’re relaxed, stacked at chests (rights hands atop left hands). Both girls smooth, quick-mitted—distributing jabs to head and body both; triggering quick right hands off the shoulder. Both girls able to lead with right hands and follow hooks rather than the other way around—pretty classy. Final minute—brisk exchange sees Selma’s hook tug at Kate’s chin: Bosworth’s trim legs give a shimmy—she steps to her right, shook. Selma attacking from off blonde left shoulder, reaches out to swat a left hand to Kate’s face—punching her awkwardly backward—Bosworth stumbles to ropes, steadying herself with a right hand atop the topmost cable. Selma almost behind and to the, sweeps another straight arm left onto the chin—again knocking Kate’s head back—blonde swoons to ropes, then GOES TO ALL FOURS! Blair bouncing on the spot, checking the damage, then jogging to neutral corner as a rattled Bosworth risers slowly for her 8.


R2: Bosworth recovers well, takes the initiative with a series of stoop-and-shoot jabs to Selma’s body. Bos rotating to either side off the pokes—spreading Blair out: Selma’s eyes narrow as she adjusts to blonde’s increased tempo. Tummy-jab established—Kate starts moving up tempo—jabbing at chest and eyes with quick-flick rapidity. Right cross midway through startles Blair: she takes it well, but didn’t see the nifty shot. Bosworth’s footwork scooting her around, darting her in and out: she stabilizes her front, regroups after a rugged first round.


R3: Kate’s seen enough: she sets out to hurt Selma this round. Bos jabbing her way in, then hooking tummy off the front (left) foot—then leaning away to claw a second hook across Salma’s mouth from the back (right) foot. Blair rocked moments in by such a combo—she assumes earmuff, crouching down, trying to weave Kate’s vicious swipes, Bosworth leans in, lashing the buggywhip right hand in above Selma’s left hip: groan of pain from Blair as she trembles at the touch. Now Kate’s shifting left, pushing gently into Selma’s front while pivoting—then lathering her a snatching hook in under the elbows. Quick, carving right uppercut brushes Selma’s overhanging scalp; second uppercut clips across Selma’s right cheek. BLAIR TAKES A KNEE! Selma momentarily stunned, does the veteran thing—using the 8 count to regroup—but Kate’s right back on top at the ropes. Bosworth lets her slender limbs go—small mitts pelting at Selma’s head and shoulders as she ducks-and-covers. Bosworth rigid and nimble—getting off with her whole body contributing—she’s just dappling Selma with leather. Blair suffering the piranha attack, then spinning out of there, reeling on her heels. Kate in hopping pursuit—tapping out long rights or lefts to keep in touch, then as Selma hits the ropes, Kate’s on with lashing hooks. Blair gasping, doubled over: Katie’s going at her with little blonde lather here—gouging hooks and buggywhip rights in behind the elbows. SELMA GOES DOWN! Blair panting, shaking her head—she beats the count, sits into the ropes hands at her temples. Again Kate pours in—just striping Selma punches, Blair battered—then stumbling off the ropes to escape: Kate hopping-with and tapping out locator touches until she can get set do damage. Blair hounded pillar to post, well and truly thrashed in the third.


R4: Ringadingdong brawling as Kate hunts Selma down, forces her ti exchange, and finds Blair ready, willing and able. Harsh PIK! PAK! PEK! Of those small mitts sounding out against slender ribs as the girls lean in and work each other over hup-hup. Cruel pecking jabs locate opposition eyes and faces, scuffing ‘em up and setting up the follow on lather. Both girls able to ring solid right crosses off the other’s chin whenever there’s an opening: mostly it’s furious ounce sin bunches—the fighters circling in close, then jumping apart, bodies tingling. Bosworth busier in the exchanges, slowly proving herself the superior combination puncher as Selma looks increasingly to load up well timed counters.


R5: Selma slips a jab, leans in that oily-smooth right cross to chin and KATIE’S HURT! Bosworth given a terrible knock—she’s stamping in fence post holes, trying to earmuff up. Blair doubling her jab to Kate’s breasts, then leaning in to CRANK hook up into midsection off the front foot. Kate groaning into her gloves, trying not to shout as Selma hurts her so. Moments later, Kate sliding backward in good order checks Selma’s advance with limber hooks: Bosworth over to offense, flurrying to push back; then it’s Blair’s turn. Selma eyes narrowed as she resumes the attack—Kate fading confidently in front of it, batting away check hooks. Agile back and forth--both girls feigning retreats to lure the other forward behind her clenched fists: Kate leans in close, archer her back a fish-hook right uppercut into Selma’s sternum at the bell. Blair crying out, drops to her knees—luckily for her, after the break had sounded.


R6: Selma regroups, having success with lashing, succulent rights and lefts against Kate’s hips. Bosworth giving ground behind a defensive jab, looking to circle away, then curve in fresh. Selma organized—jabbing Kate in mid-pounce, then fetching her shafting right hands and oily hooks as Bosworth’s caught at middle distance. Blonde attacks repulsed with damage done: Kate circling outside with a little frown, trying to figure out Selma’s new craftiness.


R7: Selma forward behind her jab, pounding away at Kate’s upper chest and moving her back. Again, Bosworth circles out of her retreats, looking to curve back in on the attack: lithe, limber chess match developing as Salma holds quick Kate at bay. Late the round—girls engaging in a furious mutual-flurry midring: Selma snaps a vicious hook off Kate’s gut, then beats Kate to a second hook as Bosworth is attempting the same punch. Chin-toggle, Katie and BLONDE GIRL DOWN! Kate punches onto her buns—eyes blinking in astonishment as Blair smiles, bats her mitts together and nods to herself in satisfaction.


R8: Selma over to offense—looking to put a little more consistent wear and tear on Kate. Bosworth grim faced—she’d like to leg away from this, but corner’s telling her she’s got to get points: she’s engaging toe-to-toe. Kate’s abrupt, tearing combinations vs. Selma’s sleek lashing power punches insides—good stuff as the girls beat each other’s ribs raw in torrid sequences., Blair reaching her left hand in behind Kate’s head to tug and twist her around: ref barking warnings as brunette starts imposing her will, pushing and pulling on Katie as well as beating her now. Bosworth busting uo, pale ribs blossoming with ugly bruises: this fight’s getting expensive.


R9: More flyweight mayhem--Selma with initiative, uses it to press Kate and make her fight. Bosworth nit sure of the cards, accepts offers to exchange: crowd the big winner as girls lean in and swap hup-hup at close quarters, Selma useful with that head clinch—tugging Kate forward, muscling her around, Bosworth complaining, but catching clout—she can’t have a debate with the ref at the moment, Kate just DIGGING at Selma’s breadbasket at times—little blonde dipping either shoulder and grunting as she rips up into Blair’s sternum, Selma grimacing, shying away with a bad case of tummy-throb as Bosworth stalks forward.


R10: Ropes: Selma’s back to ‘em—Kate with top position. Torrid combination inside toggles Selma’s jaw—Katie just clapping away with swishing licks, momentarily stuns her foe. Blair slumps into ropes, eyes glazing: Kate shifts to her left, sweeping a straight, sidearm right into Selma’s face for a terrible knock. Blair slumps badly, body relaxing: KATIE’S ON HER RIGHT HANDS! Crowd screaming d Bosworth sets herself to deliver lashing, horrific, side-arm right hands against Selma’s drowsy face: brunette can’t defend herself—groggily going out as little Katie pastes away. IT’S TOO MANY PUNCHES, REF! Blair sort of hung up on the ropes, unable to go down or get out of the way—ref mesmerized, hanging back—he needs to be getting IN there! Selma slowly droops backward, her head going through the ropes—she sprawls across the bottom strand, hands out across the apron towards the crowd as she arches into slumber. Vicious, hail-Mary KO10, Kate Bosworth.


After: Bosworth immediately waving her own team physician in--she did her job, but now it’s all about Selma Blair. Blair carefully removed from the ropes and tended to—gently brought around as she’s seated against the ropes. Bosworth tragically beaten herself—one of the most damaging scuffles she’s been in in terms of punches-landed against: she’s feeling it. “I’m hurting right now,” Kate admits, right hand rubbing absently across her tummy. “I got into trouble in terms of the cards and but sort of limited my options. Originally, I was going to chip away at her from outside, but Selma handled that well: there was really no other option but to go at her hard. After the 8th round, she was winning decisively: I just thank God she lost her focus at the end and I was able to pile on to get her out of there.” Kate, Kate--what’s next—where do you go from here? “You know, you always look for the biggest name you think might be weak, and right now that’s Lindsay Lohan. She’s rudderless right now--she’s splitting her focus with managing other fighters and I think she could be vulnerable here, Other than that—Naomi Watts or Pene Cruz are on my level in terms of those are movie stars I want to fight—but you know—if I get a chance to kick Panettiere’s butt, or Claire Danes or whomever—I wouldn’t say no,. There’s too many name fighters in this division to worry about your next move, I just want in with the best available girl so I can stay busy!”


Reposted by Archer 3/18/14.

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