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12 September 1999 Kiana Tom vs Carmen Electra

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Jantzen Bantamweight Title

Posted bySimguy;'Sunday, 12-Sep-1999

(Thanks to FightFan for this repost)

Before: Electra's 0-3 against Kiana, but the compact dancer's loose limbed nightclub circuit style has always given Tom trouble. Electra needs to use her legs, and avoid getting hit flush on the chin by Tom's right hand -history has proven Electra can't take it. Fought outdoors at the Hawaii Hilton - Kiana in red and grey horizontal stripes high neck sports bra, red high cut aerobics trunks, vs. Carmen in purple aerobics two piece, high neck top.

During R1: Carmen comes out the intimidator, sweeping wide right hands to land with buffing impacts to Kiana's bulging sportsbra. Tom hurting early, Electra getting bold with round punches to the head and body and Kiana gets a little locked-legged, covering up as Carmen hurls punches. Shutout Electra, Tom a little wobbly at the bell.

R2: Kiana gets the jab going, spearing it from the hip to Carmen's face, while holding the right hand cocked at her chin. Electra stubbornly trying to get to Tom's svelte midsection, gets her face shined by Tom's pumping jab and biting hooks. In the final minute, Tom spanking lead rights off Carmen's forehead, following up with whipping left hooks off the face to have the curvy dancer stumbling sideways at the bell. Kiana answering Carmen's big punching with harm of her own in tit for tat early action

R3: Both girls getting it done this round. Kiana stalking forward, looking to touch Carmen with the left hand, then drop the right in behind. Electra bending at the waist, making Kiana miss over the top and continuing to sweep wide shots to Kiana's taut brown gut. In the final minute, Carmen straightens into an uppercut from her knees, stuffing her right glove hard into the pit of Kiana's belly, and Tom is shaken up. Kiana with her arms across her stomach, leans forward as Electra puts punches together, lifting little uppercuts into Tom's chest from both hands. A quick left swat to the ear, digging left to the liver combination puts Kiana on all fours as Electra hops away with a smile at the bell.

R4: Kiana, flat footed, puffy eyed, comes out with the left low, right hand cocked, stalking as Carmen bounces and glides around the ring. Electra leaping in, bringing her punches from her thighs hard into Kiana’s body, then leaning back at outrageous angles with her torso to make Kiana miss. Electra takes over midway through the round, using upperbody movement to embarrass Kiana who can't find the target. Carmen's counter shots -primarily wide right hands, are hitting Kiana's cheek with increasing force, and Tom starts to bust up, looking glassy eyed and pushing punches. Carmen steps it up, polishing Tom's gut with one-twos, then slashing at that exotic face with curling blows, bending deep on the follow through to avoid the receipt. Tom with short pawing strokes misses as Carmen bobs her head at waist level, then Electra leaps up with a crushing left hook on the jaw, spinning Tom around and putting the proud Polynesian on all fours. Kiana shaking on her hands and knees, can't beat the count and Carmen Electra shrieks with delight at the stoppage. KO4 Carmen Electra who strips Kiana of the Jantzen Bantam title in spectacular fashion.

After: Kiana absorbing terrific punishment for the fourth straight outing, just can't answer the call this time as she drops her first fight ever to Carmen Electra. It was the Electra that everyone has been expecting for a long time, finally emerging to really outclass the more conventional Tom with supple power and unorthodox combinations. Carmen digging at Kiana's body, used her legs and upperbody movement brilliantly to unbalance Tom and leave her vulnerable to several crashing blows to the head which ultimately proved decisive. Electra reclaims the Jantzen belt and covers herself in long overdue glory with the upset.

Sim Guy


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