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24 February 2001 Title Ch Dani Fishel vs Carmen Electra

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Danielle Fishel 01.jpgCarmen Electra 03.jpg



(Paramount Bantamweight Tittle)

(Thanks to FightFan for this repost)

Posted by simguy on 2/24/2001, 11:38 am

Before: Paramount throwing their weight around, installing Electra as their number one - either Electra's more marketable or Hu refuses to pay sanctioning fee extortion, we'll never know. Carmen coming off a bruising defeat to J.Lo - a fight which left Ms. Electra psychologically as well as physically whipped - Dani could be catching her nemesis in wound-licking mode. Dani in teal sports bra, high cut grey cotton aerobics bottoms, Carmen in purple high neck aerobics two piece.

During R1: Electra bodying up, going shoulder to shoulder with Fishel - this is Dani's bread and butter. Carmen refusing to back up, but she's getting out slugged - Electra often crossing her arms and leaning into the storm as Dani snaps off bashing lefts and rights mid ring. Fast paced first goes to Fishel as Carmen stands flat footed and trades bell to bell.

R2: Electra continues to accomodate - Dani getting position inside, rolling her shoulders to scrub gut, then coming off the body to jerk that Frazier left hook into Carmen's jaw. Electra wobbly butt from clean, hurtful blows to her chin, but refuses to back away - she lays in with Fishel, covering up, letting Dani work - shutout Fishel as she's able to fight her fight to perfection.

R3: Back in the trenches - Carmen just going right at Dani, intent on breaking Fishel body to body, only the champ seems the harder woman in close. Vicious, spanking exchanges, girls taking turns with clusters of short blows to the waist and jawline, then covering up as the opponent gets off. Falling in after punching, girls bump up with their shoulders, rotating in a phone booth midring - it's Dani throwing and landing more - Carmen right there to soak it all up.

R4: Dani starting to have fun - smiling, cranking the hook into Carmen's stomach to freeze the challenger, then jumping over to the right to free open that hook to the face as Electra leans forward. Carmen started to swell up - she's taken a tremendous number of workmanlike blows to her body and head thus far - crossing her arms, looking only to body up and punch back - no movement, clinching or angles from the talented Ms. E - round to Fishel.

R5,6: Dani starting to cave Carmen in. Toe to toe - Electra just covering up now, taking punches, backing up until her butt hits the ropes - Fishel just planting her feet wide and letting 'em fly. Dani fighting with exuberance, hair flying side to side, compact torso twisting back and forth as her fists help themselves to Carmen's luscious torso. Whenever Electra folds forward, Dani chugs little left and right uppercuts to the chest and face, straightening Carmen up and leaving her vulnerable to the hook on the jaw. Dani also using little jumps to the right to open up that facial angle - short jamming hooks on the teeth have Carmen swooning - she's dropped each and every round as Fishel starts to dress her up.

R7: Carmen fighting the entire round riding rope - she's covering up, answering back with the occasional tight counter inside, then restoring her guard to accept Dani's pounding. Fishel a busy little champion, fighting off Carmen's chest, constantly shoving the challenger back into the ropes, heaving into the midsection with thudding leather - Fishel just can't wipe the smile off her face. 7th consecutive round for Dani - she skips playfully to her corner at the break while a shellshocked Electra slumps to hers, sullenly ignoring her corner's pleas to box.

R8: Finally, toe to toe, Carmen Electra gets the better of Dani Fishel. It's close, almost imperceptible - But Electra's handspeed shows up at last - at one point, hands at her stomach, she bounces the right off Dani's face, clips the left, then drills the right hand again in perfect rhythm as Fishel steps back. Electra also using her feet, stepping back to walk Dani into the short right hand, then pivoting to the right to turn Fishel. Dani still plundering Carmen's gut like she owns it, but Electra on the board late.

R9: Carmen more sly now - face all bruised and puffy, but eyes alert. She drops the left hand, pointing that lead shoulder at Dani, right hand under her chin, giving Fishel upperbody angles and stepping back to walk Dani into counters. Fishel obliging, chugging forward, and she takes a CRACKING right uppercut as Carmen gives her the shoulder, steps out, steps in and pulls the trigger - Dani takes a knee! Fishel blinking, stupefied on one knee, looks like she'll get right up, but it's a count of 9 until she finally regains use of her legs. Electra patient, back inside with that loose limbed, countering posture, victimizing Dani as the hurting champion continues to push leather. Carmen turning her shoulder, slipping punches, repeatedly nails flush right hands either straight down the pike, or clipping them up and under the chin. Dani frazzled at the bell as Carmen shuts her out, beats her up this round.

R10: Carmen Electra back on duty. Dani still slugging her heart out, but she's hurt - accuracy way down - Electra able to take punches on her shoulders, or dip underneath, coming back at Dani with short, rivetting right hands and a mean left hook to the sternum. Electra really snapping her punches, bringing her fists back to her chest or stomach after lighting Dani up, making Fishel miss, then helping herself to more champion as Fishel starts to lump up. Dani shutout again as Carmen picks away at her, but it's too little too late. Dani rolls to a comfortable UD10 as Carmen shakes her head in disgust at the announcement.

After: Electra beating herself once again, laying in and fighting with Dani for all 30 minutes, just to prove some kind of insane point. Dani happy to slug with a Carmen Electra who was easy to find for a change, outworked her challenger for 7 rounds before Carmen started to bring it. Surprisingly one sided steamrolling for Fishel her best performance against Electra - Carmen obviously moody before and after this fight just couldn't pull it together in time.



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