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12 April 2001 Title Ch Sigourney Weaver vs Brooke Shields

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Unified Middleweight Title

(Thanks to FightFan for this repost)

Posted by simguy on 4/12/2001, 10:12 pm

Before: Weaver had her way in a life and death struggle against the smaller Nolin to claim middleweight supremacy, climbing all over the blonde and smothering her into a shocking KO defeat. Against Shields, Weaver's in with the real deal at middle in a match up that has explosion written all over it. Brooke can be outboxed with almost ridiculous ease, but toe to toe, the big woman swings some truly awesome hammer - putting a body on her hasn't been that productive in the past. Brook in black sports bra, red pleated skirt with lollipop panties - Sigi in cloud print one piece aerobics uniform, short tight sleeves.

During R1: Girls fall in together in a series of collisions, both jamming one another with short right hands then clinching for the break. End of the first minute, Brooke crashes a short right off the temple, bodies up on Sigourney, and watches as the older woman stumbles via delayed reaction to one knee. Weaver up and reeling - Brooke showing some savvy with a piledriving jab to the face to drive Sigi ropeside, then it's the brutality all expected: hamfisted slugging ala George Foreman - Shields just laying it in, palming up on Weaver's shoulders to prop the champ up and cudgelling her to death upstairs and down. Shields one of the best at beating a girl's biceps numb - she clobbers Sigourney's shoulders and arms as the champ huddles up - big bad shutout Brooke.

R2: Weaver out hurting, looks only to clinch in an UGLY second. Sigourney able to wrap Brooke up around the neck or under the arms, but the big brunette walks her to the ropes with ridiculous ease. Watching the elderly, balding ref trying to separate these two she-hulks is the stuff of low comedy. Time and again, Brooke bears Sigourney into the ropes, putting her weight on the champ, tiring her out - but very little punching either way until late. Dying moments, Brooke rams out the jab and stops Weaver in her tracks - Shields drops in a casual right hand almost as an afterthought and Weaver plops to her backside as her legs give way. Sigourney bleeding from the nose, beats the count at the bell - staggers to her corner for a serious gut check.

R3: Brooke has a big woman standing right in front of her - Shields able to stamp her heavy jab onto Weaver, putting Sigourney on her heels and backing her straight up. On the ropes, Weaver covers up and takes a ponderous, crude beating as Shields ladles on the hurt - big swinging lefts and rights bash against the arms and ribcage of the older woman - Weaver takes a tactical knee to relieve the awful abuse. Middle minute sees the first effective offense from Weaver as she beats Shields to some short right hands inside, but down the stretch, Brooke too strong - she's shoving and slugging with cold determination to leave Weaver wobbly butt at the bell.

R4: Sigourney dead woman walking - Brooke clips her a short right hand as Weaver falls in to clinch, glancing blow almost putting the champ down yet again. Shields fighting through the clinch, walks her girl a quarter turn to the right, then crams a right handed brick into Weaver's cushy midriff. Sigourney groaning, pitching forward and Shields opens up on the exposed leftside ribs. Huge, swinging right hands, over and over into the extended body and Weaver can't take it. Sigourney collapsing to her shoulder and curling onto her side gives up the ghost - KO4 Brooke Shields.

After: Pound for pound, there's harder hitters, more dynamic punchers, but in absolute terms there can't be any celebrity around who crunch punches more dreadfully than Brooke Shields. This was round after round of big Sigourney Weaver being bludgeoned to the canvas, hurt to the body, battered at the ropes and literally having no answer to the God awful punishment Brooke was dishing out. Thunderous single blows, and a surprisingly effective jab pave the way for Shield's sensational comeback - Weaver lacking the mobility to give Brooke the one thing she can't handle. Probably the greatest performance of Shield's spotty career - she's absolutely devastating if she can get set and work on a girl.

sim guy


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