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22 April 2001 Title Ch Nia Peeples vs Janet Jackson

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Reebok Bantamweight Title

(Thanks to FightFan for this repost)

Posted by simguy on 4/22/2001, 9:50 am.

Before: Nia ecstatic that she can defend a title against old rival Jackson. 80s brawls on the set of 'Fame' between these two are considered lost classics - Peeples remains bitter about Jackson getting the push to the top while Nia was held back - right or wrong, she holds Janet responsible. Jackson once considered pound for pound the best in boxing, has had a bigger challenge winning the war of the cafeteria - if she trains properly, she's still one 'bad' lady - she looks to be in shape for this one. Peeps in lavender bikini, black shoes and gloves, tight top knot ponytail; Janet in white bra style bikini, tight high bun, white shoes and gloves.
During R1: Nia out fast to put her stamp on her girl early. Body shots, hooks to the head, fast feet - Janet just covering up, bending at the waist and bailing out of one defensive stand after another, clearly wasn't expecting a blizzard. Jackson too slick to be hurt early, but Nia clearly the aggressor sweeps the cards.

R2: Janet showing the best legs she's had in a long time - she's motoring laterally, giving ground to absorb Nia's attack, then darting in close to score that short, Sugar Ray Leonard hook upside the head. Midway through, Janet comes off the body to ring Nia up with the hook on the jaw - Peeps stunned momentarily, Janet reloads and pounds the mouthpiece out with that jarring left hand - all hips and torso behind these short shots. Nia shaking it off and coming hard as Janet's body in the final minute - Jackson laying in, supernaturally calm as she turns her torso, keeps her chin tucked to the bell.

R3: Blistering pace, exotic brunettes trading furiously with glaring eyes, bared teeth, pursed lips - each getting off hard, doubling up on hooks to the body or head. Down the stretch, Janet breaks off the toe to toe action to work her jab, stepping around Nia, steering her, and pounding away on the left eye to steal a close round.

R4: Now Nia takes over - Janet loves to work in close, but Peeps just as good, just as quick in there. It's Peeples getting off, digging the body to open up the head - Jackson not punching back, bobbing, and using her shoulder to butt Nia back, but unable to answer the champion's sustained aggression. Shutout Peeples as she seems determined to bury Janet in leather tonight.

R5: Insane pace continues - neither girl shying away from the spank and hiss of hot glovework inside. Rotating clockwise, reefing hard to the body, coming upstairs with left/rights, trading viciously to the jugs - it's intense, crisp action all the way through. Shoulder to shoulder, the two cuddly brawlers trade furiously at the bell, each rolling combinations up into the others body, forcing the ref to intervene as the fighting goes into overtime.

R6: Girls back inside by choice - Nia rumbles a dizzying flurry against Janet's rigid abs, then finishes up with a sharp short hook across the teeth - Jackson wobbling back a step, Nia chopping the right hand over Janet's left shoulder to chase her back - Peeps has an opening. Janet slightly glassy eyed, puts out the don't hurt me jab and eats another glancing right hand counter over the top - Nia bouncing forward, syncopating her punches as she hops, and she's catching Janet as Jackson crumbles backwards to the ropes. Janet's butt propped on the ropes, digs in to fight - BLISTERING trade erupts as both beauties lay it down and JANET GOES DOWN! Jackson beat to a hook in the middle of a furious exchange, and the lights just go off. Janet spills to her face - a delirious Nia Peeples leaps away in unrestrained glee. KO6 Nia Peeples.

After: Despite the stoppage - this was the best Janet Jackson anyone has seen for quite some time. She made weight, showed her old hand and footspeed and was more than holding her own until Nia found her chin. Peeples defends in spectacular fashion against a dangerous fighter - really consolidates her hold on the bantam belt.

sim guy


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