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10 April 2001 Kim Basinger vs Dana Delany

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Boxing After Dark


Posted by Simguy on 4/10/2001, 10:22 pm.


Before: Solid veterans in a square go—Basinger relying more on finesse these days, but Delany’s  developed some power in the Kate stages of her career which has made her fight plans hard to predict, Rare fight for both women in that neither has the experience/wily-ness edge—it’s a purists dream bout. Dana in navy velvet push up style bikini, velvet gloves that sound like chalk brushes being clapped together upon impact-Basinger in black velvet push up bikini, black velvet glove.


During R1,2: Both ladies emphasize head over foot movement, each standing in the pocket, slipping and rolling to set up hard right counters. Velvet gloves land will dull thumps, transmitting more shock than a leather mitt, but less likely to cut 40 something skin, Jabs set up 2 and 3 punch combinations, both women mixing it up nicely to the midriff and head, Delany’s heavier hands prove the difference both rounds—body punches are drawing grunts from Kimmie, head shots are backing Basinger up—both rounds to Dana.


R3: Delany leading, stumping the jab up the middle, feints and bends into a sucker right cross that catches Basinger full on the teeth, sending the blonde reeling.  Delany walking her girl to the ropes, staying on Kim with tasty licks to the waist—hurt blonde chooses to slug her wayt off the ropes in a tight punching, very active middle minute. Delany regains the initiative late behind her jab, steering Basinger around the ring, and backing her off with crisp, straight right hands down the middle.


R4: Delany working comfortably, oozing confidence—Basinger with pinched face, clenched jaw seems to be laboring as both continue with brisk trading. Double D taking it to the blonde’s body with hammering lefts/rights, finishing up with a snapping left hook upstairs to spank back Kim’s face. Basinger giving ground. Fighting in spots, but she’ll rip a quick mitted left/right onto the jawline and ears of her foe, crowding cheek to cheek afterwards to smother the comeback. Delany pounds the round out of Kim to take the first 4l both girls shining up nice—it’s close than it appears on the scorecards.


R5: Delany separates herself this round. Basinger looks to get outside and use the ring, but a savvy Dana D cuts off the movement, bludgeons Kim with brutal strokes across the stomach, then works her on the ropes with both hands hacking short and hard to the head and belly. Double D letting her hands go in the final minute, cranking in vicious multiple hooks in behind the elbow, breaking Basinger down with a groan, then bang-banging the left/right on the jawline to buckle Kim’s legs repeatedly. Basinger in a stupor at the bell. Delany’s dark eyes starting to glitter mischievously at the sight.


R6: Back to back shutouts for Delany as Basinger’s legs start to wander. Kim spending a lot of time heads in her hands, hunching forward, letting Delany get off with cudgeling blows to the rib s, then curling up the middle with alternating short uppercuts. Basinger stooping forward, not moving her heads, not punching back as Delany cluster punches the blonde into a daze.


R7: Basinger finally responding with desperation—eyes and lips swelling badly. Kim starts to ram, her jab, stepping back to walk Dana onto the hook and finishing up with a curling little right hand on the mouth that has Delany hanging on. Dana walking in, getting picked up—Basinger, able to punch, then step to the side—now it’s HER fists doing the damage on a covered up foe—short punches at close range, bang-bang combinations to the head—all legs and shoulders behind the blows.


R8: Delany fading back, rolls with Basinger’s right hand and comse back with a thudding right hand to the breadbasket that brings the blonde lurching forward into her toes. Double D taking over, staying on that body as she steps to the left or right—Basinger with her arms tucked in just trying to stay square as her legs threaten to quit. This is Dana aty her combination punches best—Kim hurt, looking to survive, Delany just ripping short lefts and rights between and around the guard, polishing up Kimmie’s face to a hurting gleam. Basinger shellshocked at the bell, staggering—Dana can’t wipe the smirk of satisfaction off her lips.


R9:” Double D back on the body in that first minute, GIVING it to Basinger in the belly with heaving lefts and rights, then walking the blonde off balance. With Basinger gurgling in pain, clinching and covering up—Dana starts to clip her shots upstairs, curling uppercuts through the middle, bashing short hooks to the ear. Basinger stumbling from one foot to the other  as she soaks up another punishing shutout this round.


R10: Dana helps herself to gut again in a grounding first minute that sees Basinger biting down on screams, turning her aching torso side to side to absorb the shock. Girls settle down into bitter trade forehead to forehead through the remainder of the round—Basinger to her credit giving as good as she gets to the bell. Compact uppercuts and hooks on the inside, both girls’ heads snapping and swiveling, both girls touching up the head with a quick left, then swiping hard to the liver with the gancha hook. At the bell, referee separates the hard working veterans as Dana lifts her mitts in a cocky gesture of disrespect. Comes back UD10 Dana Delany by wide margin.


After: Blank chagrin on Kim Basinger’s face as she stands midring for the verdict—cocky nodding, winks from Dana to her supporters as she posts a fine, professional victory on the evening. Delany’s power, especially to the body proved decisive—Basinger trading gamely for much of the fight, getting progressively more beat up as the fight went along. Says Delany in the post fight in-ring interview: “I was crippling Kim, really hurting her to the body, and I was surprised at how weak she was. I was just shrugging off her stuff and mowing her down. I have to admit, that’s the most fun I’ve had in the ring in ages!” Basinger badly discouraged by the callous beating, refuses to meet with reporters afterward. BLONDE! magazine labels the mauling “heinous”, labels Dana “as bad a brunette” on their “Girls Who Must Be Beaten” list.


Reposted by Archer 4/10/14.

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