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14 April 2001 Gillian Anderson vs Rachel Weisz

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Posted by Simguy on 4/14/2001, 12:56 pm.


Before: Both girls come in with more problems than solutions. Weisz under heavy pressure to win with “The Mummy 2” coming out soon. Anderson reportedly having a troubled camp—she comes in slightly double chinned and awfully cushy about the waist band—at least Rachel’s constant activity has her looking fit for the fight. Gillian in grey stretch cotton sports bra, navy Olympics cut running trunks, hair back in a messy bun—Rachel in grey stretch cotton sports bra, red Olympics cut running trunks, hair back in messy ponytail.


During R1: Girls go shoulder to shoulder early for honest work inside, no trickery, traps or deception from women known for their cleverness. Both stooping forward with right hands high, left hands low, using their lead shoulder to rub and bump, hooking each other to the belly, dropping short right hands onto one another’s faces—laying in temple to temple when neither is getting off. Good steady workmanlike pace—girls trading competent 3 punch combos with nice tight deliveries, Weisz gets the nod for outworking her girl down the stretch—Anderson not punching much in the final minute.


R2: Back inside, girls grinding shoulders and foreheads, dipping their knees to sink in hooks to the waist, twisting their hips to clip 6 inch right hands to the face, Midway through close trade—Rachel finds the sternum with a perfect digging left—Anderson sobbing softly, huddles against her foe as Rachel bangs away at the hips to consolidate. Gillian showing some backbone down the stretch as she gets Rachel moving backward under a steady stream of banging lefts and rights to the bell, but it’s Weisz’s round.


R3: Gillian looking shopworn, fatigue already setting in as the constant pace takes its toll. Nothing special from Rachel—she’s just moving her hands, staying on Gillian, walking her back and pounding the pudding downstairs. Anderson groaning occasionally, laying in with Rachel and letting the Brit get off with spanking shots up and down the redhead’s sides. Also clear that Gillian hasn’t shaken off hat solar plexus shot—she’s obviously trying to protect her sternum, Rachel obviously hunting for it as she beats at Anderson’s arms and body.


R4: Gillian’s legs look jiggly—she deliberately takes a seat on the ropes and looks to counter as Rachel pushes her way in. More sweaty work inside, Weisz helping herself to tummy and tit, occasionally snapping off a tight right uppercut into Gillian’s overhanging face, Constant mitt-work from the brunette—she’s staying focused, punching in bunches, then bodying up to make Gillian take on weight. Andersin looking badly bused through 4—she just doesn’t look right tonight.


R5: Anderson groaning, doubling over as Weisz sinks in the home run hook to the sternum—redhead in trouble as Rachel reaches around her foe, digging in the hook behind Gillian’s right elbow—Anderson crumbles to take a knee. Gillian up at 8—eyes vacant, mouth open, Rachel tracks her down, touching the jab, then turning over the left uppercut to leave Anderson stupid, arms outstretched, Weisz with her hips set, pushes Gillian’s head to the side with a little left hand nudge, then RAMS the left hand hard downstairs, yanking a sickened gurgle from Gillian’s lips. Gillian swoons to all fours, sits back on her haunches completely drained. She’s not getting up—KO5 Rachel Weisz.


After: Weisz just working an out of shape Gillian Anderson to death in this fight—Rachel manufacturing a stoppage from sheer work rate. This wasn’t Anderson’s finest hour—not only did Weisz bury her in terms of punches thrown, but Rachel’s accuracy was suoeruior—Gillian soppy inside, hitting a lot of arms and shoulder while Rachel was punishing vulnerable belly and chin with solid connects.


Reposted by Archer 4/13/14

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