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25 April 2001 Diane Lane vs Kelly Packard

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Boxing After Dark


Posted by Simguy on 4/25/2001, 7:19 am.


Before: Lane getting in on the veteran flyweight action—both girls are already comfortably I title contention—it’s a measure of their innate combativeness that this fight takes place at all,. Role reversal for Di—she’s usually the lighter hitting, finesse based fighter in any match up—tonight she’ll have to fight big-girl and apply get a to win, Kelly in pink and red bikini, Di in gold bikini top, red bikini bottoms, wet curls.


During R1: Di taking her slugging responsibilities too seriously—she lays into Kelly, wide swinging lefts and rights--Packard bobbing and sliding back from the blows, EASILY beats Lane to a shocking counterleft that leaves Di swaying over feet in the opening seconds, Packard in a groove with a hurt opponent--she outs her jab to work on lane’s eyes, pushes the straight right hand into Lane’s mouth, and finishes up her combinations from outside, weight in her front foot—with that biting hook on the temple. Lane shellshocked, gets a wake-up splash in her corner as trainer works to revive the brunette.


R2: Di continuing to make the fight, but much more defensively responsible, moving her head, bringing her fists back to a high guard after punching. Lane working either side of Kelly’s tight waist—blonde still able to keep Lane at the end of that jab, setting everything else up. Packard continues to ring Diane up this round with the dependable three punch combo—dragging that lead foot professionally as she slides around her girl, easily shifting her weight forward and back as she gets off, leans away.


R3: Di rams the jab up into Kelly’s guard, keeping those hands high, then tries a clubbing right hand to the ear as Packard blocks shots early. All part of Lane plan—head shots drawing Kelly’s attention, keeping those dukes up—Lane suddenly dips in close, hooks harmlessly upstairs then CRAMS that left hand into Kelly’s exposed liver, well under the blonde’s raised elbows. Packard gutshot, groaning to her knees and IT”S OVER! Kelly sobbing, right arm tight against her belly as she rocks gently on her hip, unable to beat the count. KO3 Diane Lane.


After: Surprising conclusion to what was settling into a typical Packard chessmatch. Di lumped up after eating several well placed Kelly combinations, but happy, smiling in the ring—she’s not known for KOs and loves ‘em when they happen. “I wasn’t looking for the knockout,” says a beaming brunette, “I had envisioned grinding Kelly down, eating her up in the corners, banging that bony body of hers—but we noticed that she was giving up her ribs early, so I just set her up and stoved in her gut. I’m glad she’s okay, but man—that was SWEET!”


Reposted by Archer 4/15/14.

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